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  1. Re: At Uni in Canada how do I change the time? thanks guys and yes Im in Beautiful British Columbia and I appreciate the advice but is there no way to change it within the game itself, would just be easier and neater
  2. I'm at University in Canada for the year, how do I change the time on my profile, I've already missed out on picking my teams a few times because of the time difference and everything is very disorganised. There must be some way of changing the time zone or something. thanks, for any help
  3. Re: Can we have the old game back please?? I have to agree that recently I feel as if the chairman and AI are making the decisions. I don't feel very in control when it comes to transfers, there isnt even much point of making a bid for a player as there is only a certain ammount you can bid before it is stopped.
  4. Re: Italian Championship 69!!! First 3 points for Hodgson and Transfer update Above: fans watching the 1-0 win over Avellino in a local pub Atalanta have celebrated their first three points under the guidance of Jonathon Hodgson. It was a strong 1-0 performance where they dominated possesion and could of scored a lot more than Gerard Pique's excellent blistering run and lob that left everyone stunned. After the game Pique's centre half companion Thiago silva who made his debut said "I didn't know centre backs could run that fast and have that type of technical ability, I hope Gerard does that more often". Transfer Update A few days ago, Atalanta signed two key players in defenders Thomas Vermaelen and Thiago Silva. Hodgson said on the day of their completed deals, "our defence is now sorted. We will now work on the rest of the team and building our youth setup". Atalanta now have defenders such as Pique, Thiago Silva, Vermaelen, Sakho and Pellegrino all at their disposal however it is believed that Pellegrino maybe another player to leave the club. One exciting transfer which has a few football experts excited is Atalanta's signing of Brazilan wonder kid Keirrison Hodgson has said he is a very exciting prospect and can develop into one of the most prominent strikers in the world. A comment which has Atalanta fans hoping of so much future success.
  5. Re: Ji-Sung Park + £8.8m = João Moutinho
  6. Re: Help fast..Lisandro Lopez or Diego Milito?? Lisandro Lopez definetly for me. Already looks brilliant at Lyon could move to an even bigger club in the future. Definetly Lisandro Lopez
  7. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would definetly do just because your getting Sergio Ramos, goalkeepers to me aren't to important anyway, and Ramos is class, and as a bonus your getting another good keeper, definetly do, great deal
  9. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread Could anyone give me an idea on Luca Cigarini, and his future rating
  10. Re: Italian Championship 69!!! The first game of the new era Atalanta will tonight begin their new era under the leadership of manager Jonathon Hodgson. They will be targeting all three points and hopefully a jump into the automatic promotion places. There has been a number of players brought in to the club and a number have departed, the majority of new signings will start tonight, including new 8.2 million pound signing Foggia. Along with Foggia a number of brazilains signed, not high profile signings but Hodgson hopes for big things with the likes of Douglas Costa and Ciro. Also on the same day as these Brazilian acquisitions, Atalanta revealed the signing of former PSG 19 year old captain Sakho. He is not expected to start tonight but is a well thought of prospect that has already captained a big club in France. Above Foggia in action for one of his former clubs Lazio, Hodgson believes his experience in Italy will benefit not only Foggia but the whole team Sakho leading out his former team PSG Team to start against Frosinone Coppola© Fabio Pique Manfredini Marcelo Foggia Song Palacios Cerci Defoe Floccari
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would do it. Podolski could maybe drop playing for Koln. Where as Altintop plays for German giants Bayern, and Rakitic is already rated 89 and still has a lot more potential.
  13. Re: Possible set-up need ideas You just have to be careful that it isnt to hard to run and their is an adamant ammount of transfers
  14. Re: Possible set-up need ideas Sounds like a decent idea, I would definetly be interested in managing fiorentina
  15. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread
  16. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread he is a funny one, he was raved about years ago but has never met the great expectations. I think if you need to sell then do it he won't be a big loss. But I would be tempted just to hold onto him.
  17. Re: English Championship 3 Sessegnon Signs for Everton Everton have completed the signing of Stephane Sessegnon from Charlton Athletic for 12 million pounds. Everton and Charlton had been in contact about the midfielder for a while and Everton boss Jonathon Hodgson thanks Charlton manager Sean Burns for his good communication which helped the deal along rather swiftly. Sessegnon is Everton's second signing under new boss Hodgson and Sessegnon said "I am joining a club that can go far, and the new manager straight away made me one of his targets when he came in. He told me about the plans for the club and I knew I wanted to sign for Everton."
  18. Re: barcelona team needs urgent help Also you need a better centre half to play alongside puyol, I could suggest some depending on your budget, and you have cambiasso to play in that holding defensive role.
  19. Re: barcelona team needs urgent help On quick glance, you have some great players going forward. Use this set an attacking stance and an attacking formation but use a defensive player to sit in front of the back 4 for cover. Use one of the positional arrow things to make him come back and almost be like an additional defender.
  20. Re: Players in different shirts. that is just brilliant, cant thank you enough, can someone tell me how I go about putting the picture into a post, have never used one before.
  21. Re: Players in different shirts. Just signed sessegnon, would be really gratefull if someone could put him in an Everton shirt for me
  22. Re: Italian championship 207 there is a few of us in Italian 69, a bunch of us decided to join an Intalian championship
  23. Re: Accept or Reject..? I would see if you can get a better player than Caceres, but I would still maybe hold onto Torres, because he is Quality, Liverpool legend already and regular for national team. If liverpool were to challenge and be one of the top 2 he could rise even further. However if you could get another good player alongside Etoo then I would be tempted as Etoo is a good forward and will hold onto his rating at Inter.
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