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    Chat Room

    Re: Chat Room lol Well i am a chat mod and i dont think Liam and Munt have been banned, Liam was on last night and im sure i would of been told if he had been banned recently
  2. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 3 Saturday 30th August Bolton 1-2 West Brom Leeds 1-1 Bristol Rovers Alloa 2-0 Stranraer VfL Wolfsburg 2-1 Eintracht Frankfurt Sunday 31st August Aston Villa 1-3 Liverpool Celtic 1-2 Rangers Amkar 2-1 Rubin Sporting Gijón 2-2 Getafe (ESB)
  3. Re: You're all stupid!!Come and have a go! 63% scored higher (more stupid), 4% scored the same, and 33% scored lower (less stupid). You are 33% stupid. This means... You are kinda' smart. Many have done better, but you did much better than half the other test-takers! Good for you.
  4. matt jenkins

    The ChatRoom...

    Re: The ChatRoom... Its working fine for me and the others that are on right this second
  5. Re: Now its your Turn to go Round in SM's Reasonably Priced Car Ill Join Sam Because I Want To Beat You All
  6. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 2 Saturday 23rd Blackburn 1-1 Hull, 15:00 Darlington 1-2 Gillingham, 15:00 Le Mans 1-2 St Etienne, 18:00 Borussia Dortmund 1-3 Bayern Munich, 14:30 Istanbul Buyuksehir BSK 1-0 Eskisehirspor, 19:00 Birmingham 2-2 Barnsley, 15:00 Sunday 24th Pacos Ferreira 1-0 Braga, 19:00 Wigan Athletic 2-3 Chelsea, 13:30 (ESB)
  7. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 1 El Zamalek 2-1 ASEC Abidjan PSG 2-1 Bordeaux Vaduz 2-1 Sion Carrick United 1-2 Sporting Fingal Al Ahly 4-0 Dynamos Valencia 1-3 Real Madrid CSKA Moskva 3-0 Terek Grozni NY Red Bulls 3-2 Toronto FC
  8. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 2 I voted for George because his posts are of top quality and his match reports are second to none and im Matt Jenkins
  9. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 1 ill rejoin this season and i wont drop out half way through like last year because i dont plan on going inactive
  10. Re: Battle of the tribes setup oops i forgot about posting my star players :? please forgive me Kev im just abit slow anyway here they are: Patrice Evra, Willy Sagnol, Ludovic Guily, Robbie Keane and Roque Santa Cruz. Sorry for posting them abit late
  11. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 2 I voted for Mark Wallis for a simple reason really....its against the rules to vote for yourself :cool:
  12. Re: Coca-Cola League 2 Atleast the Gills got something out the game i was not to happy when they went 1 down to Bournmouth
  13. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Sounds good Kev although i forgot about the limit of players with certain ratings and just brought in a few players so i better go make sure i sell some if i need to EDIT: Ive used the 4 players that i needed to sell as part exchange for some young replacements
  14. Re: What do you want to do ? Good thread Adam Well i want to be a full time football coach ive just finished a year at college doing First diploma in sport science and next year im going back to do National diploma in sport science which is a two year course and after the first year im going to get my level 1 coaching badge and then after the second year im going to get my level 2 and then level 3 and then finally my pro licence and then either get a coaching job at a team in the top two tiers in England or im going to move out to America and coach a team out there
  15. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. So your saying i have brains then thanks Nath and well i deffinetly know who i wont be voting to get to the final then :p
  16. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. Thanks for that Nath so if i dont have the looks then i must have the brains
  17. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. Well thanks to the people predicting me going through and ye George i like to believe i improved chat :D Liam im obviosly the most good looking person in chat if it wasnt for my looks id have no chance
  18. Re: CRL Blackjack I beat Shels Barca 3-2 :D and none of us cheated
  19. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. lol i dont even use that colour text toggs
  20. Re: Fantasy Premierleague 08/09 Sign Up Thread ive just registered a new account although i do have 1 but cant remember the details
  21. Re: New Forum Playray Pool/Snooker Comp well george you already know i want to join so ye i will join and ill help if you need it
  22. Re: navs forum Ive just signed up to it looks good
  23. Re: Sm Family Tree Any1 want to be my wife im just a lonely guy
  24. Re: Family Tree Rp Matt turns up at the door along side Grampa Joe and Shels and then starts banging on the door harder.
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