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  1. Re: World Championship 1057 3-3 draw with Dynamo Kyiv. Not too bad I guess...
  2. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? Eve Alan Jnr likes the idea, he repped me.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Thank you Alexis Sanchez fro your double to beat Osasuna 2-1 I'm gonna start winning now, as I have figured out a small trick.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hahah. Yes. but the link-up was beautiful, shame we didn't get Tevez
  5. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? First point-With signing the player, you should NOT be able to do contract negotiations, when you are signing him. This would make it easier then doing the 36 hours thing. But you should be able to only change their contract when they have two years left and this can just go back to my first post. Second point- As I said, the SM chairman should give the LEAST that the player will accept and the MOST that you are allowed to accept for that player, so that the club does not does not fall into debt and prevent cheating. Third Point- True, but name me one part of the game where you cannot cheat??? This strict rules that I have said may prevent cheating. Fourth Point- As I said, I wouldn't want clauses and signing on fees as it is too complex, but all I want is 2 options. How many years and How much? Fifth Point-Answered this in the second point...
  6. Re: Best joke you ever made Being completely honest here. It's just a random guy I found on google images. BTW: Changed the title of the thread' date=' to something more interesting and appropriate. Had this one from Craig today:
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread To be honest, I reported this thread as it is full of rubbish about a team that nobody cares about. The link up between Tevez and Rooney on the weekedn was magical. Wayne Rooney is back , ladies and getlemen.
  8. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? Where?!?! I can't find it, at all. To be honest, you're not really saying a real reason for why you disagree, you just say this came up in the other debate. The bold part- I explained this in the first post, about the SM Chairman.
  9. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? Not sure, but the Bosman maybe should got players who are not in the youth squad. I mean you don't see a player in say, Tottenham's youth team go to Fulham's ,do you? So maybe the second rule should only apply to players NOT in the youth team.
  10. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? Errm, I seacrhed for 4 pages of threads, and most of them are quite different to mine. Do you remember the thread title?
  11. Re: Contracts? Pointless or useful? You can. I just done it with someone who had 4 years left. Try it, if you don't believe me. Why shouldn't they be put in the manager's hands? After all, they are in real football... And you may say " Yes, but people may give Kaka 5k and it'll be accepted,so it's unfair etc" but I have already solved this on my first post.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread No problem mate, how about 20 for Baptista? PM me if you want.
  13. This is the amazing thing about contracts and the quote above: What do they actually do? Are they just to make Soccer Manager look better? Or do they actually have a point to it? This is my suggestion: I think that at the moment contracts do not have any say in the game. If we can make the contracts more realistic, it would make the game even better. Right, now this is where my suggestion really comes in. When a player has two years left on his contract, and only then, is the manager allowed to negotiate a new one. He should be able to have a wider variety in contracts, so not only how many years, but also how much the player should be paid. Contract clauses are over too complex for the time being. Someone like Kaka, you cannot offer something like 10k and expect him to accept, so therefore when you choose how much you pay the player, the SM Chairman tells you, just like he would for transfers, what is the least amount of money that Kaka would accept. This will not only improve the game, but also give you more of a say in finances. Another thing is that we will have less complaints that so and so is being paid 70k, and therefore my club is in debt, because using my way, they cannot really blame SM but themselves for the finances. I still think that even if the above is placed , there should be another improvement. When the 2 years left has come for a player, and if their morale is any lower than average and they have not played often enough, they should refuse any offer, unless it is high and ask for a transfer out of the club. They still have to complete the contract years left, but here comes the tricky part. The manager can sell the unwanted player when the first of the two years left has gone for a good price, but if the manager decides to keep the player for the last year in his contract, the player is allowed to leave but only on a FREE transfer. Think of it this way. The game would not only become betetr with both suggestions, but it will be a ton more realistic and will make the contracts a hundred times MORE useful. All opinions appreciated.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread That's funny, as I had offered 20 million and it was rejected...
