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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Normally browse the forum rather than post but thought I would add my tuppenceworth into the Dortmund rating debate. I am pretty suprised by the mock outrage being shown for the changes' date=' Gotze apart I dont see a change that really should suprise.

    I think it's important to remember these changes are not just for this season but take in the tail end of last season as well, and during that time Dortmund retained the title and dismantled Munich in the cup final. They have been patchy in the league this term granted but on the big stage (Champ League) have shown real class in a group with the Champions of England and Spain.

    Piszczek has been as good as any RB in Europe the last 2 seasons and had not received a rating increase since March 2012, 92 is fully justified.

    Lewa's goals to game since he last increased also justifies his plus 2, Reus had a cracking season last term and then took it into the Euro's and has continued that into this season, again I feel 92 is justified.

    [b']Personally I am pleased that the Bundesliga is being recognised as being a strong league, always felt it was grossly underrated in comparison to EPL and La Liga.[/b]

    Nice to see a cool head in here amongst everyone else going crazy.

    I agree especially with your final paragraph, which I've bolded. The Bundesliga has been massively underrated on SM up to now, but these ratings have well and truly reflected its status as the third-highest rated league in the world.

    Consider this also as a shift in the overall pitch of ratings. Someone on here made this argument when Pirlo got a +2 to become a 94 again - ratings in general are being more generous, partly because these players have gone a year without being rated, and partly because the gaps between the highest rated players and their teammates are being lessened.

    I will be interested to see how the Spanish and English changes go now. I've only been playing the game for 3 years but I can say that there used to be a lot more higher rated players when I started playing (Gerrard 97' date=' Kaka 97 Torres 96, Drogba 96, Eto'o 96, Rooney 96, Maicon 96, Terry 95, Lampard 95, to name a few. There certainly seemed a lot more 93+ players than in the past couple of years.[b'] It is possible SM is raising the average again.[/b]

    This is the answer.

  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    I'm not against concerns as such - in my main setup this week I saw a real vindication for their existence, with Anderson Hernanes (who had played just 18 games in 2 seasons for Barcelona) requesting a transfer and moving to second division VfB Stuttgart, thereby becoming their star player. My team and that of my main rival have had to shed a few players - the likes of Vertonghen, Schurrle, Lewandowski and Kroos - because they were barely able to get any games. All left for big money to improve weaker sides in the setup, which is fantastic.

    But ultimately things have gone too far. No clubs in real football (and isn't that what SM is aspiring to?) can compete on all fronts with a squad that consists of 17 outfield players, which seems to be the maximum anyone can get away with now. The issue with default Man City sides having numerous concerns sums everything up.

    I have to micro-manage every member of my side, drawing up calculations for 75% of 38 or 53 or 65 games. Never mind if an 89-rated kid is far outperforming an established 93 in his position - you're forced to pander to concerns and stick with the big name, no matter how badly that might affect your results.

    And then there are the blatant bugs. Oh Jesus, they'd best be bugs - if SM have really decided that it makes sense for players to grow unhappy about not playing when out through injury (and perhaps suspension too?) then I despair. And if that is a bug, then when is it being fixed? If they procrastinate too long, people will lose key players and they will not hold back in their criticism.

    It's a great concept, but it needs real work. The most tragic thing about all this is that the system worked really well before SM "fixed loopholes"; whatever they changed has made it militant and unworkable.

  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    And the they also expect to play even if they're out of form and picking up ratings of 6 on a regular basis.

    This! A perfect demonstration of how the new concern system has failed to take common sense into its equation.

    Higuain is my top-rated striker at 94, and usually he fires the goals in for my team. But not this season - he can't hit a barn door and has scored just 6 goals in 23 league games. But I have to play him in almost every match to ensure he doesn't develop concerns, to the detriment of my side's form :mad:

    Instead of actually managing the team, I'm just managing the concerns instead. Ridiculous.

  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    So, Lahm went up to a Level 2 Concern today. As well documented by myself in this thread, he was injured for 8 weeks at the end of the previous season, having started 20 consecutive games before suffering the injury.

    He made his return on July 12th, but was obviously below match fitness and had to miss the first match he was "available" for. The unlucky fellow then got injured on his first game back, which put him out for 13 days.

    Again, he was below match fitness on his return and had to miss a game, but since then has started every match. That means that he has started 28 of the last 30 games he has been available for, having missed only two matches where he was well below 90% fitness.

    Yet according to SM, this is perfect grounds for him to go to his manager and complain about not playing. There is clearly a massive glitch with injuries impacting on concerns in this game, but it is being ignored. I'm seriously worried that one of my best and favourite players will continue rising in concern levels (what happens if he gets injured again?!) and I can safely say that if he does wind up requesting a transfer as a result of this bug, I (a Gold manager and member for 6 years) will be well and truly



  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Yesterday I had a player develop a 'lack of games' concern. Fair enough' date=' he probably hasn't featured in enough games recently (couple of points below starters, has a handful of appearances so far).

