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  1. Re: Nebojsa Marinkovic

    I know all of that, mate. I'm just asking why did he got a decrease last night?

    I mean, I would not say a single word if he got that decrease either in last Greece rating changes (while he was playing for Iraklis) or a month ago, in summer rating changes (while he was with Swedish side Djurgarden), but he got that decrease now that we're doing rating changes for Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. I mean, that's what doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  2. Hi.

    I was just wondering why Nebojsa Marinkovic had a decrease today?

    I mean, he wasn't playing in Serbian league since last summer. He just came back from his loan spell in Sweden and considering the fact that the new season here still didn't started, I can't see any valid reason for this action.

  3. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Nikola Saric plays for Denmark u-17 and is 1 year younger than everyone else. He's considered in Denmark to be the biggest talent in 50 years from their country. Both of his parents are Serbian and he's expressed that he would like to play for either Denmark' date=' Serbia, or Bosnia in the future. He signed with SV Hamburg from Germany not too recently. Huge prospect in my opinion.[/quote']

    Good scouting, mate;) He signed with Liverpool, though, not Hamburg.

  4. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Jasenjin' date=' what do you think about Nenad Krsticic? OFK Belgrad got relegated? (i know they finished on the 10th place, but i don't know how many teams are relegating in the serbian championship)[/quote']

    I'm not an expert, but Krsticic certainly seems like a great prospect to me. He's one of the best players in his age group in Serbia and he's already a regular first team for OFK Beograd, too. Sure, one can argue that being regular first team for such a crappy team as OFK Beograd in not-all-that-strong Serbian league is not a big deal, but I disagree. I mean, first of all, the kid is only 17 years old and, second of all, OFK Beograd is NOT that crappy at all, they just had a very bad season. They're not relegated, though. As a matter of fact, they'll play in upcoming UEFA's Intertoto Cup.

    In conclusion, I think that Krsticic might be one of the biggest revelations in Serbian Super League next season, so, yeah, I think he's a good buy;)

  5. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star.

    i did say in the post that next season he will step up to the first team.

    I wouldn't be too sure about that, my friend. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ljajic is very talented and he certainly has a bright future in this game, BUT it wouldn't be first time that Partizan turns back on their own children:( That being said, we might end up waiting on his debut a bit longer then just one season.

  6. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Great job, Delija, very clean and very thorough. I wouldn't do it better myself;)

    I must correct you on one thing, though, M. Smiljanic never played for Sweden. I don't know where did you got that info, but you must have mixed him with someone else.

    I would also add Marko BASA (25/CB/89) to our international list. He's the one of the best defenders in France right now and he'll definitely be pushing for 90+ in the future.

    Other than that, you did a great job. You have a rep from me:D

  7. Re: Players from the Balkans

    It is official - PARTIZAN has won Serbian Super League:D

    They also won Serbian Cup earlier this month, so considering the fact that this is Partizan's just THIRD double-crown in their club history, it seems that I might have been a bit too harsh on them in my recent rating change predictions:o

    I mean, I still think that they weren't as impressive in the second half of the season as they were in the first, BUT regardless of that, this team still did an amazing job this season and they should get credit for that.

    That being said, I think that it is a must to add at least +1 more increase point on the top of my predictions for the each player and furthermore, I think that it wouldn't be unreasonable to add at least +1 increase point for all those guys that I didn't mentioned as well.

  8. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Anyone knows any news about Ljubomir Fejsa? I heard he moved to Hertha Berlin' date=' but i am not sure about this info...[/quote']

    I really don't know where could you possibly hear that, but either way, I can assure you that that's not true.

    Fejsa is still at Hajduk and while it's not impossible that he'll eventually sign for Hertha, it's more likely that he'll be Partizan's first summer signing in their attempt to finally reach Champions League group stage.

  9. Re: Croatia

    hehe..ok! but your opinion must be true...

    No' date=' my friend, you're wrong again. No opinion has to necessarily be right in order to be posted here. An opinion is an opinion, NOT a fact. If you don't know the difference between those two, and it certainly doesn't seem like you do... well, in that case, I'm obviously wasting my time here.

    ...you must have some prove why should or shouldn't be like i said...

    How about you read my posts once again?

    ... like; nikola kalinič cant have rating because he is young and bla bla bla...

    and not because he is 3rd scorer...(GAMES/GOALS)--> that count...

    I'm sorry' date=' but this sentence doesn't make no sense whatsoever.

    ... at the moment no one... but CRO league gave a lot of world class players...
    ... how many WC players gave cyprus league?

    My point proven. I rest my case:cool:

  10. Re: Croatia

    ...so If you dont know players from CRO league then don't write your opinion!!!

    First of all' date=' if you didn't know, we're all entitled to write our opinions here, that is why this Forum is created.

    Second of all, the only thing that I said in that post was, quote:

    With all due respect, those are very poor predictions. I mean, when you look at what is suggested here, you would assume that Croatian league must be one of the better leagues in the world and yet, we all know that that's not the case. In fact, it's quiet opposite.

