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  1. Re: Heiko WESTERMANN You're right actually, he did play at centre back for Germany on Wednesday, but he's done very well at left back for Schalke in the Bundesliga, and in the Champions League against Chelsea. He must've had a bad day (or 2) against Porto.
  2. Re: Greek Changes.. I bought Kostas Chalkias for my Walsall team in October 2006 for a laugh after his awful spell at Portsmouth in real life. At the time he was rated 83 - now he's rated 89 and has been my first choice 'keeper for 4 seasons. That's the best kind of scouting.
  3. Re: Who's the Best "Pure" Footballer Nice to see some appreciation for Klose, as you say players like him don't get the recognition they deserve in favour of the typical "superstar" players. He deserved to win the 2006 World Player of the Year award - top scorer at the World Cup, had scored 25 goals in 26 games in 2005-06 and 10 in 13 in the first half of the following season. I know that the award went to Cannavaro, who isn't on the same fame pedestal as, say, Ronaldinho or Kaka, but Cannavaro is still far more of a household name than Klose and it was that factor which gave him the win. Zidane and Ronaldinho were 2nd and 3rd that year - IIRC, Klose was way down the list (15th ish?) despite having been the best player of the year.
  4. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 1
  5. Re: Aston Villa Player Ratings !
  6. Re: Aston Villa Player Ratings ! Agree with them all, though I will say Maloney's recent run of goals should be enough to ensure he stays on 88. Performance wise Laursen is in the 90s, but of course this is only the first season he's been fully fit and so for now as you say, 89 is right.
  7. Re: German Changes Not sure why people are advocating a 95 for Toni but not for Klose - their scoring records this season are identical - not to mention very impressive. I think there was a good case for Klose being a 95 after last year's World Cup, and while he lost form in the second half of 06/07 for Werder he's back to his best now after the switch to Bayern, and is scoring for Germany again. If 95 is "World Class" then both Klose and Toni would be deserving of that rating.
  8. Re: KaKa 80mil bid accept or reject? I've had bids up to £85m for Kaka with my Milan team, never accepted them. Partly because I don't need the money (have £110m), partly because he's one of my favourite players, and because it'd be difficult to truly replace him, even with that money. Seems like I made the right decision too as he led my side to the D1 title, scoring 17 goals along the way.
  9. Re: Podolski + Lahm for Ibrahimovic? Pretty terrible deal to be honest, Lahm's a terrific talent and could well go up to 94 the next time the German ratings come around. You should definitely hang on to him.
  10. Re: Toni Kroos Quite irritated to find out he'd been added a week ago - I was under the impression players weren't added to the DB until their first actual appearance, rather than just being on the bench. That meant I've missed out on him for a number of teams. Great to see he made such a good debut for Bayern - as you say, hopefully they'll develop his talent carefully.
  11. Re: What happens with Puerta?
  12. Re: German Goalkeeper Hidebrand is apparently going to Valencia in the Summer. Choosing the best German 'keeper is hard. Kahn was easily the best a few years ago but he's lost his way over the last few years... Jens Lehmann was good in the World Cup and for Arsenal, while Hildebrand has had a really good few seasons with Stuttgart now. If I were the German manager right now I'd still have Lehmann as my first choice, though.
  13. Re: German Changes Have the German ratings finished? If so, I'm very disappointed that Thomas Hitzlsperger didn't get an increase. He definitely deserves a move to 90, perhaps 91.
  14. Re: PHILIPP LAHM Lahm's an awesome player and in the future I think he probably will reach 95, but at the moment I'd say 93 is a fair rating for him (and I say that despite having him in one of my teams ).
  15. Re: Michael RENSING I don't expect his rating will go up for a while - the match against Milan was his first or second appearence of the season as he's backup to Kahn. He is a good talent and I just hope that Bayern have the confidence in him to allow him to replace Kahn once he retires - on the evidence of the Milan match, and several previous Bundesliga games, he is up to the task. If you're into planning for way in the future (Kahn won't retire until 2008) then Rensing will be worth buying because you'd expect his rating to go up to 90 once he becomes a Bayern regular.
  16. Re: German Changes Thomas Hitzlsperger deserves an increase to 90 - he's made himself a regular for Stuttgart (who sit 3rd in the Bundesliga) and is getting more and more involved with the national team. Gekas is currently top scorer in the league and should go up to 89 or 90. I certainly don't think Podolski warrants a move to 93, as his scoring record for Bayern thus far hasn't been all that impressive.
  17. Re: english rating changes ? who wil change I think van der Sar deserves an increase to 95 - his form this season for Man United has been fantastic and he's a big factor in how well they're doing.
  18. Hehj


    Re: 4-2-2-2 The 4-2-2-2 has been very useful for me, though ironically I'm now trying to work out its weaknesses as I'm playing a side who also use 4-2-2-2 in the Cup semi final on Monday Does anyone have any recommendations for a formation which should work against the 4-2-2-2?
  19. Re: The Premiership - Decreases
  20. Re: NOT A GOOD IDEA A few observations from me... It's interesting to see Stegore's comment about ability being affected by fitness, but there are still far too many instances of a team with several "NMF" ratings beating another club who've fielded a team of players with 95% fitness. I'd agree with Alan_Neller that fitness needs to play a bigger role in determining the outcome of matches than it does at the moment. There has been quite a bit of discussion on managers who aren't active recently, and if we think that managers who log on regularly should be rewarded then this might be one way - those who organise their teams to ensure they're fully fit would be more likely to win come match day than those who haven't been on in a few weeks. As for cup replays... Perhaps, just like the with the FA and League Cups, only one of the cup competitions (say, the Shield) could go to a replay? Looking at the scheduling for cup ties, there is always a fortnight gap between matches in the Shield and Cup, so finding space for replays of both shouldn't be an issue anyway. Finally, I think the system works well enough with cup games being played in the gap between league games. It's realistic and benefits those who have built up a good squad. I personally always play a second XI for cup games, but it as long as that second string is of a good quality then it doesn't become a disadvantage. One good thing about the cups is that there are often a lot of shocks, and one of the main reasons for this is that some clubs field weaker teams. It'd get boring if the big teams from Division 1 won the cups too because their first XI was the best, but thankfully the way it is right now means that clubs from Division 3 can still go on to win the cup.
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