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    Re: At Uni in Canada how do I change the time?
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    Re: At Uni in Canada how do I change the time?
    User CP -> Edit Options -> Date & Time Options

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    Re: At Uni in Canada how do I change the time?
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    Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Preston feeling the pinch
    Preston manager James Burrow has again gone public over the state of the clubs finances. Despite various cost cutting measures, the club has been hit hard both financially and physically by key injuries to Yossi Benayoun, Marko Marin and Phil Jagielka.

    Jagielka suffers latest setback
    "We have been hit by the triple-whammy of injuries to Yossi (Benayoun) Phil Jagielka and Marko Marin. Obviously this affects the team, but it also affects the clubs spending power. While these players are in the treatment room, they are still getting paid. But we have had to recall replacements such as Gary Cahill to fill in for them. These are also being paid, meaning that our wage expenditure is starting to soar."
    Preston have vowed to participate in the Wrigley's Youth Tournament* despite the cost factor. They have also slashed ticket prices for the home league game against Derby County to £5, and anyone who goes to that match can claim free travel to Birmingham the following week. This is all in an attempt to boost attendance figures, which have been 10,000 short of capacity.

    *I chose Wrigley's as I was chewing gum
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    I am thinking about creating a set-up that will follow strict transfer and nationality rules.
    The league will consist of teams made from countries I believe boast the best talent at youth and then progress onto senior level. (England, Spain, Italy and France), All have won major trophies i.e World Cup and European Cups and give a good account for themselves.
    From England
    Aston Villa
    West Ham
    From Spain
    Athletic Club
    Racing Santander
    From Italy
    From France
    Paris St.Germain
    Lille OSC
    I was thinking of two 8 team divisions?
    Also any cup matches are youth matches?
    League Rules
    Squad Size
    Maximum Squad Size - 38, Which must consist of the following;
    First team Squad Maximum 21 (maximum of 5 forigen players)
    Youth Sqaud Size Maximum 17 (maximum of 2 forigen players)
    Youth Squad Rules
    Any player assigned to the Youth Squad should have a rating of no higher than 86
    Forigen Youth Players are inelligable to play on the Senior Team if there are already 5 Forigen Players listed on the Senior Sqaud
    Transfer Rules
    Players from same country of origin of your squad cannont exceed 89
    Players from a forigen nation cannont exceed a rating of 88
    What I am basically trying to create is a league where users will have to use homegrown talent and scout young youth players instead of relying upon forigen talent, althought you are allowded 5 of them it isnt a large number.
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    Re: Players in different shirts.
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    Re: Players in different shirts.
    Was bored' date=' so gave it a go and this came out:
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    Jon reacted to yapple in Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread   
    Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread
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    Re: Football Manager 2009
    If you guys want a really good football manager forum, join this.
    You can get plenty of databases, updates to download. There's also plenty of player, team and league guides, hints and tips, etc etc
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    Jon reacted to Nick Justice in Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

    Mario Balotelli Makes Switch From Inter to Lazio...
    Today as Goran Pandev Moved to Serie A Rivals Internazionale, Mario Balotelli Made His Move to Lazio, whilst Nicolás Burdisso, Is Still Agreeing a work Permit from the Italian SMFA Board of Directors, he Needs an International Clearance, although Having been capped 26 times by Argentina in Shall not be a Problem and That deal of £7.5million will Go Trhough Tommorow as Part of Deal for Goran Pandev. In Other Transfer News Lazio Have signed some Younger Players to imrpove thier Youth Team, The biggest being 16 year Old Emmanuel Mbola, who has been hinted to eb a Future star being a Full International at only 16 years of age! he joined for a fee of £2million from FC Pyunik, The Zambian has been followed by many Big Clubs but Lazio won the Battle for his signature, after Emmanuel Mbola himself Said He Desiers to play for Lazio. Amoung the Other youths Joint and Set to join was Former Spurs Striker Tomáš Pekhart who left Czech side Slavia Praha to make his £2million move To Italy. Lazio Boss Nick Justice said " I am happy with all my signings so far however we have many more Transfers to Come as we have a big big budget of over £56million, We have had a few Transfers Accepted and I will let you know more Tommorow Apon who these players are. We Have also been in long Negotiats with Lyon over a young Bosnian from them and we may have reached an Agreement for him within the next 48 to 56 Hours, Also Mario Balotelli may make his Debut this Wednesday against Fiorentina!"

