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  1. I have just happily completed season 1 at Alfreton Town and at the end of the season the game (or presumably chairman) decided to add 3 friendlies against Ebbsfleet, Mansfield Town and Manchester City just to close season 1, which although was kind of annoying (& really unrealistic!!) but I accepted. So the new fixtures for season 2 are released to today (monday 23rd April) (the campaign starts this saturday). I was looking forward to a week of agreeing a few loans signings & buying/selling to pep up the squad with no pointless games in the middle..... I look at the fixture list.......and...... to my amazement.... monday 23/04/2012: Huddersfield (a) friendly tuesday 24/04/2012 MK Dons (a) friendly wednesday 25/04/2012 Man City (a) friendly thursday 26/04/2012 Bolton Wanderers (h) friendly friday 27/04/2012 Man City (a) friendly saturday 28/04/2012 Accrington Stanley (a) Division 4 - thank god!!!! So a pointless "friendly" game every day!! Playing Man City 3 times in about 10 days - both stupid & totally unrealistic Can these fixtures be cancelled or am I missing a setting somewhere where managers can choose whether or not to have these games??? Surely Chairman in real life consult to managerial team to a point regarding these games, no one has a game everyday! Before anyone says, yeah I know players don't get fatigued with these games, that isn't my problem it is just that this game is meant to be realistic & that run of games is a total joke (the Man City thing especially - as if they d play Alfreton in pre-season once, let alone twice )
  2. Re: How do I make a Goalscorer? In my division 4 Burton Albion side after 19 rounds: Stelios Giannokopoulos (83) 9 goals in 17 appearances (rates 8.31, forward) Paul Boertien 9 goals in 18 appearances (despite his form he's an lm/lb & goals Boertien rates only 6.67) Been amazed by Boertien's goal contribution - he's a 75, my worst midfielder. we're 2nd at the mo & Stelios will retire end of the season. On a separate issue - anyone know when the SPL ratings are done? And indeed C'ship, League 1 etc????
  3. This is both a question in both SM terms & in real football. You know how if a player gets booked 5 times in the Premiership they get a 1 match ban. My query is: if a player gets 2 bookings in a match (& is subsequently sent off) - do those count towards the 5 yellows????? I ve had a defender sent off on SM but he missed just 1 game, yet it did not indicate he got 2 yellows - bit baffled Any advice/knowledge/assistance welcomed
  4. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 congratz dude - looks as though you'll be champion nice one - well deserved :):):):)
  5. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 hiya guys, I am going to be unlikely to get time to look (or comment) at this from this point on but like to thank you all for continuing to work to develop these clubs. As such, there is little point to continue updating this thread & I leave you to carry on the work you have all began so impressively. Best of luck guys with the clubs. Skepz
  6. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 looking good. colorado having a good season by the sound of things.
  7. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 Your consistancy is impressive Jack, don't know if you've looked at last seasons games at all but I dropped to many points against the weaker sides & it cost me the league in the end, possibly exiting both cups early has perhaps helped you a tad too. Brilliant run tho mate!
  8. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 your in a different stratosphere to Toronto man (thus loans ok now) - think its a 3 way race for the title.
  9. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 good win dude, may be sell off one of the high earners upfront to ease the debt.
  10. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 I heart this news regarding Toronto - that lousy side (somehow) did the double on me last year and frankly arguably with their pooey (i'd use a cruder term) negative style of play possibly cost me the treble. really chuffed you beat them & frankly with there boring 4-5-1 I hope they come about 10th!!!!!! Great stuff about LA - New England are the main boyz in my opinion - good gaffer although one rumour I heard is he now is focusing on winning a cup rather than the league - I knocked him out of both domestic cups last season so that could be true................................
  11. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 fair enough my sources accuracy is at best mixed, if Dunne is fit I would expect summat like: Harper - Mancienne, Dunne, Johnson, Jordan - Dunn, King, a cm, Golasa, Merida (or snodgrass) - a lone forward
  12. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 Jack, American Soccer League "rumour" suggests Toronto will go 4-4-2 against you with Bent/Owen (or Chopra up front). Richard Dunne apparently will miss the game (injury?) thus King will move back to CB & Toronto to revert to 4-4-2. make of that speculation what you will.
  13. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 4 points from 6 positive start at a higher level.
  14. Re: Looking for a managerial successor....... x3 top result dude remember that Toronto "4-5-1" system, they are a real concern & will be fully fit as they are actively managed. Big game. Funnily enough New England even with that point deficit could be your biggest threat, they had an amazing campaign last term where they lost something like 1 in 20 and they may push you close even if LA seem the more obvious threat. great campaign thus far.
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