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  1. Re: Dutch Rating Changes - U21 risers & future stars

    yes he plays as f next to sibon at the moment for heerenveen. He was amazing yesterday against ajax. He created all the chances for heerenveen. 1 goal ' date=' 1 assist, and something like 7 times he hit the post.

    He can play as a winger but I think hes stronger as a shadow striker[/quote']

    I guess you watch him regularly, so I'll trust you on that:D

    He still play as a LM/AM for Serbia National Team, though.

  2. Re: Sergei Parshivlyuk

    It is important not to repost the same player' date=' because then we end up having hundreds of threads about one player (we've seen this with Bojan and Pato quite a lot)[/quote']

    While I couldn't agree more on that, I still don't see how this I-found-him-first types of posts help to prevent such a thing. I mean, this new thread is already opened and there is nothing we can do about it anymore, so...


    He was a CB. But I don't think you can make him that on SM as he plays far more often as a RB.

    I don't dispute that' date=' my friend. I'm just saying that his old CB/RB position [i'](the one that he had earlier)[/i] was a way more accurate and a way more descriptive then current RB/DM 'cause, just like Zazoon said, he's not a DM and those couple games that he played in that position doesn't instantly make him one.

  4. Re: Corluka

    See what Happens At The Euro's But Without European Football And Espcially Chapmions League Hes Unliky To Make It To 92.

    What do you think about his new position change? Would you say that current RB/DM describes him better then previous CB/RB?

    I mean, obviously, he can't be used as a CB anymore and yet, in my opinion, that's probably the position where he performs his best.

    That being said, do you think that SM will change him back to CB/RB in the next rating change or not?


    What do you, guys, think what Corluka's position on SM should be?

    I don't think that current RB/DM describes him best 'cause, as far as I know, he's naturally a CB (and then everything else).

    Personally, I think that his previous CB/RB was a way more accurate.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Re: Dutch Rating Changes - U21 risers & future stars

    What do you think will happen with Miralem SULEJMANI? I mean, I saw your prediction on his rating change, but I'm more interested in whether you think he's 90+ material or not?

    Also, what do you think about Slobodan RAJKOVIC's progress? He has been tutored as a huge talent for a quiet some time and yet, he's only 83. Do you think that's mainly due to lack of playing time or he's simply just not that good after all?

  7. Re: Players from the Balkans

    that is why i think he won't rise to 84/85' date=' although he is an international... i think 82/83 is more realistic. I hope for an 83, because i bought him :P[/quote']

    Perhaps you're right, but don't forget that there is only so much a single player can do. I surely hope that SM will have that in mind. If Hajduk Kula's owner wasn't so pigheaded, he would be either in Partizan or Hertha right now.

  8. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Fejsa won't increase until the French changes' date='as he plays for Metz.[/quote']

    Wrong. Fejsa never played an official game for them. Metz was very keen to sign him after a successful trial that he had with them last season, but the contract that they ended up signing was eventually canceled by FIFA 'cause Fejsa sign it on his own, without approval from his mother club.

  9. Re: Players from the Balkans


    Damir KAHRIMAN (23/G/85) has signed for some team in Turkey in January transfer window. That's a big loss for Vojvodina as he was the best goalkeeper in the league. Future Serbia National Team #1. I think that he got his increase in Turkey rating change already, though.

    My prediction: either No change or from 85 up to 86

    Gojko KACAR (21/DM/CB/84) is an amazing player. He can play successfully on almost every position on the team. He's listed as DM/CB, but his natural position is CB. He signed for Hertha BSC Berlin (Germany) in January transfer window (biggest transfer fee in Vojvodina's history) and he's already first team there. Another big loss for Vojvodina.

    For those who are interested, there is more info on him in my "Gojko KACAR" thread.

    My prediction: from 84 up to 86/87

    Danijel ALEKSIC (16/F/71) has a lot of potential. He's the youngest player ever to appear in Serbia Super League match. He should get a lot of minutes this season as starting forward, Ranko Despotovic, left the club. Looks like one for the future.

