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  1. Re: What if!! new set up Milan please.
  2. Re: World Championship 1057 hehehe Well you can have Oliveira.
  3. Re: World Championship 1057 Tommorow'spossible line up vs PSV: ----------------------------External player/Sanchez -External player/Paredes---Ayala---Diogo------Juanfran/External player --------------------------Demichelis---------------------- -------Matazulam---------Sosa------------Zapater -------------------Jo----------Oliveira/Agbonlahor- if deal is accepted
  4. Re: World Championship 1057 All players aged 25+ are for sale. That includes Milito,Aimar...
  5. Re: World Championship 1057 Roberto Ayala available as Zaragoz are going for the young guns.
  6. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW Are you leaving the setup? Anyways, anyone over 30 apart from Ayala, is available.
  7. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW ZARAGOZA :D Need defenders though
  8. Re: Whos the best keeper? I would keep Bywater, Vermeer and Hart. Keeping Bywater would be good as he is your highest rated goalkeeper and you cannot risk the Championship with a 77 in goal. I would keep Vermeer and Hart because of their utmost potential. Hope that helps
  9. Re: MLS Setup Make it, make it!! Cannot wait
  10. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! My ML Dream Team: ------------------Akinfeev----------- --Jose Enrique--Carvalho-Ibanez--Arbeloa ---------------Fabregas--Heitinga------------ ---Robinho-----------------------Elano ---------------Villa--Berbatov SUBS Pedersen Drogba Lahm Agahowa Nakamura Moretti Corluka Geovanni Bent Walcott Bodmer Vidic
  11. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Inside the El Madrigal Well, well, well... It's been a very exciting week for the former European semi-finalists. First of all the amazing Spanish club announced the most controversial sale ever in the club's history. Silky Argentine Juan Roman Riquelme left the club for another rival- Athletico Madrid In return the Yellow Submarines received 3.6 million and Portugese playmaker Simao and also the undefeatable centre back- Fabiano Eller. Riquelme had been refusing to play at the club because he did not approve of the new management at the El Madrigal. Former Celtic,Newcastle United and Inter Milan boss had only just won the D1 Copa in the MLsetup- Mehran's setup. A couple of months before that he had won the Division 2 cup in Kevche's league and then beat Manchester United to win the Division 1 cup in English Champinship 4 with Newcastle. The Villarreal chairman had thought that this was the perfect move for the Legendary Reg. On the other hand Riquelme didn't. " To be honest, I didn't like his attitude. He hated being told what to do and felt that he was the boss of the team. Well sorry to inform him, but I am. And he can say bye bye to the club." This was the short statement which had caused Riquelme to leave, although bringing in Simao and Eller had made the fans extremely happy. Inset: Riquelme back in his Villarreal heyday In fact the new manager had taken the transfer market and found some incredible bargains. Former Inter Milan striker and former player of Legendary Reg, Julio Cruz moved to the El Madrigal for a bargain Gold Championship price- £ 8 million. The manager wasn't going to stop now. A day later he had purchased veteran keeper Rogerio Ceni who was known for his free kicks, yes that's right FREE KICKS,for a measly 0k plus former Arsenal player Pascal Cygan and unwanted goalkeeper Diego Lopez. The manager had intended to keep 20 year old Garcia Marcos, yet when the opportunity came to bring in Van Buyten, hed had no choice but to give in. More and more transfer were coming in and out, as he had released Bruno Soriano for free and sold out of favour Josico for 4 million pounds. He did not want to give Giusepe Rossi away at all. The young striker was very much in forma and a 90 rating looks very, very possible. But he couldn't resist it when he was offered 7 million plus wonderkid Alexis Sanchez who would surely turn out better than Rossi. Legendary Reg also managed to sell out of favour striker Guillermo Franco for 5 million, Robert Pires for 8 million and Gonzalo Rodriguez for 4 million plus Tim De Cler, whom he had been chasing since day 1. And then came the jaw-breaker in transfers. Morten Gamst Pedersen was coming to Villarreal. And in return, Rio Mavuba who hasn't got a game of Liga football for the real Villarreal, despite not being injured. It was the perfect transfer. Inset: Morten Gamst Pedersen in his Blackburn days. Then followed the transfer of a young Albanian born Swiss, who was being chased by both Udinese and Fiorentina- Almen Abdi. The manager's decision to BLOCK a Daniel Montenegro deal lies in the feet of Cazorla Santi, who he wanted to keep. Now the new, almighty Villarreal face the challenge of an even almightier Valencia. Can they win it, is the question.. -------------------------Rogerio Ceni -----Angel--------Van Buyten---Eller-------Capdevilla -----------------------Marcos Senna--------------------- -----Santi-------------------------------------Pedersen --------------------------Simao--------------------------- ------------------Carew----------Cruz Likely line up--- Villarreal are back...
  12. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW Ok so 14 so far!! Come on guys at least make it 20
  13. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] Who reckons it'll be Sammy Lee? Juande Ramos is a ver good option. I don't think he'll move from a very higher profile club to a lower profile club, although Jurgen Klinsmann is still in the running.
  14. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW Well 14 so far.. Watch this space
  15. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread I'm Villarreal mate.
  16. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW Join PEOPLE JOIN!!!! Come on it'll be great!
  17. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! Well apparently after big matches the manager is given a press conference or something. Cannot wait another 12 or so hours !!!
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