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  1. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Any thoughts on Porto's Milan Stepanov? Also, does anyone know how Adrien Silva is doing? I heard a lot of good things about him, but never saw him play.
  2. Re: Players position Can't you see my point here? He was just brilliant in that position for more then a half of the season and then, after the position change, suddenly, for the rest of the season, he can't perform better then 6.0?!? We're talking about the same player here!!! Surely, I don't argue that his performance shouldn't go down a bit as a result of that change, but certainly not from 8.5 to 6.0. Let me give you another example: I have Arturo Vidal who is listed as a DM/LB now. What do you think his Av. Pf. at LB position should be? I'm sure that they wouldn't go over 6.5. Now, I can't know that for sure, of course, but I'm not stupid to play him there either. And for Messi, you replied: You just made me laugh there:D It's not that I've played him as defender, heck, I didn't even played him as a midfielder, I played him as a AM, right behind the central striker!!! Can't you see the difference? SM listed him as a F/AM. What is the use of that AM? Besides, don't you think that his perfect position in 4-3-2-1 formation is spot #10? Please, go to the Tactics, click on Formations and look where that spot #10 is and then tell me that his average performance shouldn't be higher then 6.80. C'mon, man, be objective.
  3. Re: Italian Ratings Starts playing for the National team? What are you talking about, he's Montenegro's best player and he's their National team captain, too. I would say that the only reason why he spend so much time on the bench and therefore dropped from 90 was due to Roma's tactic with Totti being the most offensive player on a team and I really think that Vucinic proved that in this past couple of weeks. I'm sure that he'll lose his spot again as soon as Totti's fit (unless Roma decides to change their tactic, which is unlikely), but that doesn't mean that his ratings should go up and down just based on whether Totti's on or out of the team, right? Besides, Totti is 96. I really don't see why Vucinic couldn't be 90 as his replacement. I mean, there is a bunch of players who are barely playing for their teams and their ratings are still above 90 simply 'cause they deserve them or should I say, they don't deserve to go below that line:D Btw, I read today that Real Madrid wants to sign him in the winter transfer window. Did anyone heard anything about that?
  4. Re: Who Should I Buy First of all, get rid of at least one of those goalies, man:) I mean, seriously, even if you got them all for free, it still doesn't make sense to keep them all... unless, of course, you're planing to fill midfield with them:D Now, I don't know what formation you're playing, but it seems that you could use a good left wingback... maybe Arsenal's G. Clichy - he's young and he should get an increase in the next rating change - or Barcelona's E. Abidal if you're looking for higher ratings. Consider also, Real's R. Drenthe and Marcelo. I mean, they might have a bit too low ratings for your taste:) , but they certainly have a bright future in this game. In general, you could get more defenders - R. Albiol, G. Sergio Ramos, P. Mexes, B. Sagna, R. Alexis... to name a few - and maybe another striker - L. Messi, F. Torres, K. Benzema, B. Krkic or maybe S. Jovetic. It doesn't seem that you need more midfielders, but if you're going to buy somebody I would advice you to go for either C. Fabregas or S. Nasri. In the end, whatever your decision might be, look for a younger players ONLY.
  5. Re: Italian Ratings Anyone think Mirko Vucinic (A. S. Roma) could go up to 90 again? He has been superb for Roma since F. Totti got injured.
  6. I'd like to talk about player positions - CB/DM, CM/AM, F/AM, F/W,...etc. I know what's the idea behind that, but, to be honest, I really can't see no practical use. I mean, I don't know does anyone has the same experience as I do, but, pretty much, all of my versatile players are literally useless when they play in their secondary position... so, my question is... what is the purpose of that, if they can play well only in their first choice position? I mean, let's take LB/LM player as an example... if you play him as a winger, there is no way that he'll average more then 6.5 Av. Pf. (???) if that much. Same if we play LM/LB as a wingback. Or, if we take F/W playing a winger as an example, their Av. Pf. ratings are going to be even worse - 6.0 the most(???) I had a LM/F who was just brilliant as a left winger for me. Then his position changed to F/W and now, that exact same player in that exact same left winger position where he was brilliant prior to position change can't average more then 6.0 (???). I mean, seriously, something has to be done regarding this issue, 'cause those players have double positions for a reason. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that they can't play as good in their secondary position as they can play in their primary position, but, seriously... I mean, I'm using Lionel Messi as a AM (#10) in 4-3-2-1 formation and he just can't go over 7 Av. Pf. (???) for a two consecutive seasons (???) Do I have to say anything else? What's even more absurd is that that is actually his natural position. I don't know... What do you, guys, think about this? Can this be fixed somehow?