    My prediction: from 71 up to 74/75


    Stefan BABOVIC (21/CM/AM/85) has recently signed for French side, FC Nantes, so I don't really know whether his rating change was already done or not, but, either way, I think that he deserves to be mentioned here. He was their best player in the first part of the season (prior to his move to France).

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86

    Zoran MILOVAC (19/CM/75) is breaking through into OFK Beograd starting line up this season and his minutes will definitely go up after Babovic left the club.

    My prediction: from 75 up to 77/78


    Ljubomir FEJSA (19/CM/LM/79) is having his best season as a senior. He's Hajduk's best player and one of the most talented midfielders in Serbia right now. Alongside with Kacar, he was the most interesting name in recent transfer window. He almost ended in Hertha BSC Berlin, but the deal fell through at the last moment. Previously he was linked with Metz (France) and Serbia giants, Partizan and Red Star. Definitely a big riser.

    My prediction: from 79 up to 84/85

  10. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Good thread mate. rep 4 u:)

    Just wanted to know how is Jovetic is doing. I have him in most of my teams.

    Was linked with Manu and Man City some time back.

    I think he's doing great:D Hang onto him. I'm sure that he'll be 90+ once he move to a better league.

  11. Re: Players from the Balkans


    Dusan BASTA (23/LB/LM/86) was considered as a huge talent for a quiet some time. He's a regular first team for Red Star, but he's performances are very poor this season.

    My prediction: either No change (due to his minutes) or decrease from 86 down to 85

    Ibrahima GUEYE (30/CB/85) is their best defender. A definite riser.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86/87

    Dejan MILOVANOVIC (24/CM/84) is their team captain. A very good player who can play in several different positions. Definitely the one to keep an eye on.

    My prediction: from 84 up to 85

    Segundo CASTILLO (25/CM/DM/88) was their best player last season, but, this season, like everybody else in Red Star, he's not performing nowhere close to his potential. He was injured for a while, though, so that might be the reason, but, either way, considering his current form, I think that his ratings are bit too high for this league.

    My prediction: from 88 down to 87

    Ognjen KOROMAN (29/W/86) if anyone deserves increase in this squad, that's him. He has been one of their best players last season and he's definitely their best player this season.

    My prediction: from 86 up to 87/88

    Milenko RASKOVIC (26/CF/83) somehow, he's a first team, but he's just horrible. I'm sure that even the biggest fans of Red Star will agree with me on that.

    My prediction: from 83 down to 81/80 (to be honest, I don't think that he deserves to be anywhere close to 80, but minutes are there, so...)

    Mauricio MOLINA (27/AM/85) is not on Red Star rooster anymore (signed for Brazilian side, Santos, in January transfer window), but I think that his ratings should be calculated now as I didn't noticed any change in recent South America rating change. In my opinion, he was their best player (alongside with Koroman) in the first part of season.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86/87

    Igor BURZANOVIC (22/AM/F/85) is fans favorite. He was one of their best players last season and, in my opinion, he's the best attacking midfielder in the league, but he has barely played this season. Why? I don't have a clue. It might be due to Red Star new formation/ tactic/ whatever... it might be something personal (Red star has a new coach)... I really don't know, but, whatever it is, it just doesn't make sense to keep such a good player on the bench. Definitely one for the future.

    My prediction: either No change or decrease form 85 down to 84 (due to lack of playing time)

  12. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Does anybody in the know of the Serbian premier league know any stats of young Danijel Aleksic this season and whether he is likely to gain an increase in the coming weeks?

    He got a couple of sub appearances this season (he's the youngest player ever to appear in a Serbia Super league match' date=' too)[/i'], so I'm sure that he'll get an increase.

  13. Re: Players from the Balkans

    Balkans rating change is coming up soon, so...


    Nemanja RNIC (23/RB/CB/86) is starter for Serbia Super League leader, Partizan and he has been recently called for Serbia National team, but... his performances on the field hardy justify that.

