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  1. Micheal Dawson is one of the hottest talents in the premeiership. Very consistent centre back, still a few things to learn, but he has played extremly well all last season, and this season. a must increase to 91/92. also aaron lennon obviously deserves an increase.
  2. 97 for me. real have conceded 21 goals this season. this the sign of a world class defender?
  3. arsenal's toure to 95 hleb 92 for sure lennon to 92 for sure
  4. wel sed. but fabregas shud be a 94
  5. he is hot property at the mo
  6. al the spanish players are over inflated, e.g xavi e.g edmilson etc
  7. toure i think is probaly the most consistent and best centre back in the world. pace, strength, great heading ability, controls the defence well, sweeps well. he is a class act. 95 a must maybe even 96, hes twice as good as marquez whos a 96. toure 95, for sure! also yes fabreags, infulences the 3rd best team amazingly well, 93 a must, 94 would be perfect!
  8. 93 then for fabregas pushing 94
  9. arsenal increses hleb 92 been extremly consistent, play maker in the arsenal team fabregas 94 best attacking mid in the prem this season, pulls the strings and has outshone many highly rated players e.g alonso a must 94 toure 95/96 probaly top 3 centre defender in the world, marquez/puyol are 96/97, and hes 94? surely he must go 2 95/96 van persie 91 lehman 94/95 one of the best goalkeepers in the world eboue to 91 djouroru 90 arsenal decreases lauren to 90 clichy to 87
  10. ronaldino aint a 99 thats for sure. probaly 97/98 he has a lot of off games. only 4 assists so far this season. swarzer shudnt get an increase, either shud buffon. increses for me are fabregas lennon hleb lehmann drogba essien boularouz scholes saha vidic cant remeber any more at the mo
  11. lennon is showing his great potential. 91/92 he shud be for sure. 7 starts 1 goal 3 assists this season shows lennon is performing above an 89. also barry is a good player
  12. fabregas 95 lennon 92/93 hleb 92 ronaldo 94/95 gigggs 94/95 carrick 92 cahill 92/93 vidic 92/93 eboue 91 van persie 91/92 toure [arsenal] 96 ashley cole 93 wayne bridge 91 essien 95 robben 91 joe cole 92/93 drogba 94 shevchenko 92/94 andy johnson 92/93 arteta 91
  13. gallas shud stay at 95. best all round defender in the world without a doubt. gianluca zambrotta 95? erm how?
  14. hes the best winger at the prem at the moment. u sey ashley cole aint pacey? u guys know anythin about football? seying he aint played against any quick full backs. haha
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