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  1. This would be very useful. I tend to use a completely different XI for cup games and it takes time to switch each player individually. Being able to store line-ups would make the process far more user-friendly.
  2. Yes, I think van der Sar is underrated at present and a move to 94 would be right. He's been a top performer for so many years and a big reason for Man United's form this season.
  3. Yeah, I agree with your rating changes. I'm glad you mentioned moving Cristiano Doni's rating up to 90 - saved me the trouble of doing so He has been in great form this season for Atalanta.
  4. Yeah mate, I took over a Walsall team months ago just as their second season was starting. Practically the entire squad has changed and I've bought loads of players that've been recommended on the forum. Thanks to them I'm 13 points clear at the top of my league with just 6 games left. Might have to sell Stokes though, had some good teams looking at him and I've only got £800,000 left... Getting £8m for him would allow me to sign more young players and improve the entire squad.
  5. Hehj

    Your worst deal ever

    Haven't made any terrible deals involving big money, thankfully. The worst signing I've made would be Sonny Anderson - rated 85 - the first day I joined the game. I figured he'd be useful cover but since then I've made a lot of much better signings, and he's got nowhere near the first team. Still a few turns until I can release him so at the moment he's just sitting there, taking up some of the wage budget.
  6. Ahh, Troest. He was in Villa's U18s a few years ago and looked really promising. Not sure why we let him go, but I'm glad to see he's doing well.
  7. Just looking for a bit of advice here. I signed Takis Fyssas (rated 88) to be my main left-back 6 turns ago. He played well (7/10 in each game) for his first 3 matches, but I lost every one. In the 4th match he was sent off and suspended for 3 games. For two of those, I played an 86 rated CB (Igor Mitreski) at LB, and we won both. Now Fyssas is back from suspension, and I'm wondering if it's wise to put him back in the team. On face value it makes far more sense as he's better and is suited to the position, but should I change a winning team?
  8. Mario Frick has made a great start to the season, scoring 5 goals in 6 games for Siena. Currently rated 83, might he be worth a small increase to 85 or so?
  9. Yep, got Jacobo, Turiel and Ivan Hernandez for my Walsall Division 4 team - all cost very little and they'll make a big difference now their ratings have gone up. Thanks for the scouting
  10. Podolski is a very good player and a terrific prospect, but he isn't as good as Klose at the moment. In my view, a 95 rating for Klose and 91/92 for Podolski is about right. Edit: Must stress that I'm not campaining for Klose's rating to go up (as some of my posts might indicate), because I'm very happy to see he's rated highly (94) by the powers that be at SM.
  11. Yeah, 95 for both is fair. The main point of my post was disagreeing with pthame's notion that age is a factor in a player's rating, when it shouldn't be (and isn't, going on the ratings I've seen on SM).
  12. How would you manage with a squad with 150 players in?! I'd have thought the club would lose millions every week in wages?
  13. Disagree on Borowski - he's an excellent player, one of the very best midfielders in the Bundesliga, and his rating as it is is fine. Klose is a top striker and he might well be worthy of more than 93. Best striker at the 2006 World Cup, one of the best at the 2002 World Cup and Bundesliga top scorer last year as well. Been a big fan of his for years (since 2001) and it's great to see how good a player he has become.
  14. Apologies for double posting, just here to say thanks for the advice - I played a 4-3-1-2 and won 3-1
  15. Noticed this bloke a few days ago, but I didn't make an offer because at that time I didn't have any outgoing transfers so the deal would've left me close to having no money. After having negotiated the sale of a player for just over £6m, I was able to get him. Couldn't believe that in my setup he had gone unnoticed on the free agent list for about 4 days, and thankfully no-one did get a look at him as he joined me yesterday. Straight into the squad for tomorrow's match.
  16. Would like a bit of advice on tactics from someone. I've got a crucial relegation battle tomorrow - a real six pointer. While I'm out of the drop zone, I'm only 2 points above them. The match is away from home; will that have any baring on the effectiveness or my tactics or the difficulty of the match? His current squad rating is 85, and my rating is 87, and given that I've got 3 really tough matches after, 3 points here might be crucial. Should I go for the win or play a more conservative style? They're playing a 4-3-3 formation. What is the best way of countering this? I've been thinking about playing a 4-1-3-2 formation, packing the midfield and having a DM to protect against the strikers. Help would be appreciated.
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