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  1. Re: HELP anyone with a bit of knowledge of tactics on sm i think i confused everyone,ive got pederson(LM) and modric (AM) ,in a 4-3-3 both these players will occupy the left midfield and left winger-upfont posistions,but i dont know who will do better in what posistion
  2. hi i plan to play a 4-3-3 but im a bit unsure about what will work better(bare with me cos this could get a bit confusing rite so ive got luka modric who is a AM (90) and morten gamst pederson and he is a LM (90) so these 2 players will fill the left side of the formation so the left midfielder and the left winger,but im unsure about what position will the players work better in,should i play pederson as the left midfielder or as the left winger(kinda upfront) HELP cheers
  3. Re: **BREAKING NEWS - MIDDLESBROUGH ANNOUNCE NEW KIT SPONSOR ** ill tell you mate aliadiere,you could have a player there,hes got the ability just has had so many injuries,he cant seem to find it again.but if he does,he could be one **** of a player
  4. right ive had a offer of 6 million + goma accepted for him,hes a 91 as you may well know,but is there any point getting him cos if he goes down even one ,hes useless to me,ive got 6.7 million to spend,i need a keeper or a cm 90+(so any good players to go for with that cash then say so cheers) cos ive got to 90 rated cm's but theyre struggling to keep me up HELP !
  5. Re: Morten Gamst Pedersen ive been to a fair amount of blackburn games away from home and him and friedel impressed me,i dont think pederson is a 92,but defo a 91 at least
  6. Re: Morten Gamst Pedersen now so many people agree he should go up,will sm take notice of this thread,and when is the english rating changes ?
  7. isnt it time that pedersen got an increase to 91,hes improving year by year and he had easily proved himself in the premiership. i also think that habib beye should get a increase,him even more then ribery was the reason that Marseille finished 2nd and qualified for the CL,he deserves 92 i think.
  8. a world cup in 2007 !! jesus christ i missed it ! i rememember one in 2006 but not 2007 !
  9. yeh he is from senegal.does that chnage anything ?
  10. saluted you are a fool,so if someone can run past other players and do a few stepovers he is better then a genius like fabregas.i bet u only like robinho for his step overs and tricks if youd have watched la liga this season you would have noticed that he has only 2 goals so please dont talk if you dont have definate proof
  11. will he get a increase or a decrease next time french ratings are done cos i got a quite big offee accepted for him an i need to no if hell go down cos he will be my miane centre back.any help is gd.cheers
  12. so you think that cos fabregas is young he shud go down but lennon shud go up to 91/92 ?. lennon shud be a 90.cesc a 93.robinho 91/92
  13. id put him up to a 88 for now.cos altho i like him.i got a feeling he wont keep it up for the hole season.
  14. them trophys are a joke tho.just for winning it u shud get a increase ? no. thierry shuda won it about 3 times.its a joke.fifa world player of the year nominations.ronaldinho(poor last year) zidane(good world cup) cannavaro good world cup). thierry henry-consistent last season all through led a team no one could have thought possible to paris. like wenger says its a disgrace EDIT-did anyone see lyon v real madrid.carew ripped cannavaro apart.
  15. aaron lennon needs a increase aswell to about 92
  16. well one of my centre backs got suspended for 3 games and i got 2 replacements,stam(92) and senderos(90) but stam is very old while senderos is very young.so im not sure which one to play help pls ????
  17. wenger even said that he wont play as a striker for atleast 3 years.cos he needs 2 go strengh an master the wing an stuff like that.however he plays upfront for england u21s.so id say theo should b W/F
  18. why is the game taking so long to update now ive been waiting ages to get on the game and find out my score.it alwasy seems to be updating whenever i try an get on it.
  19. im starting a season with arsenal in a gold setup soon.and i was just wonderin who shud i try an sign,sell and what formation should i play cos my past arsenal seasons have not gone very well
  20. how can i lose 4.1 to a team whos players condition is all in the 10-20 bracket while mine are all at 100 percent.i have the better team aswell.ive drew with teams full of players on 1 percent and beleive me i have a good team klose,podolski gudjonsen players of that level.i just dont understand this game.how are results done ??
  21. a mate told me that attacking midfielders can play right mid and left mid aswell is this true ??
  22. stan petrov-91 or 92.being playing well for villa and is a all-round class player. tim cahill-91 or 92.bein banging in the goals for everton and playin well. robin van persie-91.been scoring some goals this season now hes a important player 4 the arsenal. oojer-88.hes havin a howler int he.3 or 4 penaltys given away. aj-92.goals,penaltys gets them all adebayor-89 been playin well and hes beginnig to score some goals when he gets the chance. eboue-91 or 92.wat can u say ?? best RB in the prem bar neville fabregas-94.hes the main man now 4 arsenal everyting goes thru him
  23. has anyone seen or got a clip they can put on this thread so i can see the goal he scored in the carling cup against everton last nite cos theyre not showing it anywhere. a link or anything would be great cheers
  24. who do u guys think i should sign.cos i fink that both of them will have rating increases at there leagues next rating changes but i dont no which to go for wat do u guys think ???
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