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    Re: English Championship 3

    Port Vale appoint Jake
    At around 12:08am early this morning managerless Port Vale seen their new manager finally appointed, their new manager has been confirmed as Englishem Jake A who has joined the Vale on a 4 year contract witch will keep him at the Division 4 club until 2013. It was thought that Jake rejected the opportunity to manage Division 3 side Carlisle United to join he's fellow manager mate Dave Izod who also manages Rochdale and when these 2 teams meet in the league it is bound to be a tough encounter. We managed to catch up with the new Port Vale manager earlier this morning after having he's first training session with the club, this is what he had to say to our Sky Sports News team "Port Vale is still a very big club that could easily grab a play off spot this season, we may of lost our first game of the season 3-1 away to Leyton Orient but hopefully we can put the loss behind us and look ahead to the future. I am really looking forward to life in Division 4 with Dave and I hope we can make good progress with our first season in England."

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    Re: Centre Midfielder Help!
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    Re: Crouch or Pavlyuchenko?
    I just generally prefer Crouch, but it is a tough decision.
    For their respective national teams Pavyulchenko will probably play more but for Tottenham Crouch will probably play more but he is also behind Keane and Defoe in the pecking order.
    I think this is just a choice of preference, who do you prefer, who do you think is better.
    I think Crouch has a better chance of keeping his rating, where as I can see Pavyulchenko dropping by 1 or 2
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    Jon got a reaction from MCFC James in should i accept this deal???   
    Re: should i accept this deal???
    Accept , kaka could be a flop at Madrid where as Xavi and Alves are world class, consitant and play for the best team in the world. Definetly accept, doesnt even need a second thought.
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    Jon reacted to S04 in English Championship 3   
    Re: English Championship 3
    I have Everton on offer for the second time in four days if anyone wants them let me know. Toggs was suppose to want them but since he has taken over Cheltenham I guess anyone interested can have them.
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    Jon reacted to timesle in Raising credits   
    SoccerManager is a game which wants to be as realistic as possible so I thought about the following idea:
    Raising credits
    Sometimes you need money for a short period of time. I myself realized this in a Gold Setup where I wanted to make a 2 part deal with a manager, in which I sell him two players and receive another player. So I wanted to buy this player for one of mine + cash in order that he can buy with the money my second player for CV. But both managers - he and me - had not enough funds to make this deal. So we had to sell players to get money, that we not really needed - only for this deal.
    You should be able to borrow money from the bank for a short period of times (2 - 4 turns) and as a security you have to name a player.
    For example: You give Messi for security (CV: ~50M) and receive the 50M which you have to pay back in this short period with interests of corse. This interests IMO should not be too low. If you don't pay the money back the security-player will be put on the transfer list and definitely sold for the best bid (only cash). The selling club will receive no money, because all the money (even if the player will be sold for more than CV) will go to the bank.
    It should be a kind of punishment if you cannot pay the money back.
    Please tell me what do you think about it or give some more examples for which you could need short term money.
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    Jon reacted to Spam in Joao Miranda + Rafael Carioca for BAPTISTA   
    Re: Joao Miranda + Rafael Carioca for BAPTISTA
    Accept! Miranda has been targeted by Milan and Baptista isn't going to improve much more on his current rating, which I think at 91 is the most he's going to get at Roma. I would see if you could get money instead of Carioca, who has flopped at Spartak in the Russian League.
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    Jon reacted to Saafend in World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc   
    Re: World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc

    "Crew" sin' into World Unity FA

    In a brief announcement today the Columbus Crew unveild new manager Ian Gammon. Mr Gammon was unavailable at this time for a comment but his announcement earlier regarding him leaving Fenerbahçe left no-one surprised. Columbus had been trying for some time to obtain his services for their MLS campaign. It seems the Crew's decision to join the new 'World Unity FA' was too much of a temptation and the deal was done. Mr Gammon's press secretary says to expect more on his decision when he has had a chance to talk to all the players.
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    Jon got a reaction from VP09 in NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea   
    Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea
    of course you can
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    Jon reacted to Eza in David Villa or Samuel Eto'o   
    Re: David Villa or Samuel Eto'o
    Villa would be the better option..
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    Jon reacted to blooosh in David Villa or Samuel Eto'o   
    Re: David Villa or Samuel Eto'o
    Has to be Villa.
    Eto'o had an extraordinary season but he looks set to leave barcelona for most likely Man city, So I would go with Villa seen as he looks like he is moving to Madrid/Chelsea.
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    Jon reacted to Skarmory in David Villa or Samuel Eto'o   
    Re: David Villa or Samuel Eto'o
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    Jon reacted to Doe © in Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread

    The question remains... Can Guadalajara repeat the double of last year, where they won the Division 1 title and Mexican Cup? The former giving them entry this season to the prestigious SMFA Champions Cup, which will be the main focus this season, casting doubts over whether the squad is strong enough to be a major force in the league like last season, where Guadalajara ran rampage losing just two games, including two fine wins over previous league champions Club America. On top of this Mexican striker, Sergio Santana won the Golden Boot with 16 goals in 32 appearances, and also claimed the most assists with 18 in 32 appearances.

