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  1. Re: Sahin or Khedira do you know the meaning of "rarely? cuz 2435 minutes for RM doesn't look like "rarely" to me
  2. Re: EPL Rating Predictions i dont think chamakh will rise now that RVP is back, 91 is pretty good for a bench warmer
  3. Re: my ajax squad.... any fallers or risers? chygrynskiy may drop by -1 Dont know about Pires but look at his stats: http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/robert-pir%C3%A8s/leistungsdaten/spieler_3185.html anyways he's old XD
  4. Re: Abdou TRAORE claramente traduzido no google esse "will go up" xD acho q nao sobe, só tem 194 minutos na L1
  5. Re: Joao Silva, the new portuguese rising star nice thread
  6. Re: River Plate squad opinion! wait for the rating changes in russia and argentina, I saw that you have some Argentinian risers (acho que és português por isso vou te responder em portugues xD tens muitos jogadores que subiram á pouco por isso livra te dos que subiram á 3 meses ou menos e que joguem em equipas pequenas, ou seja que nao tenham jogadores com 86/87 ou mais)
  7. Re: Aymen Abdennour (not on DB) with Werder Bremen! I hope sm dont rate im that high, I want a BIG RISER Abdennour played some games as LB since he signed for werder cuz BOENISCH is injured I doubt that he will be a starter when BOENISCH comes back, maybe(I hope) im wrong:D
  8. Re: Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section I have him since 2008 in my team:D he didnt rose the last time because of some trouble with his loan i think, hope he gets a nice rise this time, I want to get rid of him:p
  9. Re: Rising World Cup Goalkeepers you mean Patricio, and he never played for the NT, and he is rubbish:D believe me
  10. Re: Players who will rise Boghossian 80->85/86 Neymar 82->85/86
  11. Re: Rising AM I decided to go for Modric, cheapest I could find and I have enough time to sell him before he drops
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