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  1. Re: Premier League players going up?? Cheers mate, i think i'll be investing in some of them lol
  2. Re: Premier League players going up?? Premier league players please mate, just because there doing the english ratings soon and i'm looking for some profitable buys, championship also, maybe?
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows which english players will go up apart from the obvious ones like: Darren Bent Jermaine Defoe Darren Fletcher etc ... Players rated around 88-92 who look like going up a worthwhile amount? Help appreciated
  4. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up?? Best midfielder in the prem hmmm? It is a tought one because there are so many different midfielders who have different styles of play. Most people say (especially liverpool fans, no offence) that Gerrard is the best midfielder in the prem because he plays so good for liverpool, and saves them from so many games, If you took Gerrard (and Torres) away from Liverpool the would be in arsenals position right now, batteling to keep 4th spot. Back to the point, the best midfielder in the prem is probably Gerrard, on his day, but there are some that are very, very close to his standard. Also, when we discuss the best midfielder, are we only talking about CM's??? Because you could include wingers? DM's? So it is a debatable topic. Anderson, when he gets older, i think will be a bid contender for best mid in the prem, but that's going off topic lol;)
  5. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up?? Gerrard isn't the best midfielder in the prem, and I half heartedly agree with whoever said essien is the best midfielder in the prem, on his day essien is soooo good, and im a Man Utd fan, so Carrick to defo go up, hopefully 93, Alonso wont move, that's what I reckon. Also, Vidic HAS to go up, he has been the best CB in the world this season, must be a 96, those Liverpool games (i hate those scum) were his only mistakes this season
  6. Pooley7

    4-3-3 Winger

    Re: 4-3-3 Winger Hey danny, what players do you use it with and who scores the most goals for you when you play it?
  7. Re: I think my account has been hacked or something has gone wrong!!! ok, well now I know why they were being closed, but i wasn't saying it had definatly been hacked, somebody has probably used my account from the same IP because sometimes we go on Soccermanager at school, but I did not want to do Ribery + 21 million for brad friedel, in any case, why on Earth would I want Brad Friedel because I already had Van Der (94) and David James (92) and Brad Friedel is a 90. I know you are going on the information you have but you must believe me on this one, I did not do the deal, it was someone else and I wish that I had checked my account to see the deal, that is why i wanted you to reverse it, so please please could you get me Ribery and the 21 million back. thanks
  8. I reckon Michael Carrick should definatly go up but i'm not sure by how much? He is way better than a 91 so what will he go up to? I reckon a 93 and at the least a 92, could be a dodgy one, any opinions??
  9. Re: Zlatan to 97???? I your judging his performances against Man Utd then he should stay at 96, but over all he has had a decent season, but is decent enough to get you to 97, I don't he is as good as messi but i reckon he will be going up to 98 soon anyway, maybe as good as gerrard but gerrard is *** anyway, Zlatan needs to be more consistant but he is a good player
  10. Pooley7

    4-3-3 Winger

    Re: 4-3-3 Winger I use it for my Bayern team and I play Ribery (until somebody sold him to n unavailable to manage team by going onto my account somehow:@) and Robinho with Toni playing CF and it's been going quite well at the start of the a this new season, but Toni doesn't seem to be scoreing a lot, it's the wingers that get most the goals but i would like Toni to be scoring more, anybody got any suggestions??
  11. Re: lionel Messi - up to 98 or staying at 97? this is a new thread, the other one that you have given the link to turned into a gerrard xavi debate, i think xavi is better anyway but i want this to stay on messi
  12. lionel Messi - up to 98 or staying at 97? I reckon he should be a 98 with Ronaldo and Kaka, He has won so many games for Barca this season and saved them from losses. Anyone agree??
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