    My prediction: either No change (due to his minutes) or from 86 down to 85

    Ivan OBRADOVIC (19/LB/LM/80) had a very good half season and then he got injured. Now he's back and he'll be starting left back for Partizan. Definitely one for the future.

    My prediction: from 80 up to 82/83

    Juliano JUCA (28/CM/RM/85) has played every single minute as a starter. Partizan is definitely not the same team with and without him on the field. Certainly one of the best midfielders in the league. He' position should be changed to DM/CM, though.

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86/87

    Almai MOREIRA (29/AM/CM/86) is definitely a star player for Partizan and probably the best player in the league.

    My prediction: from 86 up to 87

    Milos BOSANCIC (19/CM/80) is a big, big talent, but he barely played this season 'cause he's on the same team as Juca and Moreira. Certainly one for the future.

    My prediction: either No change or from 80 down to 79 (due to lack of playing time)

    Nenad MARINKOVIC (19/AM/F/81) is another one of the great prospects from Partizan Youth Academy. He's currently on a loan at Serbia Super League mid table team, FK Banat, where he's a starter, but even though, minutes are there, he's not performing nowhere close to his potential. I'm a bit disappointed in him this season, but I still think that he's the one for the future. After all, he's still only 19.

    My prediction: either No change or from 81 down to 80

    Zarko LAZETIC (26/W/F/84) I have only one word for him - AWFULL.

    My prediction: from 84 down to 80

    Stevan JOVETIC (18/F/85) has been listed as one of the most talented youngsters in the recent "World's 50 most exciting teenagers". He has been linked with several big names such as Milan, Juventus, Fiorentina (Italy), Real M(Spain), Man UTD, Man City (England)... etc. He's already regular first team in Montenegro National team and... he's Serbia Super League Top Scorer. I don't even have to say that he's regular first team for Partizan:D

    My prediction: from 85 up to 86 even though, 87 wouldn't be unjustified, either.

    Lamine DIARRA (24/CF/82) has been excellent for Partizan so far. He came as a totally anonymous player (he was rated 75 prior to last rating change) at the beginning of the season and made an immediate impact. A very, very, very grateful player.

    My prediction: from 82 up to 84/85

    O.K. that all for now. Later on I'll do a couple more teams.

    I forgot to mention Aleksandar LAZEVSKI (19/CB/77) who is another interesting prospect from Partizan Youth Academy. Due to injury problems of staring defenders, he got to play a lot of minutes in the first part of season. Ironically, he's injured right now. He has got his first call up for Macedonia U-21 side, too.

    My prediction: from 77 up to 80/81

  14. Re: searching 88-89 LB who rise 90s

    picked up Guardado for quite cheap for my spartak team' date=' [b']bought him as i was in need of a left back, but found when playing there, he would under perform each week, didnt get a rating over 6[/b].

    I then played him at LM and in his first game he scored and had a rating of 8. he hasnt looked back since.

    i was getting better performances out of the 88 rated shishkin at LB than Guardado.

    Im not sure if other teams have had the same problem

    I know exactly how you feel. If you're interested, visit my "Players position" thread. We had interesting discussion on that subject.

    I didn't noticed that SM did anything regarding this issue yet, but if keep pointing at it, hopefully they will;)

    All best

  15. Re: searching 88-89 LB who rise 90s

    ... and that Lazio left back from Serbia . He featured for the u-21 side ' date=' i think his name is Kolarov (LB-86) . He was named as the European Roberto Carlos and he is proving it by his surging runs and scored 2 or 3 goals . Could rise to 88.[/quote']

    Surprisingly, he didn't get an increase yet. Do you think SM will give him an increase by the end of the week or not? I think that he deserves at least +1.

  16. Re: Italian Ratings

    Does anyone think that Lazio's left back Aleksandar KOLAROV (22/LB/86) deserves at least +1 increase?

    I mean, he has been pretty active in Lazio's first team this season (both in Serie A, Cup and CL) and he has scored some excellent free kick goals.


    Also, he was part of Serbia U-21 team that finished second in 2007 U-21 Championships held in the Netherlands and he was named in the "UEFA Team of the tournament".

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