  15. Re: New Improvements To be honest, I also think the actual age of he player may matter as well, and I think that the AI lets you P/E players who you are not in need of, so not just value but rating. Let me give an example: You make an offer for, let's say Beckham for the sake of argument, and you offer 7 million pounds plus Pablo Alvarado, who is 21 years old.. Although this is worth an exact 11.6 million pounds, the chairman may not accept, as Alvarado is young and may improve in rating also, like you stated is valued too much. Tommorow you make a different offer of 7 million pounds plus Christian Diaz, who is 31 years old. This offer is precisely 9.6 million pounds, which is just over the price for Beckham. This has a higher chance of being accepted as: The player is older, and may not rise ever again He may not be needed, because his rating is low. And at last he is worth less Comments and opinions appreciated
  16. Re: La Liga Player Help/Updates La Liga News Bernd Schuster has told Predrag Mijatovic that he would like to sign Fred from Olympique Lyonnais in January and off-load Roberto Soldado and Julio Baptista. Real Madrid have a litany of attacking options, but the German coach is determined to bring in his own man to help bolster the forward line. After failing to land Diego Milito in the summer, Fred has now been identified as player that could be prised away from his club in the winter transfer window. While the 24-year-old would be ineligible for the Champions League, it would give Schuster the option to switch him and Ruud Van Nistelrooy in domestic games. Schuster is reported to have not much faith in Javier Saviola, Roberto Soldado or Julio Baptista, while he views Robinho and Gonzalo Higuaín as preferable in deeper positions. Lyon president Jean Michel Aulas is already aware of the interest from the Spanish giants, according to Sport, and is willing to listen to their offer. If a bid is successful then Madrid will need to off-load one of their three non-European players that are currently filling the allotted spaces in their squad. While Robinho and Mahamadou Diarra are fixtures in the side, Marcelo has failed to win over his new boss and could be loaned out in the New Year to make way for the new arrival. After spending nearly €115m in the summer on new arrivals, Madrid will be cautious not to offer over the odds for Fred, but are prepared to back their coach with the players he wants. Other news Juve Eye Up Aguero Juventus are preparing a bid for Atletico Madrid’s teenage sensation Sergio Aguero, according to German website 4-4-2.com. The Argentine forward is one of the hottest young properties in world football and has made a stunning start to the current campaign, with five goals in La Liga already. This follows on from his mesmerising displays in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in the summer when he finished top-scorer and player of the tournament as Argentina lifted the trophy. Juventus were already interested in signing Aguero before he left Independiente in 2006, however the €20m price tag, as well as the Calciopoli crisis scuppered any chances of a deal. The Bianconeri are now prepared to pay €22m for the 19-year-old and are also likely to throw in Portuguese flop Tiago Mendes as part of the bargain. Juve are likely to face stiff interest from a host of other interested parties, and Valencia, Bayern Munich and Italian rivals Inter are also said to be sniffing around. Aguero made his professional debut for Independiente at the age of just 15, and in the process became the youngest ever player to feature in the Argentine First Division. The previous record was held by the legendary Diego Maradona, who as it happens celebrates his 47th birthday today. Happy Birthday Diego!
  17. Re: Transfer Listed To be honest, the AI seems to target the players who are rated 3 million and less, the ones you will probably never use. Players who are rated 88 etc, will probably will not be bidded for by unavailable to manage teams. Give it some time though, and there may be a bid, possibly a week or so, if not, then you can either keep him or release him. Hope this helps
  18. Re: Raz - Standing Down. You really are a legend Raz! I'm sad you decided to leave and actually gobsmacked!!
  19. Re: La Liga Player Help/Updates Susaeta Markel has played 8 out of 9 games and has scored two goals. He is very much in the first team.
  20. Re: What if?--Offical thread The Real Madrid manager is barking mad. He counteroffered an offer for Van Nisterlrooy for 20 million plus Ibrahimovic.... Unbelievable.
