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  1. Re: Help need,Very tough one.(Been offered a Man u Manager Job) Depends how much you love your current club. As you've not been there to complete a season with them, I'd say you should go for the Man Utd job as it's not like you're leaving anything special behind.
  2. Re: Hugo Lloris vs. Manuel Neuer vs. Rene Adler Personally I think Adler's the best of them and he will hopefully be Germany #1 for the World Cup next year. He's also been linked for a potential move to Man United in the future.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is it wise to attempt to swap Marcos Senna for Lassana Diarra now? How long does Senna have left as a top rated (93/94) player?
  4. Re: Eto for Buffon? Wouldn't do that deal, top quality goalkeepers are a rare breed so you'll want to keep hold of Buffon no matter what, especially when you've got a good forward line already.
  5. Re: xavi for gerrard? No chance at all of Xavi dropping.
  6. Re: Player squad numbers I like it, it's the kind of simple change that won't harm anyone and would add a nice to the game.
  7. Re: Dimitar BERBATOV That's not exactly exceptional form is it? Add it on to a disappointing tally of 9 league goals last season and I can see absolutely no reason why he should become a 94. He should stay as he is - but if his rating were to change then a decrease would be more suitable.
  8. Re: If (heavens forbid!) Liverpool loose again should Rafa be sacked?
  9. Re: Cordoba + maxwell = mertesacker Cordoba's age in comparison to Mertesacker makes it an acceptable deal. While Maxwell isn't old, there's a chance that he won't have been involved enough in the Barca side to maintain a 92.
  10. Hehj


    Re: Dida Still reckon he deserves that 90 after his error against Milan?
  11. Re: Aran's Top 5 Premier League Ratings Berbatov doesn't deserve a rise at all. He was unimpressive last season and is hardly lighting the Premiership up this campaign either.
  12. Re: Youth Squad should equal Reserve Squad I fully support this idea, changing the Youth Squad into a Reserve Squad would be a good improvement to the game. I can't even imagine it being that difficult for SM to make the change either... Certainly easier than programming new player AI or creating a new match engine.
  13. Re: Whats with all this coincidental bids on Sm today.. Pretty cute detail this. Thought it was a massive coincidence that Al Gharafa signed Juninho until I found this thread.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm about to swap Kaka (my player) for Iniesta and £30m - good deal? Provided the chairman lets it through anyway, that is.
  15. Re: juventus rating prediction Does Mellberg not deserve a rise to 91? It seems he's played in most of Juve's matches this season.
  16. Re: Spanish Ratings They'd better not, he deserved a 91 last time around and has kept scoring so definitely warrants a 92. But unfortunately I think you're right and SM will hold back on his rating again.
  17. Re: Edwin Van Der Sar Still for my money the best goalkeeper in the Prem, and gets a lot of baffling stick from some people. Either 94 or 95 is acceptable.
  18. Hehj

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Re: Gonzalo Higuain
  19. Re: Spanish Ratings Higuain only up to 90, let down by SM once again
  20. Re: Luca Toni Time - Club - Apps (goals) 2003–2005 Palermo 80 (50) 2005–2007 Fiorentina 67 (47) Wind up? I think Toni was unfortunate not to rise to 95 last season given his great form. He hasn't started the new campaign in electric form but definitely deserves to stay at 94. People look too closely at his poor Euro 2008 display, but he should not be judged on 4 matches there alone.
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