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  1. Re: Eminem - Musical Genius

    Some new Eminem songs have recently been leaked onto the internet..they are..

    Eminem - Syllables ft. Jay-z, Dr dre, 50Cent, Cashis and Stat Quo.


    This has only recently been leaked however it was aparently recorded around 2006/7.

    Some others are..

    Eminem - Topless ft Nas.


    Eminem - Cocaine ft. Jazmine Sullivan.


    Eminem - Echo ft. Royce Da 5'9.


    Em is also involved in a song on T.I's new album called Thats all she wrote.



    Another song which is a tribute to Proof.


  2. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    Still so confident? :P

    Leeds' date=' Norwich, Southampton and an away game at Oldham to come, there's a good chance you won't get another point.

    A win at Tranmere for us on Saturday and we're all but safe. Would take a draw though, as long as we don't lose then it's a good result.[/quote']

    Its not over till its over George! B)

    We will beat Leeds, Southampton and Norwich :P and Oldham is where we will get our first and only away win of the season! :rolleyes:

  3. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    lool :)

    You might be relegated' date=' your next 2 games are ones you need to win I think, although one is away so you can forget that ;) And your away last day of the season which could work against you :P

    Stockport and Wycombe are gone imo, and I think Southend will as well although a few wins for them and they'll be fine, I just don't see them getting them. Anybody up to Yeovil is still in trouble at the moment, although they're 6 points clear they're not doing well right now, and still have Leeds, Millwall, Southampton to come, as well as others like Brighton and Brentford away which will be difficult for them.[/quote']

    Thats what you think ;) both Oldham and Southend will fail to get more then 1 point against the wonderful Gillingham B)

    Stockport, Wycombe and Southend will all go down and im pretty sure they will be joined by Exeter City. :P

  4. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    If you don't go up this season' date=' you should easily win the league next year.. squad you have now is easily good enough for that[/quote']

    Next year Gillingham will win league 1 ;) , league 1 will have to deal with a Gillingham team that CAN win away from home (hopefully :rolleyes: ), as we will obviously not be relegated this season. B)

  5. Re: SM Predict Knockout Cup

    SM Predict Knockout Cup Final

    Swanseajack 3 David bax 6 DrawsWithCrayon 8

    Well done Matt. I will be in touch shortly about your prize

    Only just realised i won so this post is abit delayed. :rolleyes:

    Well done Swanseajack and David bax for getting to the final.

    Im surprised i got to the final let alone won it, good job i dont just copy Georges predictions anymore B)

  6. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    Really need a win tonight tbh' date=' we got papped at Carlisle but still managed a win even though our away form is pathetic. So we should be able to beat them but not confident. :o Dobie is suspended for them though which is a good thing. Need to start taking points off teams around us, if we could only have beaten one of Yeovil and Leeds, would definitely have taken Yeovil because Leeds aren't exactly going to be near the bottom :o

    Archibald-Henville gone back to Spurs now, Edwards still out from the Leeds game so Burnell could make his debut in defence.[/quote']

    You think your away form is pathetic??? :rolleyes:

    Try winning no away games so far this season B)

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