  21. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] For any Spurs fans, who are not sure about him, here's his C.V: Early Years Juan de la Cruz Ramos Cano, better known as Juande Ramos, has travelled a long road to get to Tottenham Hotspur, and despite his wealth of experience it's only in the current century that he's truly made his mark on the global game. Like many top-end managers - Jose Mourinho among them - he had only an undistinguished career as a football player, spells with Elche and Alicante proving the high point of a journeyman pro life. With Elche, he reached the Primera Liga, but it was all downhill from there. Alcoyano, Linares, Eldense, Alicante, Denia - and then a tragic end to his career as a knee injury saw him laid up permanently at the age of just 27. Still, a career in management beckoned, and thus it was back to Elche to work for their 'B' team, Ilicitanos, in the Tercera Division. First Impression Ramos had clearly made an impression at not just Elche but other past clubs as, after scant experience with the Valencian side, he was back to Alcoyano to coach their first team. It was there that he performed well enough to earn a big break in coaching: a move to Levante UD. The Granota side were not quite as prominent then as now, but it was still enough to put a 40-year-old Ramos on the coaching map. A magnificent 13-game winning streak will do that to a coach. From there came a whirlwind tour of Spain, the highlights of which included a spell in charge of Barcelona's B team, a three-season spell with Rayo Vallecano, and a spell with Málaga. It was with the Vallecas side that he hit the headlines, the Madrid team reaching the dizzy heights of the UEFA Cup quarter finals after a magnificent campaign in 2000-01. Then Sevilla There were relatively ill-fated moments with the likes of Real Betis and Espanyol, but overall his stock had risen so much that, even after a year out of the game after leaving Málaga, he was charged with the task of taking Sevilla to the top. The Andalucians had just enjoyed their second consecutive sixth-place finish in La Liga and were about to enter their second UEFA Cup campaign in as many years. What followed surprised even the most optimistic of Nervion fans as Sevilla went on to improve on both fronts. Things started auspiciously as Sevilla made their mark in the Liga, even challenging for a Champions League spot before finishing fifth. That was a definite improvement, and signalled that the rojiblanco revival was no flash in the pan. But it was in Europe that Sevilla really caught the public's imagination. After beating the likes of Lille, Zenit and Schalke en route to the final, the Andalucians were faced with Middlesbrough, who themselves had pulled off a few shocks to reach Eindhoven. Sevilla, undaunted, duly thumped the Teesside club 4-0 to lift their first European trophy, following it up with a 3-0 thrashing of La Liga counterparts Barcelona in the UEFA Super Cup soon after. The Andalucian outfit, playing exciting football with the likes of Daniel Alves and Fredi Kanouée, were to improve even further the following season. That UEFA Super Cup had started them on the way to a tremendous ending to 2006 - indeed, they were to be officially named the best team of that year by the footballing authorities and, as attacking play swept through the Rámon Sánchez Pizjuán, they even topped the table around New Year. A Slight Dip, But More Success They began to dip slightly as 2007 began but, faced with three battle fronts, the league, UEFA Cup and Copa del Rey, perhaps that is not surprising. Still, they held on in all three competitions until the very last moment. After lifting the UEFA Cup with a close-fought but deserved win over Espanyol in Glasgow, they went on to finish third in the league, after having a chance of the title until the last minute of the last day, and then sealed a historic treble with a Copa del Rey victory over Getafe at the Bernabeu. Difficult Since The Summer It all seemed too good to be true and, as the 2007-08 season began, it seemed to transpire that this was in fact the case. Juande, wanted by Spurs, had been seen talking with representatives of the London side, while Daniel Alves, so emblematic of both the club's play-style and its signing policy, publicly lambasted the club for refusing to let him join Chelsea. Sevilla suffered heartache both on and off the pitch as the season began; Champions League losses to Arsenal and four straight Liga defeats paled in comparison to the death of young midfielder Antonio Puerta, but still Juande insisted that the Nervion side could recover. Indeed, they did as they racked up two consecutive Champions League victories and then a 2-0 win over Levante. Then came his resignation. Martin Jol was sacked as Getafe ran out 2-1 winners over Spurs at White Hart Lane in the UEFA Cup and Juande, who only weeks earlier had insisted that he had no plans to take the job, confirmed what everybody already knew: he was the new Tottenham Hotspur boss. He has now instructed his new charges to lift themselves from the relegation mire and return to the top of the table, where they should be. Easier said than done. But Juande's track record in recent years suggests that he could very well be the man to make it happen. Having built himself a reputation as a coach that likes to see his teams attack, while remaining strong at the back, he has his work cut out at White Hart Lane. The front line maybe in good shape, but Tottenham's rearguard is anything but safe. At Sevilla much of the success was built on the strength and style of the midfield and that is also a key area for Juande's new club as they have often been criticised for lacking creativity, organisation and backbone in the centre of the pitch. And one has to wonder if any of his former Sevilla stars will come along for the ride...
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