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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings People predict that Victor Valdes will rise , is he defentily going to rise or not sure ... just want to know cuz i was thinking of buying him for a reserve keeper
  2. Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last? Iniesta is One of my favourite and is one of the best midfielders in the world he deserves a rise but he does get injured quite often lately , i hear hes out for 2 weeks today but still needs a rise
  3. He recently scored the winner for them today coming on a subsitute so i thought ill check him out on SM , the problem is goal.com claims he is 16 yet on sm he is 17. Wikipedia also claim he is 16 although i dont trust wiki that much. some other sites claim he is 17 so im confused , i want to snap him up but dont know if hes the right guy lol so please can anyone help , thank you and if this thread is in the wrong place , im sorry http://www.goal.com/en/news/117/greece/2009/02/14/1109673/aek-athens-saved-by-16-year-old-tachtsidis-thrasyvoulos-heartbre http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panagiotis
  4. Re: Squad Sizes i have 272 players in my team and i need to do something about it , i dont know who to release and who to put in the transfer list , my team is in world championship 130 and between my team and a barcelona in that setup we have a total of 495 players . can anyone tell me who to release or to get rid of please
  5. Re: Squad Sizes i have a roma with a squad size of 272 players ... 29 in general , 229 in youth squad and 14 loaned out , i did have 275 but i released a couple of payers to buy new ones but now i cant cuz it says my squad size is to big and i just want to know what is the actual sqaud size limit and what sholud i do now to my team ?
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings i am going to swap perrota for higuain ... is that a good risk to take ?
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings what you guys think about angel lopez and mati fernandez ? off topic : was thinking someone would make a new spanish rating thread because this one has so many pages and i dont know where to start .... and possibly do the same for each other league ratings that happen
  8. Re: Please Help !!!!!!!!!! well im not selling them , im releasing them , well i have 30 in my general squad , 238 in my youth squad and 5 loaned out
  9. umm yea i have a roma in 130 and i have a massive youth squad .... well when new good youths are available i attend to go for em but i have to release a player in my team to do because i have a team of 275 but something wrong is happening when i released a player of mine and try to buy someone else for his place it still says ' The deal for ..... has collapsed as the squad size of Roma is too big' now i have a squad of 273 players and still cant buy no-one ... well i think trading a lpay works but i want to buy a free agent can anyone help me ?
  10. Re: Iván Córdoba thank you james , thats all i needed to know could you tell whos not playing 1st team then ? zanetti , chivu , maicon , matterazi , maxwell , cordoba , Burdisso , Samuel. that is a good defence but not all can play at once , so could you tell me whos first team and whos not .. thank you
  11. i just had a 10mil bid accepted from him , but i want to know if he will be going down in the future or soo .. thank you
  12. Well i have a roma team with 275 in world 130 , i have 21 in the senior team and 234 in the youth aswell as 20 loaned out , i wanted to get rid of the ones that have no future (or wont be as good in the future) so please can someone help by telling me which players to get rid off .............. Thank You !!!!! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=71600&clubid=3751177&sid=213
  13. i have a roma team in world 130 and i have a squad which has 266 overall 22 general , 233 youths , 11 loaned out , i want to buy more players but i cant , for example it says this The deal for Miroslav STOCH has collapsed as Roma 's squad size is too big. , is this wrong or do i just have a massive team and cant buy any more players ? thank you
  14. Re: Player Morale?? if you cant renew a contract because they already have signed a new contract how else can you make someones morale better?
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