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  1. Not sure if this is the place to post this or not, but I've been getting an email every 5 minutes from SM saying "we want you back" or something like that. I know it is probably a glitch and just wanted you to be aware of it. I had to let go of my teams because I just don't have time anymore...believe me I'd love to be back! Anyways, just wanted to let someone be aware of this as tehre is probably a good chance that its not just me that is getting all these emails.
  2. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list This should be my last post in quite a while...I just cannot get on here much anymore. I want to reaffirm Abdoulie Mansally. He made his National team debut with Gambia yesterday and at 19 or 20 y/o he is a star in the making. The guy I'm posting about is Kheli Dube though. He's a 25 y/o forward for the New England Revolution from Zimbabwe. He's expected to be called to their national team next set of international matches for the first time. He has played in 12 games (5 starts) and has 4 goals and 2 assists. In college he was a tremendous scorer (52 g
  3. Re: Holiday Mode Does anyone else have a problem seeing where this feature is available? Is it not around yet and in progress or am I just stupid? I don't see it where Ste says to look in that post on any of my accounts.
  4. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list yea...i was kind of holding off on mentioning Jon Busch until I got him myself with a couple teams. He's been tremendous though...definately deserves an 82.
  5. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list One player that has been great has been John Thorrington for the Chicago Fire. Slim Pickens (if he's still on teh forum) could probably elaborate more than I but he has 3 goals for Chicago in the first 5 or 6 games (as many as Robbie Rogers who's been amazing) and he's been starting consistently on the wing or forward. He is a 28 y/o who was in European youth teams but never quite fulfilled his potential. He's been terrific for Chicago and makes for a cheap buy with good upside for cash here. He'll cost you 40k now (I believe he's rated 72) and you can expe
  6. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list The ratings I've predicted are comparable with MLS ratings. 80-82 is a rating range generally reserved for consistent starters with a bit of skill. The only thing that could give a lower rating would be if SM decided there wasn't a track record for the Gambians (Nyassi, Mansally) or Cronin so they don't want to bump them so highly so quickly. I think 82 is fair though. In response to your LA Galaxy team... Steve Cronin -G - 72 (already said to 82) Nathan Sturgis - LB/CB - 78 (Played parts of 2 games out of 4. I really like Sturgis though...plays all
  7. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list Not sure when MLS increases are, but a few guys are in line for large increases again. I don't have time to sift through all the teams right now, but here's a few (some have been mentioned here and maybe elsewhere before). Steve Cronin- 24 y/o goalie rated 72. Been starting every game in net for LA in preseason, competitions and league. He's been in good form but struggles from a terrible back line. In 4 league games he's allowed 9 goals with 1 clean sheet. While the stats aren't there, he could be tremendous with a good D and has really kept things fr
  8. Re: The Lovebug Lottery League Match Report/Transfers Thread Celtic is 1 point away from clinching D-1 in Herby's league. A tie vs 2nd place Schalke would mean certain victory in the league as manager myette39 has his men up 6 with 2 games to play. After narrowly escaping relegation last year, a season like this didn't appear even in dream scenarios for season 2. Keyed by midseason acquisition Freddie Kanoute, Celtic have been terrific all year. Fighting through some major injuries to their 3 top players, the team got great play from some youngsters and find themselves in the enviable pos
  9. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list wow...if he isn't on SM yet that should change. I know I have given SM the info about him before (the day of his debut).
  10. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list While I'm here...keep an eye on Abdoulie Mansally of the New England Revolution. I know it is only preseason but he has scored 4 goals and a few assists in just 3 games. He really impressed me in his short stint last year, and with Noonan gone, he could steal the startin spot and have a decent season. Don't buy yet...just keep an eye on him.
  11. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list Right on slim. This saved me alot of legwork actually...i was going to try to do something like this...I just don't have time. There is a thread I have started under database info that this post is better equipped for though...I think it is called "MLS Updates" or something like that. This is mostly for rating changes. Can't wait for the season to begin!!!
  12. Re: The Lovebug Lottery League Match Report/Transfers Thread Two losses in a row and League leaders Celtic find their lead which was a stranglehold has been nearly erased. Losses to Barca and VFB (2nd place) have manager Myette39's team almost needing a victory vs relegation candidates Porto to turn their recent form around. An injury to top performer Carlos Tevez is not helping matters. Manager Myette39 has called this a "must win game if we hope to win the league." In a few hours we should have a good idea of where Celtic stand.
  13. Re: The Lovebug Lottery League Match Report/Transfers Thread About 1/2 way through the season and Celtic stand in 1st place in Herby's top division. With only 1 loss and 1 draw in the league manager Myette has his club playing teh football of their lives. Coming off a big 2-1 win at Chelsea, manager Myette said he was delighted with the way his club was performing in the league. New acquisition Freddie Kanoute is one reason the team are performing so well. Since coming joining the clube he's scored 5 goals in just 3 matches. With speculation running rampant that if Celtic proceed to win
  14. Re: I'm giving away 1/2 my teams Due to lack of interest I'm closing this thread
  15. Re: I'm giving away 1/2 my teams There has been mild interest between posts, views and PMs so I am going to offer up another of my teams. No demand means you don't have to see this post anymore...lol. Here's my Fiorentina team. I am especially proud of this one. It is not a powerhouse like my Barca team is, but I won D-2 in my first year, and then was runners up in D-1 the 2nd year. My 3rd year I finished 4th in the league but won the WC Shield. Recently I started adding a few young stars, but the real benefit of this club is the 62.6m bankroll I have. Here's the club: FREY, Sebastie
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