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  1. lol gdgd but who are the other players coz i cant find the post
  2. ye i like sambou do u think his ratin will rise in the near future?
  3. lol i think he means the attackin midfield position
  4. i had something like that i cant remember who it was but they said can they have my msn address but i just ignored them and they never messaged me again
  5. nope i cant fing him lol i copied and pasted his name to
  6. ok well i didnt no where to put this so ill say it here lol roughly how long does it take for the processin fixtures to finish
  7. ye i will ask him lol and wen and if ur set up comes can u reserve inter for me plz if u have them in ur set up
  8. ok ill check out the neller set up after the fixtures are fininshed then
  9. ok i think it gets very annoyin though because the chairman always cancels the good deals but he never cancels the one s that i wouldnt be bothered about
  10. hi i just joined the forums having been lookin at them for a while and i dont no y the chairman did that but why does he cancel deals even wen they r good ones?
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