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  1. Nah, he's rubbish. Way worse than Villa and Torres and Crespo and the like. They actually score goals. I'm not saying he doesn't have skill but at putting the ball in the goal he's pretty rubbish.
  2. He's the most overrated player in topflight football. He's gash. Maybe 88 is fair for him.
  3. It's fine, but to comment on the Romario being 88, it still proves my point, in this game Romario is as good as Aguero, again... I don't think so. Romario should be in the 70s... or Aguero should be at like 110... and Ronaldinho at like 180.
  4. Should be higher. Aguero should be over 90, maybe 92, he's pheonominal. David Silva has replaced Aimar at Valencia and should have AM and CF added to his positions. He should be at 89 or 90 for now.
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