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  1. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Hmm, interesting to see that this thread is still alive... Anyways, I've dusted the shelves and re-found Cry Me A River- catchy tune.
  2. Re: City to sign Kaka? Oh God, who's next? Over 65s? Whoops, I forgot we already do that
  3. Re: City to sign Kaka? This might force Jeremy Clarkson to go green and use the vegetable fuel after all...
  4. Re: City to sign Kaka? I think it's best to start supporting teams from the conference, whose players are affected by the recession... That way we can relate to them.
  5. Re: City to sign Kaka? In my opinion, football is losing the value it once had... I mean what has happened to the 'melancholiness' of it all? What happened to the teams that work like hell to get somewhere? It has all been destroyed ever since Roman Abramovich started his headquarters of gluttony at the Bridge. £500,000 pounds per week? I would only ever consider giving that to someone who has a microchip inserted in his brain which makes him play incredible football, score great goals and never get injured. What type of complete idiot would pay that much? The way things are going, you think the football craze is going to inevitably die out, but I believe it will just keep going and going because it will be 'funded' by the new generations who are born and bred with all this £500,000 pounds per week extravaganza as we grew up with £100,000 pounds a week extravaganza... I may be being a tad hypocrital to the first sentence I said, however if you truly think about it, just think back to what you think it was like before and say to yourself: 'Did football ever have value? When did being a team and working hard to get somewhere go extinct? When did enjoying the game without having to waste tons of money just to keep up with it go extinct? When did players stop playing football because they love it? Maybe these things never really started... Sorry I'm just confusing myself and probably you with all this random philosophising Anyways I reject the notion of the title of this thread
  6. Re: Big Brother SM style Hehehe, it's funny seeing the pathetic, nonetheless hilarious old days...
  7. Re: Funny SM Private Messages
  8. Re: Funny SM Private Messages Lol I have to give it up at some point Bet I sounded like a right **** eh Sparky??
  9. Re: Funny SM Private Messages
  10. Re: Funny SM Private Messages
  11. Re: Funny SM Private Messages (Bit highlighted in bold No.1) And yet that still makes it fine for others to post the private messages? The fact that they'll say 'no' is exactly my point. (Bit highlighted in bold No.2) Please, SM have stopped other threads for he most random things ever.. If they don't close this thread, it sows inconsistency. (Bit highlighted in bold No.3) And you, I'm assuming, are the voice of 'everbody'? (Bit highlighted in bold No.4) I beieve I know what this thread is about, thank you very much.. (Bit highlighted in bold No.5) I don't have to b a lawyer to merely stat the law.
  12. Re: Funny SM Private Messages
  13. Re: Funny SM Private Messages Trespassing can be seen by the trespasser as 'stupid/funny', but not by the person being trespassed on... Therefore, if you show your private messages without the sender's consent, this is violating the law.
  14. Re: Funny SM Private Messages This is first degree violation of the human right to privacy: hence the name 'private messages'.
  15. Re: watch our players play Your opinions are invalid.
  16. Re: Compare Forumers To Players. Hahaha you're bare funny....not.
  17. Re: Massive Team Giveaway Including Gc9,wc2 Etc To be honest, don't care now. Gonna give them away NOW. Oh and BYE GUYS
  18. Re: Massive Team Giveaway Including Gc9,wc2 Etc Villarreal given away to Jinky.
  19. Re: Massive Team Giveaway Including Gc9,wc2 Etc PM me mate and I'll let them go.
  20. Re: Massive Team Giveaway Including Gc9,wc2 Etc Alright mate, they were last btw and now 15th lol Great squad though, but not had them that long. Bought Kaiter 91 and Hesselink 91. PM me and I'll let them go.
  21. I'm giving my Villarreal in GC9, by 12 o'clock tonight, my Werder Bremen in WC2, my Zaragoza in WC1057. Reply on this thread and I only want good forumers.
  22. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? What I meant was adding contract clauses like signing on fees is complex, not what we have now
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