  7. Re: argentinean league thread Hi, Teje:) Can you, please, tell me how's Matias Abelairas doing? Do you think that he'll get an increase in the next rating change and if so, how much is that increase going to be? The other player I want to ask you about is Gary Medel(Universidad Católica/ Chile). I mean, I know that your speciality is Argentinian league, but I'm still hoping that you can give me some valuable info on him:D He certainly seems like a good prospect.
  8. Re: Contracts Do you know exactly how long a player have to be in your team before you can offer him a new contract? I have a player who's already two seasons with me and I still can't offer him a new contract:(
  9. Re: Players from the Balkans Totally agree. There's no doubt that he'll go over 90.
  10. Re: Contracts I'm sorry' date=' but I'm afraid you're wrong. I can assure you that I was and [b']I still am[/b] able to offer a new contracts to majority of my players whether they had 1 or 4 years left on their old contract. As a matter of fact, I never had a player who was in the final year of his contract simply 'cause I was always extending their contracts prior to that. It's just that I can't do that with certain players. I don't know how to prove this unless you can somehow go to the my account and see it for yourself.
  11. Re: Players from the Balkans Lamine DIARRA (CF/23/75) is not from Balkan He is a Senegalese football player currently playing for Partizan Belgrade. Anyway, he's rated only 75 (got +4 increase in the last rating change) at the moment and I think he's a pretty good investment for those who are managing smaller clubs. I admit that I don't have much inside info on players from Croatia, but the one that I strongly recommend is Vedran Corluka (CB/RB/21/89) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedran_%C4%86orluka He's still very young and, as far as I'm concerned, he's doing very well in England. If he manage to keep his first team place, I can see him going over 90 in the future. Luka Modric (CM/AM/22/90) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luka_Modri%C4%87 is another great prospect from Croatia. He's already 90, though, so I doubt he'll get an increase any time soon, especially if he don't move away from Croatian League, but he does seem like a good long term investment.
  12. Re: INFO on EX-Yugoslavia players ... I'm from Bosnia and obviously, it doesn't bother me:)... and believe me, I saw some pretty nasty things during the war. Still, that doesn't make me hate somebody. But, enough about this. It's stupid. As I said, you're more than welcome to change the name of this thread to whatever you want. I'm cool with it. P.S. Thanks for being polite;)
  13. Re: Contracts Is that some kind of a new rule (???) 'cause I can swear that I was able to renew contracts with all of my players before' date=' regardless of the length on their old contracts [i'](as long as it was less than max. 5 years, of course)[/i]. I mean, it worked in the past. Anyway, if you're right, then why I can't renew contract with those who have 2 years left on their old contract, either? What is even weirder is that out of 8 players who have 2 years left on their old contract I can renew contract with 1 of them, but not with other 7??? I mean, that doesn't make any sense:confused:
  14. I apologize if I'm posting this at the wrong place, but I have a problem to renew contracts with certain players from my squad. I mean, I have signed a new contracts with majority of my players without any problems whatsoever, but, for whatever reason, there is a couple of them that don't have that contract renewal option under "Player options" window I'm really confused. Is that some kind of bug or... I don't know... I really don't understand:( I would certainly appreciate if somebody can help me with this. I believe that couple of them will get an increase soon and it is really important for me to sign a new contract with them as soon as possible. Besides, I don't wanna loose those who are in the final year of the contract, either. Thanks.
  15. Re: INFO on EX-Yugoslavia players Goran Pandev (F/W/24/90) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goran_Pandev has been outstanding for S.S. Lazio (Italy) so far this season. He got +1 increase in the last rating change, but there's no doubt that he'll get another increase by the end of the season. Aleksandar Kolarov (LB/21/86) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandar_Kolarov is often compared with Roberto Carlos due to his long-range strikes and similar free-kick abilities. He might be the next big thing.
  16. Re: INFO on EX-Yugoslavia players I've opened this tread to talk about players from EX-Yugoslavia. Right now it's about Serbians (Jovetic and Burzanovic are from Montenegro, though, but whatever:rolleyes: ), but that doesn't mean that I'll not talk about other nations from former Yugoslavia later on. Please, keep your political opinions for yourself. This is sport forum. Let's keep it healthy.
