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  1. Re: argentinean league thread

    Hi, Teje:D

    Can you tell me what's gonna happen with Jonathan Maidana's ratings? Will he increase, decrease or stay the same in the next rating change (?) and, for that matter, should I keep him or sell him?

    Also, I'm planning to buy Matias Cahais... what do you think is gonna happen with his ratings?

    Thanks in advance:)

  2. Re: Gojko Kacar

    ... it's a bit strange because he is the best scorer of his team. He really is a defender' date=' or a midfielder? Anybody knows more about him?[/quote']

    G. Kacar is obviously a very versatile player, but his natural position and the one that he prefers is CB.

    I read the article that you gave us and, to be honest, I was a bit surprised. That's the first time ever that I heard him saying such a thing. In all other interviews he was saying that he feels the most comfortable in CB position.

    I don't know... it's not impossible that he changed his mind... I mean, I understand that it must be very satisfying to score that much goals, but I still think that that statement (if translated correctly) was more like a reflection of current situation rather than something that he really think... "a heat of the moment", so to speak:D Of course, there is a possibility that his words were just misinterpreted. I mean, it wouldn't be a first time that translation (from one language to another) was done incorrectly.

    Prior to this season he was playing mainly as CB for Vojvodina(at least 90% of time) and that's what recommended him to the National side in the first place. Furthermore, in Serbia National team nobody sees him as a forward, he's considered only to be CB.

    The only reason why he was playing more in midfield and, occasionally, in Vojvodina's attack this season was due to lack of better solutions on Vojvodina's bench. Now that he's transfered to Hertha BSC Berlin (Germany), I expect him to go back to CB position again. I really, really doubt that they signed him as a midfielder or forward.

    For me, his position in SM should be changed to CB/DM.

  3. Re: Players from the Balkans

    I have Vukic as the playmaker in one of my teams but since I have bought Valbuena recently I was planning to sell Vukic as I didn't know how his ratings would develop. Is he worth keeping though?

    Well' date=' as I said earlier, he's not playing right now, so his ratings should go further down (-1/-2) and for that matter I would advise you to sell him, but If you can wait for him, I'm sure that his ratings will eventually go back to 87+.

    I might be wrong, though, but someone who was reckon as "Maradona of the Balkans" just a few years ago, couldn't possibly forget to play football over night.

    Boy, I reckon if there was a Pan-Balkan team made of the finest players in Ex-YU countries today, that squad would beat the heck out of the established teams in the world...

    I agree:D

    Here's my ideal 4-4-2

    ----------------------------1. S. PLETIKOSA--------------------------

    2. B. IVANOVIC----4. V. CORLUKA----5. N. VIDIC----3. I. DRAGUTINOVIC

    7. D. SRNA----6. L. MODRIC----8. D. STANKOVIC----11. N. KRANCAR

    ------------------9. M. VUCINIC----10. G. PANDEV---------------------


    12. V. STOJKOVIC

    13. M. STEPANOV

    14. D. TOSIC


    16. M. KRASIC

    17. B. JANKOVIC

    18. I. RAKITIC

    19. M. PETRIC

    20. M. KEZMAN

    21. S. JOVETIC

    22. N. ZIGIC

  4. Re: Players from the Balkans

    ...I don't want to be listening about politics and about people arguining for the name of the forum...Who cares! Its sports...I thought it was very generous for the person who made this thread to include all the "former yugoslav" republic national football players and talk about the young talented football players...Not politics...

    I'm glad to hear that you like my idea. I received a lot of criticism for opening this tread and it's a relief to know that someone finally appreciate it.

    It's a bit odd to get support from Red Star fan' date=' though, but I'll take it:D

    [b']Antonio RUKAVINA[/b] (22/RB/87) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Rukavina just signed for Borussia Dortmund (Germany). Personally, I don't think that he's a star material, but, then again, he came to Partizan as relatively unknown player and, in less then a year, he become team captain and Serbia national team starting right-back, so it's not unlikely that he'll increase again.

    Zvonimir VUKIC (28/AM/85) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zvonimir_Vuki%C4%87 is probably the best Serbian playmaker today, but had a really hard time in his spell at Shakhtar Donetsk. He's barely playing there and therefore, he should suffer another decrease, but... he's gonna be a free agent this summer http://www.goal.com/en/Articolo.aspx?ContenutoId=538825 and I'm sure that he'll prove his true worth in new club.

