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  1. Re: nani to man utd v soon but didnt nani sign a new contract like 2 weeks ago??? :confused but i do agree he will be a great replacment for giggs who i also hear is ready to retire............ yup from international footy to pro-long his career with man U
  2. Re: THE FORUMERS CHOICE Its all going t!t's up!!!! After guiding my beloved spurs to promotion i just cant seem to win a game with my new club arsenal while my mangerless spurs are sitting proudly at the top of div 3
  3. Re: maroune fellaini djalo is a sporting player i do believe, hes a great prospect, been mentioned many times before on sm, not long had a rating increase aswell i believe
  4. Re: bale Southampton have denied reports suggesting Tottenham have agreed a deal for prodigious left-back Gareth Bale. Spurs are long-term admirers of the 17-year-old Welshman, who is highly sought after by much of the Premiership. Manchester United, in particular, have been mooted as a possible destination for Bale, but Spurs were claimed to have made the first, decisive move. Bale is still short of 50 appearances for Saints but has consistently caught the eye, not least with his prowess from a dead ball, and at 16 years and 315 days became the youngest player to represent Wales against T
  5. Re: Hargreaves to MAN UTD personally i feel we needed one or the other... carrick or hargreaves. when we couldnt get hargreaves we got carrick end off. i think we dont need another DM i say an AM as cover for scholsey and a left footer 2 cover giggs as richardson is utter pants. yeah evra can play there which i reckon he'd do a grand job but then ur lacking for the left side of defense. but lets face it, giggys aint gonna manage the same amount of games very soon and u cant keep playing ronnie on the right or rooney to cover. that just means a change of system which personally doesnt work f
  6. Re: German Changes didnt he get injured like 3 weeks ago, something serious i think....
  7. Re: URGENT ISH How to cancel a deal the cancel button should be in club messages next to the deal thats been accepted if not just quit ur club and take control again
  8. Re: Best offer...EVER?!? i managed to get dinho myself in a swap for RVN and robinho was quite pleased with that personally. although i have a few g8 deals zakora swap for quaresma swaped mido for silva 10mil berbatov plus gudjohnson to name a few
  9. Re: Afonso alves dont no about above but didnt we pay 18mil RVN back in the day
  10. YARZY337

    Madeleine McCann

    Re: Madeleine McCann Personally i think its a farce!!! Its all the parents fault, u do not go out and leave ur child unattended to. Best of all on holiday in a strange place. END OFF! of course theres a certain age where u can trust ur child on ur own personally i think thats around 14 years old. so shes a few years short thats for sure. All this publicising going on its its a tragedy and all its totally betty swallocks. They should be prosecuted for unfit parents the publicity surounding it all is just helping them to get away with it. I mean c'mon what sounds better! ' 4 year old girl
  11. Re: DEFENDER HELP id say garay is your best bet, many european clubs are watching him!! ps why ottl is he not a prospect aswell. i thought he was having a decent season
  12. Re: THE FORUMERS CHOICE what about the other forumers choice thread!!! theres 2, whats that for???? i think we shud get teb or sumut to merge them, what do u think
  13. Re: Fangzhuo Dong... the new man utd hope? haha! yeah but what teams have stepped in ur way this season and stopped u in ur tracks.... hehe
  14. Re: LORIK CANA i know hes gud, seen a few clips on him. but not that much to suggest a rating. got any stats to back up ur statment???? ps i kno he was great on the old CM
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