  17. Re: INFO on EX-Yugoslavia players Miralem Sulejmani (LM/CM/18/75) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miralem_Sulejmani He is also product of Partizan Belgrade Youth system, but the club managment did a poor job and SC Heerenveen (Holland) signed him on free transfer last year. It seems that he's going to be regular first team for them, so he's ratings should go up soon enough. He was also Serbia captain in recent U19 Championship. Branislav Ivanovic (CB/RB/23/87) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branislav_Ivanovi%C4%87 He's the second best Serbian defender (right behind Nemanja Vidic) right now. I think that he is the most underrated defender currently on SM. Seriously. Anyway, he's been linked with Juventus (Italy) and it's just a matter of time when he'll sign for them. It has been roumored that Chelsea FC (England) and Manchester UTD (England) are also keen to see him in their jerseys, though. I think that he should be rated at least 89/90. If Branislav Ivanovic is the Serbian most underrated player then Marko Pantelic (CF/28/90) is certainly the most overrated Serbian player. I'm quiet surprised that he didn't got any dicrease in the last rating change. He did scored in his last two games for Hertha BSC (Germany) this season, but, in my oppinion, he should be rated something like 88 (if not worse). Dusko Tosic (LB/CB/22/87) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du%C5%A1ko_To%C5%A1i%C4%87 is another great defender from Serbia. He signed for Werder Bremen (Germany) at the beginning of the season and he's already first team, so I believe that he deserves an increase as well. Maybe he's not as good as Vidic or Ivanovic just yet, but keep in mind that he is younger than them.
  18. Here's some info on players from Serbian Super League. The players that might deserve some increase this season are Milan Smiljanic (CM/20/84), Stevan Jovetic (F/17/83), Nenad Marinkovic (AM/F/18/81), Nebojsa Marinkovic (AM/21/85), Igor Burzanovic (AM/F/22/85), and maybe Marko Markovski (F/21/80) and Borko Veselinovic (F/21/80). O.K. ley's start from the beggining Milan Smiljanic (CM/20/84) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milan_Smiljani%C4%87 definitely deserve better ratings. He has been the most reliable and the most consistent player for Partizan Belgrade last season. He moved to RCD Espanyol (Spain) at the beggining of this season and he's already in their starting line-up. Also, he made his debut for Serbia National team last week and there's no doubt that he'll stay there. Stevan Jovetic (F/17/83) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevan_Joveti%C4%87 is a wunderkind. He did got his increase in the last rating change (+2), but I'm telling you, this kid is crazy. He cement his place in the starting line-up by scoring in every single game Partizan Belgrade played so far this season. Nenad Marinkovic (AM/F/18/81) will see more playing time this season as he has been loan out from Partizan Belgrade to Super League team Banat Zrenjanin. He was one of the best players on the field and scored a goal in the last Banat game. Great talent. Nebojsa Marinkovic (AM/21/85) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neboj%C...arinkovi%C4%87 is loaned out to Iraklis (Greece) and while it's to be seen how he'll addapt there, there is no doubt that he have more than enough quallity to hold first team place. It's not a secret that Bayern Munich is in a search for a playmaker and it's roumored that Nebojsa could end up there at the end of his loan. Like Jovetic, he got his increase in the last rating change (+2), but if he proves himself in Greece I believe that he should go up to 87/88. Igor Burzanovic (AM/F/22/85) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Burzanovi%C4%87 I've been already talking about him in one of mine previous post. He also got his increase (+7), but he should get another increase by the end of season (if not sooner). I mean, if Ecuadorian midfielder Segundo Castillo got increase to 88 then he should be at least 87 'cause two of them are equally "responsable" for Red Star Belgrade success last season. Marko Markovski (F/21/80) actually got decrease (-1) in the last rating change and, to be honest, he probably deserved it as he didn't play much since his move to Partizan Belgrade, but he is a very talented young player. He's loaned out to Banat Zrenjanin and he'll be starter there. He scored in their last game and if he can manage to keep his form then he might deserve a small increase. Borko Veselinovic (F/21/80) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borko_Veselinovi%C4%87 was considered for a long time as one of Serbia most promising forwards. He was a Top Scorer at U19 Championship in 2005, but for whatever reason he never got real chance in Partizan Belgrade. He has been loaned out to several clubs in the last couple of seasons. He played as RM/F for Beira Mar (Portugal) last season. Anyhoo, he's back and it seems that new coach Djukic will give him more chance. Is this gonna be his breaktrough season it's to be seen, but he definitely have more potencial than just 80.
  19. Re: milos NINKOVIC Milos is actually a player from Serbia and he is under contract with Dynamo Kiev. I really don't know why he's been added as a Singaporean.
  20. Re: Promising players still affordable Corluka plays for Croatia' date=' not Serbia, mate:) If I may guess, I'd say that you've mixed him with another Rukavina [i'](Hajduk Split/Croatia)[/i], but that kid is forward:) Anyhoo, Rukavina we're talking about seems like a good prospect, but the best right back in Serbia squad is Branislav Ivanovic (FC Lokomotiv Moscow/Russia). I'd say he's a better buy. Here's some INFO on him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branislav_Ivanovi%C4%87
  21. Re: Montenegrin most promising players As much as I know, the ban is only for this season... at least I hope:o
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