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  1. Re: The Official Boxing Thread IN my view, MOney comes first for floyd, legacy comes second, and hey i cant blame him. The fact is, he makes nearly as much money fighting ortiz as he does fighting Pacman. There are number of reasons that fight wont happen, but for me, the main reason is Bob Arum, him and Mayweather have serious issues. Never mind the blood testing, for me that is the major stumbling block. Regarding last night, Floyd was brilliant, he took apart the 3rd best welterweight in the world with ease. It was a much more dangerous fight than pacmans next fight ( gotta love JMM though, legend). I see what you guys are saying, two wrongs dont make a right. Personally, i would have done the same thing if someone butted me. If the shoes were on the other foot im sure Mayweather would be slated for the headbutt. After the fight, ortiz almost seemed to accept that he was in the wrong. Hopefully Floyd stays active like he said he hopes to do, and we will see him again in May, against Pacman i hope so he can finally show people that he is the man! ( I do like Pacman also, but i make Floyd the favorite in this fight). As for ortiz i think he will rematch Berto early next year.
  2. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Why? He did nothing illegal, which is something that people are forgetting. It was Ortiz who did the illegal blow, and he got what he deserved in my opinion. Only saved him from suffering more punishment, he was out of his depth, getting outclassed, which is why he resorted to the headbutt. The whole occasion got the better of Ortiz and his lack of experience was evident. I didnt like the ending, as it takes away from what was a masterful display up until then by Floyd. But the bottom line is, Ortiz started the dirty stuff, and Floyd punished him for it.
  3. Re: The Official Boxing Thread All about the Money;)
  4. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Least fury makes for entertaining fights:p
  5. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Im just a huge Floyd fan:p. Unfortunately wont be buying the fight tonight, as i have work tomorrow, so i wont be staying up till 4! I will be watching the fury fight though
  6. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Oh dear Derby fans...
  7. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Ill be cheering for floyd on saturday night! In other news, Khan will fight peterson december10th, according to various reports.
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread The likelihood is that this wont work online though.
  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Wont be able to tell on the demo jon boy, as keepers do get sent off in offline games. They dont online.
  10. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Takes two min, video on youtube with an american address:p Really enjoying this game!
  11. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Downloading the demo for ps3:D
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ah... great hit.
  13. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Out on ps3 yet lads? Or is it out tomorrow?
  14. Re: 9/11 Memorial Would just be a target of future terrorist attacks for me.
  15. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Get the Vitali fight on!
  16. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Anyone got the boxing on now? Prescott vs Mcloskey on at the moment ( developing into a really good fight) followed by Adamek vs Vitali Klitch. EDIT: Brilliant fight, and the correct result for me, had Paul winning by 1-2 rounds.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Crewe have/had a fantastic record of bringing young players through.
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