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  1. Re: Funny videos lmaooooo top top top dollar video
  2. Re: Valencia fire quick sale! ye he turned it down coz villa and silva are coming to the riverside for 100 million:O
  3. Re: Adriano Buss Henrique errmmm i would probably do this as long as you could get chellini , he is in for a certain rise
  4. Re: ETO +20m for AGUERO ye snap his hand off m8, etoo going up to 97!!!!! got to do it
  5. Re: Need help please immediately!!!!!!!! ok i will try and do it now.........how long are italian raitngs http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=830121&clubid=9567028&sid=10764 everyone try that.... need help please desparetly need, immediate risers i no i missed german rating changes.... i signed them for other clubs, but no doncaster:mad:
  6. Re: Need help please immediately!!!!!!!! Definity buy Santon' date=' he seems like a really deterimined kid and im sure he will rise n d italian rating changes because of d fact hez gettin lots of first team action nd he played n d champions league he also played well against man united [/quote'] well he will cost me 400,000 thought and i need an instant first choicer aswell so im unsure
  7. Re: Need help please immediately!!!!!!!! there you go mate http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php i was thnking about santon
  8. Hi, firs of all i am new to the forum and this is my first thread:) i have doncaster in a european championship which inclludes manchester united,barcelona etc.......... my first choice left back taarabt has just gone down by 2 ..........i have 1.7 million to spend, i was wondering if anone could think of any players who i could sign who will eventually over time rise above 85............ p.s in this league you cant sign anyone over 32 ..thanks
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