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  1. Should I swap munian for Oscar?
  2. im looking for a 90+ winger and have been offered Pedro (93) in exchange for Munian and Reus, my current wingers are Hazard (92) hernandez (90) Schurrle (90) James Rodriguez (89) Munian and Reus. is this a decent deal??
  3. Using the interface(which I don't like!!) I can't offer contracts to players with wage confers I had 2 players move onto level 3 concers today but when I try to offer new contract nothing happens. How do I contact SM about the problem??
  4. Re: Need LB countered with Gerrard swap??? Iv just been offered Bosingwa of Chelsea (RB) for Gerrard. Iv just agreed a deal for Micah Richards in exchange for me giving Bonucci so not sure. Rather take a LB as I'd have Richards in at RB
  5. Re: Need LB countered with Gerrard swap??? Correct The fact Cissokho was linked with Newcastle was the reason I dithered on deal.otherwise I'd have accepted as he's still a young age Iv put a bid in for straight swap for Abidal for Gerrard as I can afford to swap Gerrard. What about a swap for Baines??
  6. Re: Swapping Bonucci for Richards??? He's just signed for Roma though
  7. Should I swap Stevie Gerrard for Aly Cissokho?? I've got fletcher (92) modric (92) Anderson (90) And a few youngsters like Casemiro (86) McCarthy (86) Asamoah (89)) for my CM players but my LB is Badstuber who I normally play as CB I don't have afirst choice LB
  8. Im in need of a RB so iv offered Bonucci and £2 million fir Micah Richards. Iv got fairly good CB with likes of Kompany,Badstuber,kjaer,Alderweireld,Otamendi and couple of others so feel I can lose Bonucci ok Is it a decent deal though, don't think Bonucci has set the Heather alight so far at Juve so don't see him rising too soon.
  9. Re: Trimming squad, who to keep and sell My CB's Vincent Kompany Holger Badstuber Simon Kjaer Stef Reinartz Michael Ciani Toby Alderweireld Leo Bonucci Johan Djoirou Nicolas Otamendi Bruno Ecuele Manga Victor Vasin Marcos Rojo Rafael Toloi Si Xulu Yev Khacheridi
  10. I have a big squad and I'm thinking of trimming it down, any knowledge of the players listed would be beneficial I will start with my GK's I currenty have all of these Victor Valdes Sinan Bolat Robert Zieler Scott Loach Wojciech Szczesny Victor Noring Obviously my top two will be Valdes and Szcsesny but should I hold onto the rest, gameworld is very competitive and it is hard to buy any player above a 90 so would be happy to keep if they were going to go onto bigger and better things Just to show how competitive it is I've just had to pay £61 million for Hazard from an unmanaged team as the highest bidder
  11. I bid for Pablo Piatti and other manager has offered a swap for Stefan Reinartz Is this a good deal?? Im well covered at cb so can afford to offload Reinartz only if Piatti is worth it
  12. Who would be better, hulk or falcao, should I try and use shurrle in a px deal for either or would I be best keeping hold of him fir time being?
  13. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||- Is there any sign of El Hamdaoui making it to 90 soon. There was transfer speculation about him moving from Ajax a few months ago but has this died away?
  14. My offer for him has been countered by asking for 2 89 players plus 25 million. The big question is, should vucinic retain his 92 for a while longer. Looking at his stats this season he's not exactly set the grass on fire
  15. Re: Guido Pizarro Received a bid of £6.5 mill
  16. Re: Argentine Risers, 2010/2011. One off return to the ratings section Guido Pizarro should I hold onto this guy?? Been offered £6.5 million for him but I don't know anything about him to be honest.
  17. Keep or sell. Is he worth holiding onto now he has had a +1 I don't know anything about him.
  18. Re: TOLOI, Rafael http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=68984
  19. Re: TOLOI, Rafael There's a brazillian thread m8 started by insider, so hopefully if u ask there someone should be able to let u know I'd like to know myself as I have him in my set up
  20. Re: Chung Yong Lee of Bolton W Very very competitive league. 11m is about the average for an 87. If he got to 89 I'd get about 20 mill I was just thinking of selling him cos I don't use him just bought him to make money on but don't want to sell him on too quick incase he rises think I might just hold out
  21. Is he likely to rise from 87 anyone know how well he's doing in the Asian cup just now. Been offered £11m for him and not sure what to do.
  22. Re: Badstuber or Kjaer plus £50 mill for Pique?? I'm not swapping BOTH of them, just 1 why have 90/91 when i can have a 96!!!!!!
  23. Would this be a good deal for me to get Pique??
  24. Re: swap gerrard for moutinho and leandro almeida I would
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