    I didn't mentioned any player in particular, but only that I disagree with your predictions and I believe that I did that in as polite as possible way, too.

    Now, if you can't take critic, that's your problem, but don't tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about or what I should or should not do.

    ...if you dont agree with my ratings tell me why..OK?

    I don't have time for that right now, so just read my last post that I wrote to BadBlueBoys.

  11. Re: Croatia

    I dont agree with a lot of this ratings ' date=' but having only 2 players up to 89 does not make Croatia as one of the strongest leagues, and this 2 players are:

    [b']Ognjen Vukojević[/b], that is almost sure on a big transfer to Dynamo Kiev, and will be on Euro 2008 and be sure that he will get his minutes. He played 41 games this season scoring 15 timaes as a DM!!! So 89 for him surely, leaning to 90 next raitings IMO

    , and Nikola Kalinić who was the 3st league scorer, so he could get that 89 based on that.

    I didn't say "one of the strongest", but "one of the BETTER leagues"... I believe that there is a quiet a difference between those two terms.

    Anyway... Croatian league is on the 27. place on UEFA's list. Cyprus is right behind them on the 28. place with only 1.500 point less. I mean, do I have to say anything else?

    In my opinion, no player from such a low ranked league should have higher ratings then 88, unless, of course, we're talking about players who are publicly recognized as true class players by world experts, like Modric or Da Silva were, but then again... how many players of Modric's or Da Silva's quality Croatian league has?

    That being said, Vukojevic's 41 games and 15 goals this season doesn't necessarily mean anything until he proves that he can do the same thing in a stronger league.

    And as far as Kalinic is concerned, I mean, no offense, but you made me laugh. I mean, seriously, do you really believe that 3rd place on Croatian league Top Scorer list should vouch him 89 ratings?

  12. Re: Croatia

    With all due respect, those are very poor predictions. I mean, when you look at what is suggested here, you would assume that Croatian league must be one of the better leagues in the world and yet, we all know that that's not the case. In fact, it's quiet opposite.

  13. Re: Players from the Balkans

    I have another riser for you. I totally forgot about him 'cause Partizan's use-to-be-first-team goalie has exactly the same last name. Either way, being rated only 77 at the moment he's definitely due for a big increase as he was a regular first team in the second half of the season. He's name is Mladen BOZOVIC (23/G/77).

    Now, he might not be somebody you wanna keep in a long run, but considering his current price, he's definitely an excellent money spinner.

    My prediction: from 77 up to 84/85

  14. Re: Players from the Balkans

    oh yea.....and as we are talking about players from da Balkans' date=' i also wanted to know how good Stefan Radu is..?

    rated 87 and is 1.83 mts.

    is on loan at Lazio from Dinamo Bucuresti and has been a revelation at da club having started every game that he's played in.

    The Romanians quote him as da next Chivu, certainly a big honour given to a 21 year old.[/color']

    I heard a lot of good things about him myself and, to be honest, I was surprised that he didn't got an increase in recent Italian rating change. Definitely a good player. I have him in my Partizan squad:D

  15. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Here's a couple more youngsters that are due for an increase:

    Igor STEFANOVIC (20/G/70) http://www.uefa.com/competitions/under21/players/player=103327/index.html

    has been recently added to database. Despite being only 20 years old, he has been actively playing on the senior level for the several different teams over the past couple of years. I believe that the only reason why he's rated so low at the moment is simply 'cause SM don't have enough info on him.

    My prediction: from 70 up to 75/76

    Zivko ZIVKOVIC (19/G/73) is extremely talented goalkeeper, but, and I know that this is gonna sound a bit strange coming from me:D unfortunate to be with Partizan at this point in his carrier 'cause Partizan traditionally doesn't trust their young goalies.... no matter how good they are... Anyway, while it's unlikely that he'll get any increase this rating change, Zivkovic is still one of my top recommendations from Serbia.

    My prediction: No change or from 73 up to 74

    Nenad KRSTICIC (17/LM/CM/78) is already in OFK Beograd's first team. I mean, sure, OFK Beograd is really struggling this season, but still, the kid is only 17 years old. I believe that any further comment would be unnecessary.

    My prediction: from 78 up to 80/81

    Branislav TRAJKOVIC (18/AM/F/71) like Zivko Zivkovic, doesn't necessarily have to get a big increase this time around, but I'm sure that he'll be a big riser in the future. I mean, his current club, Hajduk Kula, is a fairly small club with a very limited budget and therefore there is no doubt that Trajkovic will get his first team chance next season.

    My prediction: from 71 up to 74/75

  16. Re: Players from the Balkans

    great thread.

    do you know what will happen to

    Mario MALOCA

    Tomislav HAVOJIC


    Danijel ALEKSIC


    Unfortunately' date=' I don't know that much about Croatian league, so I can't really help you with those first three, but as far as Danijel ALEKSIC is concerned, he's doing great. He's getting more and more playing time and it seems that he's gonna be a regular first team for Vojvodina next season. He should easily make somewhere around 77 this rating change.