    The trouble is he was injured last week. And he won't be back until near the end of the month. I have no doubt that he will increase, due to this line in the 'help' system,

    Whose bright idea was this... Now I may still be able to rid him of the concern, as luckily it isn't the longest injury and he is at a low level concern. However there are players that have higher level concerns, and there are injuries that can last for [b']months[/b]. It defies all logic that a player can grow concerned whilst he is unable to play.

    Why can't SM just communicate with the customers and discuss the little details of the system; things that work, things that don't and things that are needed?

    Concerns cannot work with current aspects of the game such as: fitness levels, injuries, (the rate of) rating changes, and while critical information is hidden (regarding concerns).

    That explanation from SM is clearly incorrect anyway.

    For me, Philipp Lahm is an absolute first-team regular. Last season he started 33 league games, 3 Cup games (the quarter, semi and final) and all 12 SMFA games he was fit for. On the very last day of the league season he picked up an injury that ruled him out for 8 weeks.

    Just before coming back from that injury, he went up to a Level 1 concern - having started 20 consecutive matches up to and including the match he was injured in, and having started 49 of the club's 59 games that season.

  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    91 rated Thomas Vermaelen' date=' an ever present in my Celtic team till he got a bad injury which kept him out the team for about 12 turns. When he recovered from injury his fitness was still only around 70%, so was left out for a maximum of 3 turns, now has a level 1 concern.

    That can't be right.[/quote']

    This is the most clear evidence that whatever SM has done to "fix loopholes" has just created bugs. I had a player, rated 94, who was an absolute ever present in my team until he got injured on the final day of last season and ruled out for 8 weeks. A few days before his return date, he developed a Level 1 concern about his lack of games!

    To make matters worse, he got injured on his first game back. Now, that injury has only ruled him out for a week, but what happens if in a month's time he picks up another long-term injury?

    This never used to happen with the concerns, so clearly there is an error that needs to fix immediately.

  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    I don't usually have any complaints about the Concerns system, but clearly something is wrong at the moment.

    Philipp Lahm suffered an injury for my team on the last day of the season on May 16th that has sidelined him until July 12th. Today I get notified that he is concerned about his lack of games kexc08.gif

    That's right - a guy who is still out injured is complaining to me about not being played. It won't be a problem as he'll be straight back in my first XI once he's back to full fitness, but under different circumstances this bug could be a real issue. Say for example, a player develops a Level 3 concern, so his manager starts to play him - only for the player to suffer a terrible injury and be ruled out of action for months. He could very well keep moving up in concern level until requesting a transfer, with the manager left helpless.

  8. Re: overhaul of how results are decided.

    I do think that for some reason, results in international matches and club friendlies are far more random than matches in the standard league and cup competitions.

    Not sure why, but it's definitely the case. It makes international competitions a lottery and friendlies a complete waste of time, as it's very difficult to draw any actual conclusions from the results.

  9. Re: Board Objectives

    As an option for custom setups, fine. But on many occasions the idea of managers being sacked in standard game worlds has come up, and every time my response has been the same - no way.

    I do agree that managers logging in once every 29 days is an annoyance, but it doesn't always mean the manager deserves to lose their club.

    A friend of mine had an AC Milan side which he loved, but there was a phase where he could only log in every three weeks or so. They got relegated, and under your idea he'd have been sacked from the club he'd managed for three years based on a couple of months of inactivity. Thankfully, the feature wasn't in the game, and he was able to log in every day again after another couple of months. He steered them back into the top flight, survived the drop and went on to finish top six with a Shield to boot.

    I think generally that things get sorted out naturally over time, and managers who continually leave it late before logging in eventually forget to do so, or decide not to bother. Sacking managers, in a standard game world at least, simply isn't an option for me.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I've got the option to swap Arjen Robben and Javier Mascherano for Xavi' date=' but I'm not sure what to do. My instinct tells me that'd be giving away a bit too much for the 32-year old.

    Other midfielders of note in my side are Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Pedro Rodriguez and Mario Götze... So while Xavi would clearly improve on Mascherano, I fear I'd be weakening the side overall too much by letting Robben go. Thoughts?[/quote']

    Brief update, mainly for the purpose of boasting, but I managed to get Xavi in the end for £7m, Pedro and Mamadou Sakho:D

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    It's a bit on the expensive side I'd try Pedro and mascherano instead but its not a dreadful deal for your circumstances.

    I would have preferred to have gone with Pedro and Mascherano, but that was above my chairman's maximum by about 300k.

