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  1. Re: Antonio Briseno - Mexico U17 captain in big demand! Nice find... I put a few bids in
  2. Re: Messi v Ronaldo. They both have unreal records, but Messi just edges it for me. I have seen a fair few teams be able to shut Ronaldo out in PL, CL and La Liga matches. I haven't seen a team who could keep Messi quiet / ineffective.
  3. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) See what I can do with Stuttgart
  4. Should I swap my Gomez for these 2 players. Vucinic would swap straight in for Gomez. My best keeper is Mcgregor(88) so Adler (91) would be a big improvement Advice appreciated
  5. My Fabregas for David Villa?
  6. Re: Worst Transfer Not made too many shockers myself as I don't really tend to sell my best players. Been on the good end of deals though such as: Rooney (96) + Adebayor (93) + 30M = Messi (98) Became Rooney (95) + Adebayor (91) + 30M (Made the money back) = Messi (99) Jonas Guitierez top assister for my Newcastle team a while ago, was rated 90/91 and Celtic paid 80M for him haha!
  7. Re: dream team in 8 years time????? De Gea Rafael--Hummels--Subotic--Bale Gotze--Alcantara--Busquets--Eriksen Lukaku--Villalva
  8. Re: My crusade to counter the 4-2-3-1 so is 4-2-3-1 the best formation for strong teams?
  9. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Sam Droughton takes over as Porto Manager
  10. Re: Brand New 'Clusks Better World!!' Sounds good pal, I would be interested in taking Bayern if they are available. Applied in-game
  11. Re: Gerard Pique, What is he worth? Thanks for the replies. I managed to get Busquets and Subotic which i don't think is too bad. 94 & 91 and they are both young and could improve.
  12. I have taken over a Chelsea team and they have good depth at CB. Pique, Lucio, Terry, Carvalho, Toure. My depth is poor though, with only Giggs, Gourcouf, Carvalho, Toure on the bench.. the rest of the players are rated 86 and under. With 4 competitions to compete in I could do with some depth around the rest of the team and one way to do this is to sell Pique. I could afford to sell Pique (95) and I have 3 teams interested, but they have put forward some poor bids, I countered all 3 of them and the best offer I have received back so far is Arjen Robben (94) & 10M. I allready have Ribery (95) & Arshavin (93) so Robben & 10M isn't going to replace Pique and 10M isn't going to add depth. Here is a list of the 3 interested teams and their top players: Arsenal: DROGBA, Didier ALVES, Dani HIGUAIN, Gonzalo LAMPARD, Frank BUSQUETS, Sergio COLE, Ashley BERBATOV, Dimitar PEDRO, Rodríguez SILVA, David MERTESACKER, Per REINA, Pepe FLETCHER, Darren SAGNA, Bacary CLICHY, Gaël KUYT, Dirk MATA, Juan Manuel MULLER, Thomas KHEDIRA, Sami SONG, Alex DIARRA, Lass GALLAS, William SUBOTIC, Neven LUCAS, Leiva MOTTA, Thiago BENDTNER, Nicklas Man Utd: RONALDO, Cristiano VIDIC, Nemanja FABREGAS, Cesc ESSIEN, Michael MAICON, Douglas DE ROSSI, Daniele EVRA, Patrice ANELKA, Nicolás NASRI, Samir PATO, Alexandre NANI, Luís VAN DER VAART, Rafael NAVAS, Jesús IVANOVIC, Branislav WESTERMANN, Heiko ALEX, Rodrigo ARBELOA, Álvaro COENTRAO, Fábio PARK, Ji-Sung MARTÍNEZ, Javi BALE, Gareth HART, Joe WITSEL, Axel Real Madrid: ROONEY, Wayne CASILLAS, Iker ROBBEN, Arjen LAHM, Philipp VAN PERSIE, Robin ROBINHO, Souza PEPE, Ferreira FORLAN, Diego GONZALEZ, Lucho MARCELO, Vieira KRASIC, Miloš INLER, Gökhan FRIEDRICH, Arne CORLUKA, Vedran COLE, Joe RUIZ, Bryan DEFOUR, Steven BENDER, Sven So these are my questions to the forum.. Should I keep Pique quality or sell him for depth? Which 2 players would you go for from each team? Is Pique likely to rise above 95?
  13. Re: Messi Deal After messi rated 99 the next best NATURAL fwd/cf are... 96 Villa 29 96 Ibra 29 96 Eto'o 30 95 Drogba 33 95 Rooney 25 95 Torres 27 So whatever deal goes through Barcelona would be losing... 3 ratings upfront + 6/7 Years (Age) 4 ratings upfront + 2/4/10 Years (Age) Now you have to take into consider the depth of the Barcelona Team. Most that have been well managed would be VERY STRONG anyway.... so they wouldn't settle for anything less than 98 & 96 and why should they
  14. Re: DM/CM Future Stars? Fernando Francisco of porto rated 90. Not sure how old he is but when I watched him play in the champions league against Arsenal/Man utd... I think it was a couple years ago he was AMAZING. Stopped most players in their tracks and had the most tackles in the game. Not sure if he is still a decent player not done any research on him lately. I agree with Sandro though, he does look good and if he can get CL game time defo future 91+
  15. Re: Ronaldo deserves 99 too! No he doesn't he has never performed outstandingly against the top european teams. Ronaldinho at his prime was better than Ronaldo IMO. His goal against Chelsea and goals/skill against other top teams in the world were amazing. Ronaldo is always **** against the best teams he gets all his goals against minows. Messi > Ronaldinho in his prime > Ronaldo
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