    I've already talked about Miralem SULEJMANI, but I think that he deserves to be mentioned again. The kid is having an amazing first season in SC Heerenveen (Holland). He got a huge increase (+9) in last rating change, but he's still a pretty cheap buy and if he continues to play like this, he'll be 87+ in no time.

    To compare him and Nikola GULAN, I still think that GULAN is bigger prospect by far, but he's younger and it's unlikely that he'll get the same chance in Fiorentina (Italy) as SULEJMANI did in Heerenveen.

  5. Re: Tresor Mputu- "Next Etoo"

    I wouldnt trust Wikipedia to get the date right' date=' let alone get stats right. Theyre aweful for stats, for years its said that Dennis Bergkamp scored 76 goals during his arsenal career, when hes a centurian with over 120 goals :confused: But theyve finally sorted that, but now they cant even add up the total goals hes scored even though you can see it right in front of you. But im sure Mputu's goals scoring record is somwhere along those lines:cool:[/quote']

    I'm not saying that Wikipedia is right all the time, either, but, then again, you can't denied that most of the time it is. Besides, if we can't prove that Mputu's stats on Wikipedia are incorrect, then why should we doubt it, right? I mean, aren't we suppose to be innocent till proven differently;)

    Anyway, in my last post I said that Mputu should stay at 80 till he don't prove himself in Europe, but I just saw that recently added Angolian Gonçalves MANUCHO is rated 82(???). Well, that made me think that Mputu is underrated after all.

    I mean, if Manucho is rated 82 - and I didn't find anything as impressive about him as it's Mputu's carrier - then Mputu should be at least 83.

    Now, I don't know how SM is justifying the difference between their ratings, but it doesn't seem a very objective.

    Furthermore, I found a bunch of players playing either out of Europe or for minor clubs in minor leagues with a way worse carrier stats and yet, their ratings are higher then Mputu's.

    In conclusion, and in the light of new evidence, so to speak:D I think he should get an immediate increase.

  6. Re: Italian Ratings

    sure its mancini's fault but im not saying to give mancini a increase it just even mancini knows that vucinic attatuide is not that special

    im not as well sure if hes going to get an increase because for a centre forward he only scored 3 goals in serie a and 2 in CL i think

    Don't get me wrong' date=' I'm not trying to change your mind here:) I mean, if you don't like him as a player, that's cool.

    I just think that he's quiet productive considering his minutes and even more, the fact that, when he playes, he mostly plays out of his natural position due Spalletti's tactic (4-2-3-1) with Totti being the only forward on the team.

    To go back on what you said in your previous post, quote:

    ...didnt really play good except from scoring v milan...

    I agree, he looked good in that game and he scored winning goal. What a coincidence:D he played that game in his natural position (instead of injured Totti). Same thing in Champions League, again in Totti's absence, he scored 3 goals in 4 games. That's pretty good, if you ask me:)

    Now, I'm not saying that Vucinic is better than Totti, of course:D but Totti is 96 and I don't see a reason why Vucinic couldn't be 90 as Totti's replacement. I mean, seriously, there is a bunch of 90+ forwards who are not first team (Saviola, Podolski, Adriano, Zigic, Eduardo...) and yet, you don't see them decrease like Vucinic did.

  7. Re: Italian Ratings

    Ok' date=' thanks! I asked because a manager offered Maxwell by him. I will accept also because i think Maxwell will increase and i need another LB because i only have Nesmachnyi..[/quote']

    Well, that certainly sounds like a good deal right now, especially if you need another LB more than a F:D but... not that much in a long run. I'm pretty sure that Vucinic will rise in the next rating change, so...;)

  8. Re: Italian Ratings

    dont think so.

    didnt really play good except from scoring v milan

    and i think hes quite poor player in rome and i think that his style doesnt suit roma ins strike e.g. vs torino when totti didnt play roma's attack was poor because mancini ALWAYS LOST he ball nearly n he DIDNT PASS the ball to vucunic as even macini knows that his style doesnt suit wheneve totti plays mancini n co plays good footey

    Wait' date=' wait... who's fault is that again? Mancini's or Vucinic's?

