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  1. Re: City to sign Kaka?


    Rumour has it that Bristol Rovers may have kept quiet and already been taken over by overseas financiers .

    Apparently this is just paper talk and gossip ' date=' but no truth as yet in the rumour :D

    its a supposed syndicate from Somali who have gone into the Oil Buisness theirselves :rolleyes: ,ask why Bristol Rovers the head of the syndicate said

    "We loved their nickname ";) :D:)[/quote']

    Fair enough if you have these 'overseas financers' taking over teams such as Manchester City, however the fact that they have gone for Bristol Rovers just show how aware and up to date they are when it concerns prospectful football teams...

    Soon, the Sheikh will have his own plethora of giant teams, all of which he will use as mere playtoys...

  2. Re: City to sign Kaka?

    Yep should have said " Oil to sign Kaka "' date='

    Then if they by the best and win the prem we can all go out and get sloshed but know that we will be "oil right " once were sober .

    We can all say to ourselves "[b']oil still support my team[/b] "

    And after reading the corny remarks above " oil think you will forgive me and oil be back to normal with next thread .:P;):)

    I think it's best to start supporting teams from the conference, whose players are affected by the recession... That way we can relate to them.

  3. Re: City to sign Kaka?

    In my opinion, football is losing the value it once had... I mean what has happened to the 'melancholiness' of it all? What happened to the teams that work like hell to get somewhere? It has all been destroyed ever since Roman Abramovich started his headquarters of gluttony at the Bridge.

    £500,000 pounds per week? I would only ever consider giving that to someone who has a microchip inserted in his brain which makes him play incredible football, score great goals and never get injured. What type of complete idiot would pay that much?

    The way things are going, you think the football craze is going to inevitably die out, but I believe it will just keep going and going because it will be 'funded' by the new generations who are born and bred with all this £500,000 pounds per week extravaganza as we grew up with £100,000 pounds a week extravaganza... I may be being a tad hypocrital to the first sentence I said, however if you truly think about it, just think back to what you think it was like before and say to yourself: 'Did football ever have value? When did being a team and working hard to get somewhere go extinct? When did enjoying the game without having to waste tons of money just to keep up with it go extinct? When did players stop playing football because they love it? Maybe these things never really started...

    Sorry I'm just confusing myself and probably you with all this random philosophising :D Anyways I reject the notion of the title of this thread :P

  4. Re: Funny SM Private Messages

    Then stick to it!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyways no worries' date=' I know I'm gonna carry on posting the funny messages that I get :)

    So happy posting!:)[/quote']

    Errm, I'm discussing the basis of the thread.. Or have you not realised yet?

  5. Re: Funny SM Private Messages

    It doesn't counter this in any way.

    An example' date=' if you do something really stupid and don't want it on the news it's to bad because you were stupid enough to do something stupid. If you can't do the time don't do the crime.[/quote']

    Err, hello?? Do ou not understand what the 'P' stands for in PM?? Private, not public..

    Those who do something stupid, and are shown on the news, are public...

  6. Re: Funny SM Private Messages

    Mate' date=' I don't know why you have to ruin the thread by this....

    [b']Obviously the sender will say no as he knows that he has made stupid remarks...[/b]:rolleyes:

    It's just for a bit of laugh, SM currently haven't stopped the thread yet for 'breaking the law' and I'm sure they won't in the future (Hopefully)...

    Don't know why you have to come up with all this next rule stuff and ruin it for everybody. There has never been a problem with this thread before and I'm sure it will stay that way.

    Thi thread is just to show the amusing offers you received from other managers and maybe to be aware of them in the future.

    So either you can carry on with the spirit of the thread or not ruin for everyone by acting as a wannabe lawyer. (NO offence intended)

    (Bit highlighted in bold No.1) And yet that still makes it fine for others to post the private messages? The fact that they'll say 'no' is exactly my point.

    (Bit highlighted in bold No.2) Please, SM have stopped other threads for he most random things ever.. If they don't close this thread, it sows inconsistency.

    (Bit highlighted in bold No.3) And you, I'm assuming, are the voice of 'everbody'?

    (Bit highlighted in bold No.4) I beieve I know what this thread is about, thank you very much..

    (Bit highlighted in bold No.5) I don't have to b a lawyer to merely stat the law.

  7. Re: Funny SM Private Messages

    No need to get all serious' date=' we're just trying to have a laugh.

    If people don't want their PM to be on the funny PM's thread don't send funny PM's.[/quote']

    Please read my earlier statement, and this counter-argues as to why this is still not O.K.

  8. Re: Funny SM Private Messages

    Trespassing can be seen by the trespasser as 'stupid/funny', but not by the person being trespassed on... Therefore, if you show your private messages without the sender's consent, this is violating the law.

  9. Re: Compare Forumers To Players.

    This based on general attitude on the forum.

    Eclipse : Ronaldinho

    teb : Maldini

    Luke : Pato

    miles : C Dorf

    Shels : Reyes :D

    Ahmed : Bojan

    Bobo : Afonso Alves

    Sparky : Nedved

    Leigh : DelPiero

    George : Owen

    Reggio (couldn't resist..) : Materazzi

    Hahaha you're bare funny....not.

  10. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful?

    Yep he does have his funny side sometimes.:D

    Will dispute this because they do play certain parts and the parts they play also play a part in the game .

    1. Offer a new contract and it can have an affect on that players morale .

    2. Main part though that can save you a lot of money in this game is knowing how your player is doing in real life or any youngster etc' date='if you think could be going up in rating you will put them on a long one ,if going down then a short one etc .

    So even though there not major in your eyes its still a part so wrong to say contracts do nothing .

    I have saved a fortune in wages for my small clubs as well as big by taking a gamble on what length to give players.

    Youve just answered why this is also a no go for me ,for one anyone in their right mind will pick the lowest what the chairman says ,if then you can get rejected on this and need to go higher depending on what max is set then its too much hassle ,its bad enough members coming on now moaning because transfers dont go through first time without this extra burden ,we will be wanting to offer special bonuses,houses ,cars etc like they already do on some rubbish footie on line games .

    As for blaming SM for debt you cant even now if you are in debt or use the contracts as based now for reasons,i took over a Bristol rovers side in Div 3 ,

    14 mill in debt and reason last manager had overloaded with old high rated players ,so wage bill out of this world .

    Its not contracts as they stand at the moment that put teams in debt its just managers that dont concern their selves with this side of game ,take Kaka who you mention do you think a lot of youngsters care if his wages take their club in debt if it means getting hold of him ,dont think so ,but would they like to set his wages :D

    Will get my backing on part of this ,always have said need to stop teams hogging all top players knowing full well majority will not play ,so i am all for players refusing contracts and moving on,but like Steve and John said this will not be easily achieved or implemented for reasons given ,but that dosnt mean it should be a get out statement because unless they are in the youth Squad then they should have to play certain ammount of games

    [b']How are they too complex at moment ,you can only put them from 2-5 yrs how complex is that ,also no way do managers decide how much is paid will not go into depth on here for this part because had these debates already plenty of time in past ,think one of these threads was where i dug Stegores up from . [/b]

    so a solution needs to be found some how ,i wouldnt set my sights on any early change on this side of things .:)

    What I meant was adding contract clauses like signing on fees is complex, not what we have now :P

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