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  1. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? I think us fans will stick with Chelsea till the end of the season, then we get relegated because of Abramovich, and we seem to find ourselves going lower and lower for Abramovich to fulfil 'his dream'....Then he even loses all fans. :mad: Selfish A**.
  2. Sorry for wasting time, but How do I cancel a friendly?
  3. Re: Rate My Team Thread - Stayed same, > Gone up, < Gone down My Chelsea Squad: Cech -96 Buffon-96 Studer-69 Maldini<91 (2 points) Beye-91 Mathieu-89 Jansen>91(up 1) Sagna>89( up 2) Arbeloa>88 (up one, found him on pro while playing for real madrid) Jose Enrique>87( up one, found this guy on pro, while playing for villarreal) Carvalho-94 Vidic>93 (up 1) Mancienne>83 (up 1) Jorgensen-91 Maxi Rodriguez-91 Lampard-96 Essien-95 Fabregas>94 (up 1) Ballack<93 (down 3) Mikel>89 (up 2) Gago-89 Sidwell>88(up 1) Aquilani<88 (down 3) Marin-77 C.Ronaldo-96 Robben-92 Rooney-96 Shevchenko<93 (down 4) Calaio-85 Aliadiere-84 Drogba-(up 3)
  4. Re: Competitive ? Good managers ? Great teams not ruined ? Look no Further ! its my setup Ill happily take Bayern mate.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports The Era Of Superstars For most of us, today seemed to be a normal day, for the Independiente manager, it was a day filled with glory. Independiente started the new season with a loss at home, but they lost with a whole lot of dignity against the mighty Guadalajara. The manager, had known there was no way through Guadlajara's defensive power, without star player Dimtriy Kombarov. Despite the fact of not being able to hold a win against Guadlajara at home, the Argentinians are ready to dismantle any team that steps within their path. With some incredible new signings, and the departutre of Daniel Montenegro, a selfish player, (who was only it for money), Independiente ARE BACK. News signings: Bulgarian Dimitar Ivankov French Steve Mandanda (On loan) Italian Alessandro Gamberini Russian Andriy Husin Chilean Jorge Vargas Italian Fabio Liverani Dutch Boudejiwn Zenden (On loan) Russian Dimitriy Kombarov Austrian Mario Haas Players out: Argentinian Daniel Montenegro Argentinian Martin Fabro Argentinian Antonio Borijhos Argentinian Marcos Ramirez
  6. Re: SM Match Engine Add a poll Nav, because I completely agree.
  7. Re: Add your touch. GO ON Please' date=' we have no time for your hissy fits every other day. Read the rules here: [url']http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=3565[/url] Maybe you should take in to account 1,2,4,7 mostly and number 9.
  8. Re: Happy Birthday Mr.Adamski! Have a great day mate. Happy bday :D
  9. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Hahahahha :D Anyways Daniel Montenegro may go if one 88/7 and one 89 players are offerd plus 0 million.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports I don't get it... What's this for?
  11. Re: Marvel fans rejoice Alan why? I can't wait.
  12. Re: Add your touch. GO ON Yes but it's wasting the forum....
  13. Re: Add your touch. GO ON And this is basically spam......
  14. Re: HOMEWORK THREAD That question can have a billion answers and it can only be answered by yourself. What does life mean to YOU? Hope that makes things easy...:D
  15. Re: HOMEWORK THREAD A is more or less what I said and C is 28.
  16. Re: HOMEWORK THREAD Anyone need help with Maths,Science,English(Top Set for all three ), History,Geography,Drama and I.T, then I'm your man.
  17. Re: Lovebug's Lottery League is HERE!!!! We'd better inform Herby then mate lol
  18. Re: Britain vs The Rest Match Reports and Transfer Talk For such a top class team, Barcelona are not playing well at all. Manager Reggio has had problems with the squad.
  19. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES I'll take them Is the setup made yet?
  20. Re: Lovebug's Lottery League is HERE!!!! He's talking about other setups that you have been in. You seem to take a team, then after a couple of games, you leave them... Anyways not here to accuse anyone or anything, just saying mate. Back to thread.
  21. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES Which one is the worst out of all of the remaining ones?
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