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  1. what is happening with the hammers, a year ago they were fa cup finalists battling liverpool to penalties and now losing to palermo who are not doing well in serie a, this is what happens when joorbwhatever tries to take on roman, because west ham didnt count on money before and supestars like tevez and mascherano are simply ruining them, i say to alan pardew ditch the argies and repeat what you did last year, but strangely enough i don't think alan will be hammers manager when joorbwhatever comes with floppy e eriksson lol
  2. good idea jaron, i think that smaller teams d3/d4 would need stadium upgrades , they simply need more money coming in
  3. 4-2-1-3 wouldnt be a bad choice either
  4. for a chelsea formation i would use 4-2-4 cech boulahrouz terry carvalho cole lampard ballack robben/kalou j.cole sheva drogba hope this helps
  5. multiple accounts you are allowed to have multiple accounts with different eamils but if sm find out you have got two teams in the same setups on different accounts i think there is a possibility you will get banned
  6. personally i think he is a bit overrated, he was poor in the world cup, didn't get off to a great start with inter (red card vs bayern munich) and certainly didn't have a great finish with juve, maybe 92 for him.
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