    Golden Boot - Santana
    Transfer News
    The only new signing this season for Guadalajara is the talented 21 year old centre back Julio Cesar Dominguez. He came in for a hefty £11m from rivals Cruz Azul but he will be one of the three, first choice centre backs. However, a left back is badly needed because of the severe lack of depth in that position at the present time. Meanwhile, on the selling front Jose Antonio Olvera is available for £3m and youngster Jesus Padilla is available for loan.

    New Signing - Dominguez
    The strongest formation for this season is a 3-5-2, with the line up looking like this - Michel (88), Magallon (90), Dominguez (88), Reynoso (88), Pineda (89), Medina (88), Araujo (88), Castillo (87), Morales (89), Tchite (88) and Santana (88).
    With Guadalajara's strength in depth though, a completely different system and line up (goalkeeper not included) can and will be used for cup matches and Division 1 matches where the first XI are being rested. This comes in the form of a 3-2-2-2-1, with the line up looking like this - Michel (88), Mendoza (87), Danilo (87), Korkmaz (87), Mejia (87), Kladrubsky (86), Solis (87), Martinez (86), Lobos (87), Avila (86) and Andres Mendoza (87).
    To show the strength in depth all of the following players are still available in case of injuries or suspensions - Salcedo (86), Baez (86), Ninis (86), Oluwafemi (86), Diogo (85), Dos Santos (85), Arellano (86) and Bernberg (86). Attention all managers, these players are available to loan as long as they are not covering problems within my own squad.
    Matchday 1 - 5th June 2009 - Charity Shield Final vs Pachuca
    With Guadalajara at full strength, they were clear favourites for the first piece of silverware of the season.
    Attendance - 84,782
    Stadium - Wembley
    Referee - Stephane Lannoy
    Pachuca Line Up (4-4-2) - Calero (7), Aguilar (6), Kadlec (6), Samba (7), Perez (5), Alvarez (6), Rodriguez (6), Caballero (7), Lovenkrands (5), Christian (6), Montes (5)
    Guadalajara Line Up (3-5-2) - Michel (7), Magallon (7), Reynoso (7), Dominguez (6), Pineda (6), Castillo (5), Medina (6) , Araujo (9), Santana (9), Tchite (9), Morales (6)
    6th Minute - GOAL - Pachuca striker Correa Christian manages to meet an invited cross with a bullet header leaving Luis Michel stranded in the Guadalajara goal.
    24th Minute - CHANCE - Pachuca winger Luis Montes grazes the top of the bar with a super header. Was unmarked, so he will be dissapointed he didn't score.
    26th Minute - GOAL - Mohammed Tchite grabs the equaliser for Guadalajara in rather fortunate circumstances, as his miss-hit shot somehow beats Miguel Calero. What a blunder, drop your head in shame, disgrace.
    27th Minute - CHANCE - The post is left rattling as Ramon Morales of Guadalajara beats the keeper when one on one but also beats the goal.
    39th Minute - GOAL - A moment of pure class from talented youngster Patricio Araujo of Guadalajara, as he cuts in from the left and unleashes a venemous strike which flies into the Pachuca goal from 25 yards out.
    HT - 1-2
    67th Minute - BOOKING - Pachuca's Peter Lovenkrands takes a dive, and what a beauty it was, if that was gymnastics he'd be the world champion. Oh, look at this... Bruno Grandi the President of the International Gymnastics Federation is walking onto the pitch and gives Lovenkrands a gold medal for his artistic work on the pitch.
    79th Minute - BOOKING - Ramon Morales is the second player to be booked, after a poorly timed tackle. Despite the ball being at the other end of the pitch, Morales decided to scissor kick Pachuca right back Paul Nicolas Aguilar for fun.
    84th Minute - GOAL - Last season's top goalscorer, Sergio Santana opens his account with a simple tap in, following a goalmouth scramble. Surely game over now for Pachuca.
    FT - 1-3
    Possession- Pachuca 35% - 65% Guadalajara
    Total Shots - Pachuca 11 - 21 Guadalajara
    Shots On Target - Pachuca 2 - 15 Guadalajara
    Corners - Pachuca 10 - 8 Guadalajara
    Yellow Cards - Pachuca 1 - 1 Guadalajara
    Red Cards - None
    MOM - Sergio Santana of Guadalajara
    Injuries - Alberto Medina of Guadalajara - Shin Splints (6 Days)
    Manager's Comment - "Great result for us, especially as there is a trophy at the end of it. I was pleased with Dominguez on his debut, he dealt with the pressure well".

