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  1. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    Wont be playing anymore football in europe for a couple years unless he moves partizan have been banned for a season aswell as been kicked out this season :(:o

    Could have an impact on ratings also if partizan have a bad start next season & the league is out of reach with no incentive to finish 2 3 or 4th could also impact ratings but i think it wont affect much.

    Unfortunately, you're right. Partizan is banned from competition this season:( but I must emphasize that they've been banned because of their supporters. I mean, on the field Partizan players won the game fair and square. I believe that away 6-1 win speaks for itself.

    Anyhoo, they'll be back next year. As someone who happen to know "a little bit":) about soccer in former Yugoslavia republics I can assure you that there is no way Partizan can finish the season below 2nd place. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty confident that they'll win the title.

    And for Jovetic, well... I doubt he'll be staying long with them. He is one of the most talented young players in the country and it's hard to believe that Partizan will be able to keep him.

  2. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    Don't mean to hi-jack the thread but can you check you PM Rooster' date=' my dear friend and perhaps inform me whether you'd liek to join my set up or not.



    p.s. Jasenjin, I believe you too :D[/quote']

    Thans for the invitation, I really appreciate it, but I can manage only up to three clubs:(

  3. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    I noticed they both increased' date=' but I wasn't sure why Jovetic increased this week - I had thought he was playing in Italy?[/quote']

    Jovetic is playing for Partizan Belgrade (Serbia):) He was in starting line up in their Cup UEFA 6-1 win last week. I'm sure that his ratings will go up again.

  4. Re: Chileans from u20 world cup!

    Vidal and Vidangossy' date=' as well as Isla, were the best for Chile.[/quote']

    Along with goalie Toselli, of course:) and maybe... wingback Suarez?

    Anyhoo, I'm thinking to buy Toselli. Do you think he'll get a chance in Universidad Catolica first team now?

  5. Re: argentinean league thread

    I've bought both Carizzo and Romero :D

    Now, what do you think about Matias Cahais? I'm assuming that he's good (I mean, he was a captain in Canada, right?), but then again, he's ratings went up only to 82, so... I don't know what to think about it:)

    Also, I've bought Oscar Trejo. What do you think about him?

  6. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    I was told Djokic was getting into space in the box. He was top scorer in the league I believe' date=' that can't be too bad?[/quote']

    Don't let the numbers fool you, my friend:) Anyhoo, it's up to you wether you wanna beleive me or not:)

    Btw, did you guys notice that Burzanovic ratings went up to 85 (+7)? Jovetic went up to 83 (+2). Hooray:D

  7. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    Burzanovic' date=' Djokic and Castillo were their best players in the run at the end of the season.[/quote']

    I wouldn't agree for Djokic. He got media attention only because Red Star wanted to get rid of him (which they finaly did it a couple of weeks ago. He signed for some team in Belgium). I can assure you that you'll never hear for him again:)

    On the other hand, Castillo was probably their key player whole season (along with Burzanovic in the second half of the season, of course). If I'm not wrong I think that he should sign for Juventus (Italy) soon.

    Btw, they have fixed Burzanovic age. He is 21 again:D

  8. Re: argentinean league thread

    Hi, Teje:)

    Great thread:D

    I was wondering do you know anything about Federico Fazio (receantly signed by Sevilla/Spain) and Emmanuel Gonzalez (Banfield)?

    Also, I'm in search for a goalie and I'm planing to sign Sergio Romero (Racing-AZ/Holland). I know he is starter for U19 team in Canada, but that's all. Do you see him to be part of National Team in the future? I mean, is he really that good or Argentina just doesn't have better options at U19 level?

    Thanks for your time:)

    All best,


  9. Re: Montenegrin most promising players

    Thanks for that how good is that last player you mention' date=' do you think he will be a star for red star or about the same as they have know.[/quote']

    I can assure you that Burzanovic is their best playmaker.

    His current ratings are 78 (?!?) but they should be at least 86 (and if we compare his ratings with ratings of his current teammates then I'd say that he definitely deserves 88).


    Btw, even though, he's a new signing I don't think that he'll be staying too long with them. He was attracting interest of several europian clubs even before he signed for Red Star.

    All best and... thanks for advice regarding his age:)

  10. Hi:)

    I suppose that not manny of you know much about Montenegro soccer, so I figure to say something about a couple of their most promising players.

    Even though, Mirko Vucinic (Roma) is probably their most famous player at the moment, I think that young striker Stevan Jovetic is one to keep close eye on. He is 17 and his current rating are 81, but I beleive that they should go up very soon as he is most definitely gonna be a starter for Partizan Belgrade next season.

    Other one that I wanna mention is also my receant buy:D His name is Igor Burzanovic and he can play both as attacking midfielder and as a striker. Right now his ratings are unbeleively low (probably because he only played in Montenegrin league), but that should change soon as well because he moved to Serbian Super League champion Red Star a couple of months ago. He is also an integral part of Montenegro National Team.

    He is 21 year old but for some reason his 24 on Soccermanager. I don't know who to contact to fix this obvious mistake, though. I'd appreciate if someone can help me with that. Thanks:)

    Well, I suppose that's all for now:)

  11. hey there welcome to the forum im Miles Surrey

    The chairman can be a bit unfair sometimes with the deals.

    if u want to post just click on the topic and then in the top corner it should say start new thread or something

    Hi' date=' Miles Surrey:D thanks for the tip :)

    I've another question, though... how often are those downtimes[i'](Processing Transfers... Check back shortly)[/i] and how can I avoid them.

    I've been on-line for the last hour and half just so I can check on my last game and still nothing :(

    Thanks once again :)

  12. it sounds like a great deal for you jasenjin' date=' but conversely it's probably a poor deal for the team making the offer, hence why it's been cancelled.[/quote']

    That actually have a lot of sense:D still, it doesn't make me happy :D

    Thanks for the answer.

    All best B)

  13. Hi Jasenjin

    Welcome to the forum

    It would be helpful if you could give us the name of the individual' date=' that way we can help you. It sounds like the price may to too much for the chairman.[/quote']

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the worm welcome... thank you :D

    Now, about the player... his name is Stefan Babovic. He is 19yrs old/midfielder/current SM rating-84/current SM value-4.4m or something like that(it might be 4.3M or 4.5M, irrelevant)

  14. Transfer?

    Hi, guys.

    This is a little bit offtopic. I didn't know how to open a new thread :o

    Anyhoo, in my oppinion, I've got a very, very, very good offer for one of my players, but for some reason transfer is canceled :confused:

    Now, I do understand that sometimes our club menagments stop the transfers for whatever their reasons might be :rolleyes: , but... I can asure you that this is a good deal for both me and my club(Partizan Belgrade). I mean, don't get me wrong, he's most definitely a good prospect for the future but 10 millions should cover that, right :D No, seriously, I could really use that money.

    Is there anything I can do about it?

    Any advice?



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