    I don't know, man, I mean, I agree with you that Roma is not right club for Vucinic [i'](in any other club he would be 90+)[/i], but that doesn't mean that he's a bad player, now doesn't it? I don't know which games were you watching and what in particular were you expecting to see from him, but I think that he did great every time he got a chance. I mean, he literally saved them a couple of times in Champions League.

    If we consider he's minutes/goals scored this season, I think that he should go back to 90 again.

  9. Re: Italian Ratings

    I just wanna correct myself on one of my previous comments regarding Goran Pandev rating increase. I said:

    And for his ratings, I agree, he definitely deserves another increase, maybe not 93 just yet, but, considering his current form, 91 should be out of doubt.

    Well, I was wrong:D He's ready for 93.

    And regarding this:

    How about Cristian Molinaro and Antonio Nocerino? Both regular for Juventus, I think they deserve a nice increase.

    I agree. 88 should be fair for them, maybe even 89.

    Btw, I don't know what's other people opinion on Inter's Adriano, but I think that he's a way past due for a major decrease.

  10. Re: Spanish Ratings

    Can anyone tell me something about Real Betis defender Branko ILIC? Is he a first team regular... and, more importantly, will his ratings go up or down in the next rating change?

    Another player I'm curious about is Real Sociedad midfielder Dalibor STEVANOVIC. Any thoughts on him? Will he get an increase? I couldn't find any stats info on him for this season, but I know that he is considered by many to be the brightest prospects from Slovenia after Zlatko ZAHOVIC.

  11. Re: Spanish Rating Changes, Segunda División

    Can anyone tell me something about Real Betis defender Branko ILIC? Is he a first team regular... and, more importantly:D, will his ratings go up or down in the next rating change?

    Another player I'm curious about is Real Sociedad midfielder Dalibor STEVANOVIC. Any thoughts on him? Will he get an increase? I couldn't find any stats info on him for this season, but I know that he is considered by many to be the brightest prospects from Slovenia after Zlatko ZAHOVIC.

  12. Re: Who will increase to the 90s?

    Mirko Vucinic (Roma/ Italy) use to be 90, then SM decreased his ratings to 88 due to lack of playing time. However, after Totti's injury, he started to play regularly again and I believe that he proved in this past couple of months that he is a 90+ striker and that that decrease was totally unfair.

    Niko Kranjcar (Portsmouth/ England) has been superb for both Portsmouth and Croatian National team so far this season.

    Also, Bakary Sagna and Mathieu Flamini (Arsenal/ England).


    Regarding Manuel Alumunia rating... well... personally, I would never give him more than 89, but then again, Dave's right, I mean, he is Arsenal's starting goalie.

  13. Re: Players position

    Not sure about what you have said because it would be a massive headache for SM to reduce/replenish people's ratings as they play in whatever position.

    I'm sorry if I was confusing. I really tried to be as clear as possible on this matter' date=' but English is my second language... or should I say, my secondary position:D

    I hope, though, that, if nothing else, you understood at least the basic idea behind my suggestion which is the current condition [i'](in relation to players performances)[/i] formula.

    Either way, I didn't meant whatever position, but only the position that is considered by SM to be their secondary position.


    I don't think that your idea is bad either, on contrary, but, to be honest, to give players that much secondary options, as you suggested, is a bit too much and I think that that would be even more demanding implementation.

    Now, if we keep that down to two positions, one primary and one secondary, as it is right now, your idea could actually work pretty well.

  14. Re: Players position

    Now we have a real discussion going on here:D

    I'm not very technical and therefore I don't really know how easy or how hard this might be to implement into the game, but either way, here is my solution to this problem.

    You know how players performances gets progressively worse and worse as their condition goes down?

    Why don't we use the similar formula with versatile players?

    In an example, if we decide to play our versatile player in his secondary position (for whatever reason, either due to injury or suspension of a first team choice player, it doesn't matter), why don't we give that player same or maybe slightly worse, if you want, game rating than if he was playing in his primary position and then, if we continue to play him there for more than... I don't know... maybe four or five consecutive games (???), then his game ratings could go down. Again, progressively down, meaning lower and lower with every next game in a row.

    If we, after those five consecutive games in his secondary position, start to play him in his primary position again, then everything resets and next time we play him in his secondary position the whole cycles goes from the beginning (first five games without game rating penalty and then penalty for each next game in a row that he plays out of his primary position)

    What do you think about that?


    Please note that I'm talking strictly about players who are recognized as versatile by SM, not about players in general.

