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  1. Re: New Set-up To-be! Please Join!! Could I have Atletico Madrid or Genoa please? Thanks.
  2. Re: Three Nations League (managers wanted) Roma or Juventus please, thanks .
  3. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. I got a screenshot about me :D:D:D . Also, the screenshot was me saying "Mods are morons" as well, lol. Would I have got banned?
  4. Re: Arsenal target Milan starlet Has he actually played for them? He will be about 20 by now won't he?
  5. BenM

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    Re: Forum Posts That might be why my post count wasn't going up when I was discussing something with Lee, and a couple of other people I think, on a thread I wrote about why the SM rating system should be changed. Why don't posts in Misc go towards your post count? Anyway, I think that I maybe shouldn't have wrote this thread.
  6. BenM

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    Re: Forum Posts I have only posted on three different accounts, not 100.
  7. BenM

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    Re: Forum Posts Was this thread pointless?
  8. Re: Arsenal target Milan starlet Who is Piazza playing for now?
  9. BenM

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    Hi, I have decided to cut down on the amount of posts I make on the forum, or, I might just stop posting at all. Sometimes, I think I have possibly been making posts just to post, when I didn't really need to, and, I think maybe there is no point of this. So, I may be making less posts on the forum now then I may have previously been doing.
  10. Re: No sentiment. And whats the Mod Request in this case? What have you requested me to do?
  11. Re: No sentiment. An infraction? For what exactly?
  12. Re: No sentiment. I don't know.
  13. Re: 2 Goalkeeper Rule from 1st April 2009 If you only have one keeper, and the chairman gets you a second, will the keeper have a similar rating to the rest of your squad?
  14. Re: No sentiment. I ignore what mods tell me to do .
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