    Ouch Shin Splints - Medina
    Matchday 2 - 6th June 2009 - League Match vs Toluca (H)
    Toluca were favourites coming into the opening match of the league season as Guadalajara were fielding their second team because of SMFA commitments the following day.
    Attendance - 31,058
    Stadium - Jalisco
    Referee - Jacek Granat
    Guadalajara Line Up - (3-2-2-2-1) - Michel (6), Mendoza (6), Korkmaz (6), Danilo (6), Mejia (6), Kladrubsky (6), Ninis (6), Martinez (6), Andres Mendoza (7), Lobos (7), Avila (6)
    Toluca Line Up - (4-5-1 A) - Cristante (7), Lopez (7), Mareque (7), Da Silva (7), Duenas (7), Yebda (9), Ponce (6), Busquets (8), Nene (7), Zinha (8), Gimenez (8)
    11th Minute - CHANCE - The opening moment of the match falls to Guadalajara's Oswaldo Martinez, who sees his shot cleared off the line. Unlucky.
    15th Minute - GOAL - A bit of genious from Toluca's French midfield maestro Hassan Yebda, as he cuts inside and unleashes a shot which flies past Luis Michel in the Guadalajara goal. The stadium has gone silent.
    35th Minute - GOAL - Toluca go two goals up after Miguel Nene rounds the goalkeeper and finishes it, into the empty net. Supurb composure by the Brazilian there.
    HT - 0-2
    47th Minute - BOOKING - Guadalajara's Jiri Kladrubsky thought he could get away with an uppercut on the Toluca player there. Mike Tyson would be proud of that one.
    55th Minute - CHANCE - Another chance goes begging for Guadalajara as Sergio Avila can only hit the post when clean through on goal. On the replay you can see Toluca goalkeeper Hernan Cristante wetting his pants when left with a one on one situation with Avila. Fortunately the post saved his clean sheet, his underwear is far from clean though.
    64th Minute - CHANCE - Guadalajara hit the woodwork for a second time, with playmaker Lucas Lobos rattling the crossbar from 25 yards.
    71st Minute - CHANCE - Zinha of Toluca makes a brave diving header at the near post, only to see his header come back off the post and out of play. He's at his magical best today.
    81st Minute - GOAL - After hitting the woodwork 10 minutes ago, Toluca attacking midfielder Zinha grabs his well desrved goal. A supurb pull back accross goal found its way to Zinha, who finished with great aplomb. Game, set and match to Toluca surely.
    FT - 0-3
    Possession - Guadalajara 39% - 61% Toluca
    Total Shots - Guadalajara 17 - 9 Toluca
    Shots On Target - Guadalajara 6 - 6 Toluca
    Corners - Guadalajara 7 - 9 Toluca
    Yellow Cards - Guadalajara 1 - 0 Toluca
    Red Cards - None
    MOM - Hassan Yebda of Toluca
    Manager's Comment - "All of the credit must go to Toluca for playing extremely well throughout the entire 90 minutes. They kept the ball better than us, took their chances and defended well to. We played okay, but I feel there is a lot more in the tank. We were missing Solis today as well which didn't help us, but thats no excuse for the thrashing we received at home in front of our own fans today. Refunds will be given to all supporters".

