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  1. Re: Sahin or Khedira do you know the meaning of "rarely? cuz 2435 minutes for RM doesn't look like "rarely" to me
  2. Re: EPL Rating Predictions i dont think chamakh will rise now that RVP is back, 91 is pretty good for a bench warmer
  3. Re: my ajax squad.... any fallers or risers? chygrynskiy may drop by -1 Dont know about Pires but look at his stats: http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/robert-pir%C3%A8s/leistungsdaten/spieler_3185.html anyways he's old XD
  4. Re: Abdou TRAORE claramente traduzido no google esse "will go up" xD acho q nao sobe, só tem 194 minutos na L1
  5. Re: Joao Silva, the new portuguese rising star nice thread
  6. Re: River Plate squad opinion! wait for the rating changes in russia and argentina, I saw that you have some Argentinian risers (acho que és português por isso vou te responder em portugues xD tens muitos jogadores que subiram á pouco por isso livra te dos que subiram á 3 meses ou menos e que joguem em equipas pequenas, ou seja que nao tenham jogadores com 86/87 ou mais)
  7. Re: Aymen Abdennour (not on DB) with Werder Bremen! I hope sm dont rate im that high, I want a BIG RISER Abdennour played some games as LB since he signed for werder cuz BOENISCH is injured I doubt that he will be a starter when BOENISCH comes back, maybe(I hope) im wrong:D
  8. Re: Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section I have him since 2008 in my team:D he didnt rose the last time because of some trouble with his loan i think, hope he gets a nice rise this time, I want to get rid of him:p
  9. Re: Rising World Cup Goalkeepers you mean Patricio, and he never played for the NT, and he is rubbish:D believe me
  10. Re: Players who will rise Boghossian 80->85/86 Neymar 82->85/86
  11. Re: Rising AM I decided to go for Modric, cheapest I could find and I have enough time to sell him before he drops
  12. If someone could tell me some players (AM) that will rise soon or who are future 91+players in 1 year!!! I would be grateful By the way I have 17M to spend I already have Granero and Pjanic but I need a 90+ player because it's the weakest position on my squad and the most important MY NORTHAMPTON TOWN SQUAD (my RB is Fucile and not Santon )
  13. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread
  14. Re: plzzzzz, HELP ME!!!! I have Mauro Zarate in my Northampton town and I just saw that Lazio is in the 16th place so he will not rise. Should I trade him for Luis Suarez? I know that Zarate is very talented but I just signed a new contract 6 months ago so he will not move soon. GIVE MY YOUR OPINION:p
  15. In my game world EC 2264 Burnely did a illegal transfer to Leeds, the the player (Manuel Fernandes) signed I reported the transfer and than the player just came back to Burnley. Now he trade him for Hamsik and 4M I asked my friends who are in the same game world and they noticed it too. Did something like that happened before? (Sorry for my poor english)
  16. Re: SA 2010 team ratings. Portugal: GK Manuel Quim 89 (EDUARDO) RB Jose Bosingwa 92 LB Miguel Jorge Ribeiro 87(DUDA) CB Ricardo Carvalho 94 CB Ferreira Pepe 93 (6 months injury and play as DM for the NT, BRUNO ALVES IS OUR CB) RM Sabrosa Simao 93 LM Cristiano Ronaldo 98 CM Anderson Deco 92 CM Raul Meireles/Joao Moutinho 91(moutinho wont be a starter) CF Da Silva Muniz Liedson 91 CF Hugo Almeida 89 (ONLY 1 CF, we use a DM who is normally pepe, but may be P
  17. Re: Utk's English League Prediction what happened to LUCAS???
  18. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis I thought he will rise:confused:
  19. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings zarate? rise to 91 or stays?
  20. Re: Most talented fetus in the world Added today rated ∞
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread DP do you like my new sign? VAI JORGE NUNO NEM A CRIOLINA TE PÁRA
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