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  1. Re: Miller or Surman? Out of the three, I would pick Miller, but if you need cheap winger who will rise in the future, I would choose Marko Marin, if I were you. Lots of talent and he plays for Borussia Monchengladbach. He is rated 77 and aged 18, worth just under a million.
  2. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Save Me-Remy Zero 8/10 to Mark's song
  3. Re: Adverts gone to far!!!!!!!! How do I screen shot this, as I have proof? Print Screen then paste on here doesn't work as it doesn't give me the paste button.
  4. Re: club messages Ok firstly' date=' there isn't an actual way to solve this quickly but you can do it this way by doing the following: [list'] [*]Remove all players on your shortlist, You will no longer receive transfer activity surrounding them. [*]Make all of your player unavailable, only if you do not want them to be sold. Hope this helps.
  5. Re: Player Swaps To be honest' date=' giving away two players in part exchange doesn't really work with the Chairman a lot these days, because he is losing two players and gaining only [b']ONE[/b] even if that player is rated higher than these two. Try giving one player and some money, this may be accepted, if it reaches the player's value. You would need to give me your average rating to let me explain more. Hope this helps
  6. Re: nani? Nani is an exceptional player, and very underrated to be honest. His implausible skill on the ball can be compared much to Cristiano Ronaldo's and his awareness of surrounding players is very rare. There are few players in the world like him and for him to be rated only 89 is unbelievable. He is no worse than David Silva who is a 92, and this is the rating I truly believe he deserves. He has managed to score 3 goals in 9 league games for Manchester United, and today scored one of the besst goals in the season so far - A magnificent shot which lobbed the keeper so perfectly and precisely that it, in my opinion, is very hard to clone. Almost every time Nani touches the ball, he is very slick with it, as if he was playing with oil. His first touch is incredible and a 92 rating should surely come, at least a 91. Despite the fact that I support Chelsea and am 'bigging up' a player from a rival team, this is what i feel he should rise to. He is better than Joaquin and Vicente who are both 92's, and if he only rises by 1, I will be quite disappointed.
  7. Re: Albert Riera Yep I'm expecting him to be a 90 by the next Spanish ratings, if not at least an 89. If he carries on as he is a 92 next year may be likely
  8. Re: World Championship 1057 Thank you PSV manager for not fixing your team!!! 6-0
  9. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Battered by Valencia- 3-0. What did ya expect?
  10. Re: Pet Hate Right seriously, I nbringing the neg hammer Leigh for making this thread and Ross for arguing Seriously though you two, behave like responsible adults
  11. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW This was today mate. The setup's open:D
  12. Re: Biggest "what Ifs" In Football, What if things happened differently? What if Shevchenko hadn't missed the penalty against Lierpool in the CL final? What if Manuel Almunia hadn't fumbled Beletti's goal in the CL Final? What if Ronaldinho had gone to Manchester United instead of Barca, when Man Utd had the chance to sign him? What if Zidane had stayed at Inter Milan? What if Drogba hadn't found his goal-scoring last season? What if Paul Gascoigne hadn't ever cried? What if Gary Lineker didn't present the mathc of the day? What if Fabregas was stilll at Barca? Would he be as good? What if Kevin Keegan's Newcastle hadn't lost the last game in the 96-97 season? What if they had won and Man Utd lost? What if Alan Shearer had moved to Man Utd instead of Newcastle? What if Shearer had stayed at Rovers? What if Fabio Grosso's dive against Australia was refused the penalty? What if Brazil had had a decent defence in the 1990 World Cup Final? What if Antonio Puerta had not died? What if Sven Goran Errikson was given Elan for his England Squad? What if Sir Alf Ramsay was not born? What if Wayne Rooney hadn't broken his metatarsal before the World Cup 2006? What if there were no red cards? What if Sepp Blatter wasn't President of Fifa? What if England had not discovered football? What if Lampard did not stop playing well in 2005-06? Would he have beaten Ronaldinho in ratings? What if Luis Ronaldo didn't grow fat? What if Adriano had't lost his touch? What if Ronaldo had? What if Henry was a very bad player? What if Maradona was? What if that Columbian keeper hadn't saved a goal by doing a flip? What if Pele was English? What if Germany were refused an appeal to play football when the World Wars were going on? If the latter had happened, would England have another World Cup? What if Paul Scholes wasn't ginger? What if there was no such thing as football boots? What if football was banned? What if long balls were no longer allowed and whoever made one got a yellow card? What if I hadn't asked SM to put Angel Di Maria in the database? What if Rooney was Scottish? What if Rooney had stayed at Everton? What if Nottingham Forest had stayed in The Premiership? What if Leeds had? What if Champions League was never created? What if G14 wasn't? What if Laporta switched places with Abramovich? What if people were rubbish at football?
  13. Re: Biggest "what Ifs" In Football, What if things happened differently? But now that he's at Juve he is
  14. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Friendly Villarreal 4-Zaragoza-0 We're in for a great season.
  15. Kind of came up with the idea after this joke on Ross : BTW Click on the link guys if you want the full experience of how Ross felt http://googlemyway.com/Gullible EDIT: THe first writing on the quote, in bold is me.
  16. Re: World Championship 1057 DIEGO MILITO AVAILABLE...
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