    Excellent Display - Yebda
    Matchday 3 - 8th June 2009 - SMFA Champs Cup Match vs Espanyol
    Guadalajara are looking to pick up a point away at Espanyol in the first matchday in the SMFA Champiosn Cup Group C. With Espanyol set to field Albert Riera, Luis Garcia and Carlos Kameni amongst other supurb players, the odds are firmly in their favour.
    Attendance - 21,536
    Stadium - Estadi RCDE
    Referee - Hernando Buitrago
    Espanyol Line Up (3-5-2) - Kameni (7), Zabaleta (7), Clemente Rodriguez (7), Jarque (6), Moises (8), De La Pena (8), Valdo (8), Gomez (9), Montero (7), Luis Garcia (8), Riera (9)
    Guadalajara (3-5-2) - Michel (7), Magallon (6), Reynoso (7), Dominguez (6), Pineda (6), Castillo (6), Solis (6), Araujo (7), Santana (5), Tchite (7), Morales (7)
    10th Minute - GOAL - Espanyol open the scoring through Fredy Montero, as his volley finds the back of the net.
    19th Minute - CHANCE - Guadalajara almost grab an equaliser through Ramon Morales, but he sees his shot cleared off the line and out to safety.
    37th Minute - GOAL - Tricky left winger Albert Riera manages to glide past two Guadalajara defenders and fire an unstoppable shot past Luis Michel and put Espanyol in a commanding position. Poor defending.
    38th Minute - CHANCE - It should have been game over for Guadalajara as Fredy Montero somehow misses an open goal. Memories of Ade Akinbiyi at his appalling best spring to mind.
    44th Minute - BOOKING - Espanyol's Daniel Jarque slammed into the Guadalajara player there. If you look closely you can see a tooth flying through the air and landing in that guy's Coke in seat 2B.
    HT - 2-0
    52nd Minute - BOOKING - New Guadalajara signing Julio Cesar Dominguez picks up his first booking after a clumsy looking tackle. £11m for that, what a waste.
    54th Minute - GOAL - Its game over now as Alejandro Gomez puts Espanyol three up after climbing the highest and heading the inswinging corner into the back of the net. Poor marking, you pay the price.
    65th Minute - CHANCE - Albert Riera is having a field day as he sees he brilliant lob cleared off the line. He has dismantled Guadalajara today.
    79th Minute - BOOKING - Donkey of the match, Sergio Santana of Guadalajara caps of his awesome display by bringing out a rocket launcher, which was classed as dangerous play by today's referee.
    FT - 3-0
    Possession - Espanyol 54% - 46% Guadalajara
    Total Shots - Espanyol 18 - 19 Guadalajara
    Shots On Target - Espanyol 6 - 7 Guadalajara
    Corners - Espanyol 4 - 6 Guadalajara
    Yellow Cards - Espanyol 1 - 2 Guadalajara
    Red Cards - None
    MOM - Albert Riera of Espanyol
    Manager's Comment - "I have to say we were unlucky today, we had more shots on goal, more corners and generally looked good going forward. However, our defence has not lived up to expectations for the second match running and the midfield couldn't get hold of the ball enough when Espanyol were in profitable positions. Santana wasn't at his best today and I believe we havn't seen the best of him at SMFA level yet".

    Quality On The Wing - Riera
    SMFA World Cup

    Yesterday, Brazil clinched their first SMFA World Cup after defeating Portugal 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico, thanks to goals from Robinho, Kaka and Diego, in the 81st, 85th and 87th minutes respectively. It capped off a wonderful tournament for Brazil, where they kept a 100% winning record throughout. "What a supurb achievement for this team and Brazil as a country. Football is a major part of life for the majority of Brazil, so by showing Brazil are still the best country in the world it brings even more cause for optimism in the future" - Were the words from the manager.
    Road To Glory
    Brazil 4 (Kaka 26, Robinho 34, Ze Roberto 81, Diego 87) Bulgaria 2 (Berbatov 71, Genkov 83)
    Brazil 4 (Diego 7, Kaka 17, Ronaldinho 27, Robinho 56) Ireland 1 (N Hunt 62)
    Brazil 2 (Robinho 28, Ze Roberto 84) Georgia 0
    Brazil 4 (Mancini 22, Diego 33, Ze Roberto 63, Robinho 76) Israel 1 (Natcho 56)
    Brazil 3 (Ronaldinho 14, Diego 22, Robinho 25) Netherlands 1 (Seedorf 2)
    Brazil 5 (Diego 4 and 8, Ronaldinho 42, Robinho 70 and 77) Sweden 1 (Ljungberg 55)
    Brazil 3 (Robinho 81, Kaka 85, Diego 87) Portugal 0
    What an incredible tournament it was for Diego and Robinho. The former scoring 7 goals in 7 matches, whilst Robinho went one better and scored 8 in 7. The defence leaked only 6 goals and kept two clean sheets, whilst the midfield was outstanding in producing the goals and providing service for lone striker Ronaldinho. Brazil picked up the MOM award in every match, with Julio Cesar, Diego and Ronaldinho managing two apiece, whilst Mancini picked up the other award.
    Brazil's system worked wonders, with the system and line up kept the same for every match (3-4-2-1) - Julio Cesar, Maicon, Juan, Lucio, Juninho, Ze Roberto, Robinho, Mancini, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Diego. The results quite clearly were incredible.

    Best In The World - Brazil
    Brazil begin the defence of their trophy in Group 3 of the Qualifiers, alongside Morocco, Canada, Ukraine and Lithuania.

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