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  1. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread RIQUELME IS FOR SALE ANY DECENT OFFERS WILL BE THOROUGLY LOOKED AT....
  2. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Well, SM took the p*** lol, they gave me 19 million!!! So I can only bid like 10 million plus Franco?
  3. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread GC'S are such rip-offs. So, I beg all forumers to PLEASE be fair and not just ask like 20 million for a 2.3 million guy just because he's rated 90+
  4. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Well Villarreal have chosen the Legendary Reg to manage them.
  5. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational I've already done a reserve list, but what I meant was e.g Manchester City 17 points Arsenal 16 points Bayern Munchen 15 points Manchester City will be given 20 games next season to win more, Arsenal will be given 10, and the manager of Bayern will be sacked. It's very straight-forward and easy to understand. So i Arsenal carry on playing rubbish, their manager will be sacked etc.
  6. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational The last spot has been filled by Mr HoW who will be filling the job of Villarrea instead of Bremen.
  7. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational Rules and Regulations No. of teams in each division: 10 No. of teams promoted from D2 to D3: 3 and vice versa No cheating is allowed, which is quite obvious and no buying from unmanaged teams. There will be no Transfer Window. Managers can start bidding from the third day after they receive their teams, to give others time to collect their teams. To make things more real, everyone will be sent messages from me saying stuff like, "We will give you an opportunity of 5 matches and if we are still disappointed, I'm afraid you will have to be sacked" and even stuff like, "Well done, your team is playing very well, let's hope you can keep this on and get promoted to D1!" etc. The person in D1/D2 with the lowest points will get sacked. The person with the second lowest points, will be given 10 games to fixen up their results, and the third person with the lowest points will be given a very big warning and will be given 20 games to fix their results. That's all for now, I think.
  8. Re: MLS Setup Kansas City please. Or L.A Galaxy.
  9. Re: argentinean league thread "Angel Di Maria- Another Rosario Central youngster not on SM, and at the age of 18, he has been quite good for them, but he hasn't had a chance yet, seen him play in the youth team and the great performance got him in the Rosario senior team, and if he gets a chance or two, he'll be on Sm quite shortly, but ask Yuri(again)." This is what I said the first time I had heard of this guy, now he is 19 and rated 86. This was last year Octobe.
  10. Re: European Champions Invitational Transfer News/Reports I'm gonna give you lot my transfer list: Ballack Shevchenko Sidwell Ben Haim Those are the main people I want to sell, although will look into any offers for any body.
  11. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational Teje has been announced as the Athletico Madrid manager. BTW Just want to say anyone who wants to create the match reports/transfer news thread can do it now, so we can all talk about people we want to sell and buy and maybe make some verbal agreements etc.
  12. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational Zazoon has taken over Juventus and Dan-dfc might take over Bremen.
  13. Re: im off to Actually guys, you'll have me posting 24/7 now it's half term holidays!!!! By the way, Shelbourne, I didn't really mind mate, had to face the facts that I had arrived to late to pick up Chelsea.
  14. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational Mate this is a custom setup.
  15. Re: Florent Malouda I seriously think he deserves a rise, playing very well especially as his first goal was against Manchester United in the Community Shield.
  16. Re: Batracer season II I'll have Renault please. Also, Juve Fan can you reply to my PM please.
  17. Re: Best Balkans team I'd love to say Albania as I come from there, but would have to definitely say Croatia because I was born there
  18. Re: Word Assoc Name Game There have been many threads like these and all of them have been deleted because of spam mate, because technically most of us will post like 1 word and that raises your posts, so it's kinda spam.
  19. Re: Things You've Never Done Before., That most people have already done. Haven't watched Jaws Haven't been in Taco Bell or had food from their either Haven't been to the U.S Haven't ever played Halo Haven't been to London Eye Haven't been to Paris ( Only major capital in Europe, I haven't been to)
  20. Re: NEW SETUP- European Champions Invitational Bremen,Ajax,Roma,Juve,Porto and Stuttgart. All in D2.
  21. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Might sound a bit rude mate, but do you acually even play SM?
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