    Thanks for the advice, both to you and Mudito. I think I'm gonna follow my instincts and turn the offer down... It's always tempting when a player of Xavi's rating is on the table but I think it'd affect my squad's ability to compete in all competitions if I lost two first teamers.

    I feel slightly bad for walking in here for help without offering any advice myself - I'll make a mental note to hang around for a couple of days now :P

    Edit: Cheers also, dancpoli - I thought the same with regards to Pedro being included and the deal itself in the end.

  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I've got the option to swap Arjen Robben and Javier Mascherano for Xavi, but I'm not sure what to do. My instinct tells me that'd be giving away a bit too much for the 32-year old.

    Other midfielders of note in my side are Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Pedro Rodriguez and Mario Götze... So while Xavi would clearly improve on Mascherano, I fear I'd be weakening the side overall too much by letting Robben go. Thoughts?

  13. Click on a player, go to their Statistics tab and their season-by-season record is no longer visible - there's only a tallied-up amount on a single line. This has been the case since Friday morning.

    I'm hoping it's just a glitch (for a brief moment yesterday afternoon the full records were visible again) but if not - if it's by design - it's a terrible decision. Being able to view any player's record is a big part of looking into the history of a setup, and is also useful when making signings - you could have two players with 300 + appearances and a similar average performance rating, and only by looking at their seasonal records can you determine which is a lower league flat track bully and which has done it in the top tier consistently.

    Any news on this?

  14. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made?

    For deals with other managers, I'd count the following as some of my best...

    - Xabi Alonso for £26m, Roque Santa Cruz and Martin Jorgensen

    - Javier Mascherano for £15m, Marcos Senna and Frederic Kanoute

    - Mario Götze for £8m and James Milner

    For snapping up youth players...

    - André Schürrle for £60k

    - Thiago Alcantara for £1m

    - Gonzalo Higuain for £1m (back in 2006 <3)

    - Pedro Rodriguez for £1.2m

    - Holger Badstuber for £3m (faced a bit of competition on that)

    - Manuel Neuer for £1m and René Adler for £100k (end of 2006/start of 2007)

  15. Re: Squad Selection by Assistant

    Because if they played your best team it's more likely you'd win...

    Therefore there is less reason to want to manage them yourselves...

    Therefore there is less reason to pay for Gold Membership...

    Therefore there is less money in SM's pocket' date=' and less Gold Members.[/quote']

    That's it. I finally bought Gold Membership last week having been playing the game for five years, mainly because I knew to keep my squad happy I'd have to personally select my team for SMFA matches. Very clever of SM, I must say.

  16. Re: Mats Hummels or Alex Song

    I think a lot of the results Dortmund players received were mainly based from last year performance. If they continue their rather poor form this season' date=' none will rise at the end of the season.[/quote']

    Um, they're second in the Bundesliga (and only off top by a point). They didn't do well in the CL but their form overall definitely isn't poor.

  17. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Yes' date=' they count. Everything apart from friendlies count.

    SMFA games count as "bonus" games for concerns; so they only work in your favour.[/quote']

    Never let it be said that Soccermanager aren't clever (or should that be devious)... I've recently bought in three defenders for my main side, which takes my total of 90 + defenders up to 7. Having done the sums, keeping them all happy on a minimum of 40 games (the league games, plus at least 2 in the knockouts) when I have other players to rotate would be essentially impossible. Therefore, on seeing the Gold Management deduction, I've taken the plunge and bought that to ensure I can field the side I would like in the SMFA Competitions and juggle concerns a bit easier.


  18. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I)

    Other than that (and Podolski's mystery rise' date=' of course), I think this has been a good review. SM needed to upgrade Germany and they've done so.[/quote']


    Makes me think of Timesle's fantastic threads where he analysed the ratings of the top leagues in Europe and showed that despite the coefficient change Serie A was still much better off on SM than the Bundesliga, but these changes (and Italy's to come) are changing that balance.

    I do think Gomez should've gone up, and Podolski should not have done (maybe Huntelaar has cause to be annoyed too), but apart from that there's little else wrong. Very pleased on a personal level as well, since I started playing five years ago I've always focussed on German players above any others and now my team has numerous German stars.

  19. Re: Soccer Manager Chat

    I'd just like to say what a fantastic addition this has been to the game. I'm usually quite critical of Soccermanager's changes (as my post message history will attest) but the chat has been brilliant.

    I rarely communicated with managers via PM in the past, and missed out on players accordingly, but in the last couple of weeks I've made several deals that would never have happened otherwise thanks to the chat.

  20. Re: Marcelo Rise?

    I'll echo the post above - Marcelo will rise, but you must keep Lahm, as he's the best full-back to have on the game (unique amongst the high ratings for being able to play LB and RB, and a totally safe 94).

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