    Another great buy from Vojvodina would be Dusan [b']TADIC[/b] (19/LM/AM/83)


    With departure of Gojko KACAR and Ranko DESPOTOVIC, he's becoming a new leader of this young Vojvodina team.

  17. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Do u no what Bosancic will go up too?

    I don't know, man... +3, maybe even +4... I'm not really sure, but either way, at least +2 this rating change.

    He's an extremely talented youngster and I'm sure that he'll be a big player for Serbia in the future... certainly 87+ in season or two.

  18. Re: Players from the Balkans

    How's Lazevski (82 +4 last time round) going to fair these changes?

    cheers' date=' keep up the good work.

    Plays for FC partizan.[/quote']

    Lazevski is a good player, I would hold onto him, but, to be honest, I don't think he'll get an increase this time, perhaps +1 if he's lucky.

    He got a lot of playing time in the first half of the season due to injury problems of Partizan starting defenders and, as you noticed, he got a fairly big increase for that, but that was then, he's not getting the same minutes anymore. With Ivan OBRADOVIC being fit again and furthermore, considering the fact that, in the meantime, Partizan straightened the squad even more by signing two experienced defenders, Nenad DJORDJEVIC and Milan VJESTICA... I mean, it's gonna be extremely hard for him to break into the first team again.

  19. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Balkans rating changes are just a week away, so I thought it would be a good idea to mention some players again:

    1. PARTIZAN is still leading the championship race, but they are not as impressive as in the first half of the season, so I don't believe there's gonna be any major rating changes, if any, that is.

    Now, if anybody remembers my last rating change predictions:D I mentioned Ivan OBRADOVIC (19/LB/LM/82). He was a first team at the beginning of the season, played great, then he got injured and blah, blah, blah... now he's back in Partizan's starting lineup and he's in the great form again. As a matter of fact, he's considered by many to be the best left back that Serbia has right now. That being said, this kid is definitely a star buy.

    My prediction: from 82 up to 85/86

    Another player that definitely deserves an increase is Lamine DIARRA (24/CF/85). With Jovetic being somewhat disinterested to play to his full potential now that his transfer to Fiorentina (Italy) is a done deal, Diarra clearly became Partizan's best striker in the second half of the season.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86/87

    And... that's pretty much it as far as I'm concerned. I mean, I really didn't noticed any kind of improvement from other Partizan's players, except maybe for Djordje LAZIC (24/AM/LM/85) who's a regular first team now. I'm not saying that everybody else automatically deserve decrease, though:D I mean, these guys are still just a one game away from wining the title, just that I don't believe there's gonna be too many changes this time around.

    2. RED STAR, on the other hand, is playing much better in this half of the season. I mean, being a huge Partizan fan, it's really hard for me to admit that:D but it's true. It really is. They will have a lot of increases. Now, I don't have enough time to analyze every single riser on their team, so I'll just pick a couple of those who deserve that the most.

    My #1 pick is definitely Igor BURZANOVIC (22/AM/F/85). I mean, I've been already talking awfully a lot about this guy in the past and I really hate to repeat myself, but, man, he's good, he's really good. He was an integral part of Red Star team who won the title last season and then, for whatever reason, he got out of favor from the new coach. Now that he's back in the starting lineup again, Red Star is playing good again, too.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 87/88

    Another player that I wanna mention is Goran ADAMOVIC (21/CB/75). He became a regular first team in the second half of the season and considering current average ratings of other Red Star defenders, he should have a huge boost.

    My predictions: from 75 up to 82/83

    Pavle NINKOV (23/RB/RM/85) is new signing from Cukaricki. He took over starting spot on Red Star right back in front of higher rated players immediately upon signing. He just got his first call up for Serbia National Team, too.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86/87

    That's all for now. I'll try to find more time to talk about some other players who are most likely to get an increase.

  20. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Any more infor on Milos BOSANCIC

    I am thinking of selling for £1.5 mill but wont if he will go up soon

    Don't sell him, mate, he's definitely going up. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not that I have control over rating changes or anything like that, BUT the fact is that he's a regular first team for OFK Beograd now.

  21. Re: Italian Ratings

    It was a national holiday in England on Monday so SM didn't do any ratings that day' date=' this means everything is one day behind this week.[/quote']

    I would say we're more then just one day behind.

  22. Re: Sergei Parshivlyuk

    I did not post here to brag that I found him first ;)

    Also' date=' this forum has a search tool.

    We were advised to use it before creating new posts.

    This will prevent many threads of a similar topic-thus keeping the forum tidy and reducing its volume for better response.

    Surely we can't do anything about it , but it can be closed .

    So we learn and apply it in the future posts.


    No problem, Ahmed. I mean, if you say so, I believe you. It's just that I see so many post that are most of the time totally irrelevant to the subject matter, that I just couldn't help myself, but to say something about it.

    I do appreciate your hard work here and I'm glad that you didn't got offended by what I said.

    All best;)

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