  15. Re: Italian Ratings

    Big whoops there - just got mixed up

    I know' date=' I know. I didn't want to sound like a smart ***:D , just wanted to clarify that for those who don't know who Goran Pandev is.

    When you said

    An excellent player already described as Montenegro's best player ever

    for a second, I thought that you're talking about Mirko Vucinic:)

  16. Re: marko pantelic

    Personally, I'd never buy him. I see there is a lot of positive comments about him, but as much as I know, and I know him from his PSG days, he's an inconsistent performer who never plays well in a big games. I mean, he's doing fairly well right now, but I'd say that that is his maximum. Sure, he might go up to 91 in the next rating change, but then again, he might go down to 89 just as easily. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that he'll eventually go down and by eventually I mean in a near future. He just lost his spot in a National team. And if it's true that he's gonna move to Chelsea in January, which I doubt, that's most definitely gonna be his end. I mean, if one Shevchenko has a hard time there, then what are the odds that he'll make it.

    Anyway, if you can get him cheap, go for him, but other than that, my advice would be a big NO-NO. There is a lot of good strikers out there you can go for.

  17. Re: Portuguese league ratings..

    milan stepanov was a bad replacement for the injured captain as alot of goals was his fault. the only 2 ties porto had stepanov was in the play. there recent loss to liverpool it was his fault for 2 goals. if i was SM i would make him go down one.

    As for adrien silva he has played on entire minute so i would expect him to stay the same.

    Hmmm? That's weird. I was under impression that he's doing pretty well there. I mean, to be honest, I didn't really have a chance to see him play other then in a Champions League and in the National team, but really, other then that Liverpool game, he looked just fine to me. As a matter of fact, I was expecting him to get an increase in the next rating change. I don't know, I suppose that you know better then me, but still, if that's true, how come he's a starter? I mean, if he's that bad, wouldn't he be on a bench by now? I think that he, being a new signing, just need more time to settle in, that's all. I might be wrong, of course, but then again, lets not crucified him just because of one bad game:D We all have a days off.

    Also, I have another question for you, do you know what's going on with Luis Celsinho? I mean, is he injured or he's just not good enough to break into the first team... or what?

  18. Re: Players position

    To type all that, you clearly have no life:D Just kidding, Alan:D Thank you for your help, now we can focus on a topic again.

    I really want this thread going, because I think that this particular part of the game has a lot of room for improvement. I bought a lot of versatile players thinking that their versatility will give me more tactical flexibility in the game, but, at the end of the day, I really don't feel like I benefit in any way from having them on my team. Their average performance in their secondary position was a way bellow average. I mean, if we take a F/AM for an example, I didn't notice any difference, average performance wise, between that player and regular CM playing as an AM. Not that either one of them should really be a team's first option there, of course, but that's not the point right now:). The point is that it should be logical that F/AM, due to his secondary AM, performs much better in that position?

    What do you think? We didn't have a chance to hear your opinion yet. Does those double-positions (I don't really know how to call them other then this, but, hopefully, you know what I mean by that:)) have any practical use(?) or they are there just as an esthetic detail?

    Once again, thank you and all best,

    Jasenjin/ PFC

  19. Re: Italian Ratings

    I believe that Goran Pandev should get an upgrade. An excellent player already described as montenegro's best player ever' date=' he has been linked to real madrid after he hit 2 goals in CL against them. Looking at players of a similar level (e.g. Mutu, Forlan etc...) i believe he should go up to an 91-93 rated player.[/quote']

    Pandev is not Montenegrin, he is a Macedonian international:) but other then that, you're right, he is a great player. I didn't heard anything about Real M being interested in signing him, though, but I know that lot of other teams are interested in him with Bayern M leading the race.

    And for his ratings, I agree, he definitely deserves another increase, maybe not 93 just yet, but, considering his current form, 91 should be out of doubt.

  20. Re: Players position

    to type all that u clearly hav no life. like i said, ill do it my way and u do it ur way. and il keep making a success of my teams also, so shut the **** up cz ur boring me with ur silly little 'im just going to quite this, and that' ******* do 1.

    or what you replied to AFCTU Jacko:

    yeh they cannot because it is not their position u idiot

    is NOT a feedback.

    You can't just go around and insult people and then expect that someone will respect you for that. That is just insane, my friend, and if you don't get that, I can't help you.

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