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  1. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion If that was how much we valued them, why would we sell lita for £1.75m:confused: come on aiden, stop making up random figures. Emnes cant have done too bad for use, considering Brendan wanted to keep hold of him. Emnes performances have been brilliant since he returned from loan, his problem is a lack of confidence. Onto Lita, he is rapid, a decent finisher (nothing more) and fairly good in the air for his size. Negatives, his passing and first touch is poor, he is constantly offside ( going to happen if you play on the shoulder, though)
  2. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion I know he is not as good as graham, you are missing the point here. You are saying they werent worth more than 2million for the pair as ipswich wouldnt get that for their 2nd and 3rd choice strikers, which is irrelevant. Lita is a better player than Scotland, and you know that. Emnes is better than lita in the eyes of nearly every boro fan, so if use are paying 1.75 for lita, we would demand the same, if not more for emnes. So to us, 2m is a ridiculous offer.
  3. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion That means absolutely nothing. We had a poor last season as a whole, emnes didnt play until he came back from use. Mcdonald was injured for a large part of the season, but this is the wrong thread. You paid 3.5million for Dan graham, and i dont recall watford doing too well? stupid point you made. Emnes would suit your style of play a lot more than lita would, he is a much better footballer. EDIT:Also you cant say our valuation was ridiculous, which is a fugure you made up off the top of your head btw. He is worth a lot more too US than the one million you offered.
  4. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion What makes you think we wanted that? Use originally offered 2 million for him and emnes, that was, ridiculous.
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Torres did very little Bradford.
  6. Re: The Official Boxing Thread I agree with Mousey, Maidana rocked khan badly, this didn't prove Khan had a good chin, it proved he had a great heart. Sparring is a complete different kettle of fish, the fighters have bigger ounce gloves and head guards on ( although these dont directly protect the chin area)
  7. Re: The Official Boxing Thread I define having a good chin, as taking a shot, and not letting it hurt you. Getting wobbled by a shot and staying up, shows heart more than anything.
  8. Re: The Official Boxing Thread I think the main reason that Froch is generally regarded as a better fighter than Khan is, like andy says, the quality of opposition he has faced and beaten. I would consider his last 6 opponents to be top level fighters. With Pascal and Kessler being world class.
  9. Re: The Official Boxing Thread To be honest, when the fight was made i fancied Chisora, however, after the weigh in, i thought there is no way he could win! Was a low quality affair in my opinion, but it was fun to watch and was very entertaining, which is all you can hope for from these type of bouts.
  10. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Thats because he has beaten good fighters convincingly, kotelnik, maidana and Judah are certainly 3 of the best fighters in the division. Timothy bradley and to a lesser extent Devon Alexander are the only top fighters Khan hasnt faced. In addition, he offered Bradley the fight and he rejected it. Khan is willing to fight anybody, and for that, he should be applauded.
  11. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Enjoyed the Fury vs Chisora bout, very good british title fight. Was nice to see a good fight on terrestial tv, channel 5 did a decent job broadcasting it too. Havent been able to watch the Amir Khan fight yet, but by all reports he was very impressive in dispatching Judah in five, big fights beckon.
  12. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Never mine Enzo Aidan, get behind Nathan Cleverely.
  13. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Channel 5!! Should be a decent scrap, surprised by how heavy chisora came in.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Two goals for Suarez last night.
  15. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Yeah katsidis has power' date=' he is very reckless though. Although if murray was able to hit him... Just think the last two fights may have took it out of katsidis. One thing i would think Mitchell should try and do is avoid brandon rios, guys a beast. ( Although he would have a chance to beat him, big underdog though) [b']WBA titleholder Andre Ward, THE RING’s No. 1-rated super middleweight, and WBC beltholder Carl Froch, the magazine’s No. 2-rated 168-pound contender, will fight to determine the Super Six tournament winner on Oct. 29 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.[/b] - Ring Going to be epic.
  16. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Not sure Katsidis will be the same fighter after his last two fights, defeats to JMM and Guerrero. He is still a beast of a pressure fighter, with explosive punching power. Could see mitchell out boxing him and stopping him late. Fury v Chisora not sure who im having in that one!Dont have a favorite neither, as a person.
  17. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Ricky Burns has since come out to say he would be interested in fighting Mitchell if there was a title on the line. Would be a interesting matchup, and even though ricky burns is perhaps the most underrated boxer/fighter in Britain i would fancy Mitchell to win that one, just because i dont think burns hits hard enough to keep mitchell off him ( although it would be a 50/50 fight imo) i would like to see Mitchell face Katsidis again, someone i think he would easily beat if he was on his game. As i dont think he is ready for Brandon rios yet. Also rios may be moving up to 140 in the near future.
  18. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Thats the reason i asked, everyone recognises he is ultra talented, fantastic amateur pedigree. His skills wont let him down, his attitude will, though.
  19. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Of curse i meant MItchell:p- my bad! I think Bellew needs a lot more experience before he steps in the ring with Cleverely. Nathan even said as much. I agree with what Ray said, the cook fight was even more disappointing for burns than it was for cook, he was trying to raise his profile down here by putting on a show! If he cant get the unification fight with fana, there are talks of him moving up to 135. Just out of curiosity, do you guys think Frankie Gavin will become a world champion?Personally i do not.
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