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  1. Re: corgon liga (slovakia risers) So u would be doing one team at a time. thanks
  2. Re: Mihai Alexandru Costea- romanian riser Is he worh a buy now or should wait till romanian changes. Is he going to rise in future as well. Do u predict him to be a talent of 88+ or 90+.
  3. Re: Argentinian Analysis I could not find KUN Aguero. Where he plays how much he rate and is he going to chealse.
  4. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Today i was thinking where rijkaard is and y he did not get chealse job. I think chelsea made a mistake by letting go Mourinho. I thought rijkaard should get a club in netherland or a bigger club in europe. what do u think?
  5. Re: Argentinian Analysis I have got real madrid now i am looking for players that can rise to 90+ in a season or 2 or more. please advice me for players that would come to europe and make it to 90+.
  6. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything I have gokhan gonul and hakkan balta r they expected to rise. I also have sentruk do u think he would rise. what r the chances of any one moving to a bigger club in europe and playing.
  7. Re: corgon liga (slovakia risers) can u make a lattest list like one u made in the first post. Also add minuts played, after the changes of not during this season.
  8. Re: Argentinian Analysis u did not do all the clubs iin SM i.e. divison 2. Can u predict some must buys from them as well.
  9. Re: Argentinian Analysis Excellent thread mate. Can u predict about Ricardo Daniel NOIR 83.
  10. Re: players to rise to 90+ from brazil and argentina Alex from moskow is predicted to rise to 90 from 89. But in russian ratings.
  11. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Summer Ratings Edition) Nice thread. I was looking for this kind of thresd so i can get some risers. Their is a russian risers thread but not much. I am mainly interested in 60-75 risers since they r cheap. But i am always interested in MUST BUY's.
  12. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I have made this list from your thread it would be helpful if u can make changes to it since i dont know very little about brazil football. +6 NEYMAR, da Silva: F/AM SM Rating: 76>82 BRUNO, Cortez Cardoso: Gk SM Rating: 74>80 +5 ELIAS, Mendes: CM/DM SM Rating: 78> 83 CIRO, Silva: F Rating: 77>82 CLEITON, Solzbacher: CB SM Rating: 76>81 WALLYSON, Ricardo: CF SM Rating: 75>80 TOLOI, Rafael: CB SM Rating: 75>80 MURIQUI, Luiz: AM/F Rating: 74>79 +4 SIMOES DE OLIVEIRA, Victor (Loan from Tombense - Dec 2009) : CF SM Rating: 81>84/85 ADILSON, Warken: CM/DM Rating: 80>84 BOQUITA, Rafael: AM SM Rating: 76>80 EVERTON SILVA, Jose: RB Rating: 74>78 WELLINGTON, Reis (Loan from Cruzeiro - Dec 2009):CB SM Rating: 72>76 +3 JEAN, Raphael: CM SM Rating: 86>88/89 NETO BAIANO, Jose: F Rating: 80> 83 NADSON, Rodrigues: F Rating: 80>83 Name : WELTON FELIPE, Marques: CB Rating : 80>83 TULIO SOUZA, Gustavo: RM/CM SM Rating: 80>83 WILLIANS, Domingos: CM Rating: 80>83 JEFFERSON, Nascimento (Loan from Traffic - July 2009) - LB/LM SM Rating: 78 => 81 APODI, Luiz (Loan from Cruzeiro for 2009): RB/RM SM Rating: 78> 81 EDUARDO, Neto (Loan from Villa Rio - December 2011): DM/D SM Rating: 77>80 MAICON, Bitencourt (Loan from TRAFFIC - June 2012): F SM Rating: 77> 80 LEANDERSON, Collônia - DM Rating: 77 => 80 PARA, Marcos : LB Rating: 76=> 79 ROBSON, Signorini: AM/W Rating: 76> 80 GUTO, Pacheco Fraga (Loan from Internacional - December 2009): F Rating: 75>78 WELLINGTON, Aparecido Martins: CM/DM SM Rating: 75>78 UENDEL, Pereira Goncalves: LB SM Rating: 75> 78 JEAN CORAL, Carlos: CF SM Rating: 75> 78 ERICK FLORES, Bonfim: AM Rating: 75> 78 +2 MARQUINHOS PARANA, Antonio: RM/RB SM Rating: 86> 88 (this name cannnot be searched) LEONARDO SILVA, Fabiano: CB SM Rating: 86>88 RAFAEL MARQUES, Pinto - CB Rating: 85=> 87 FAHEL, Leandro (Loan from Villa Rio - December 2011): CM/DM SM Rating: 84>86 GERSON MAGRAO, Alencar: AM/LM (LM/LB) SM Rating: 84> 86 RENAN, Dos Santos: Gk SM rating: 84>86 LEANDRO, Fonseca Euzebio: CB SM Rating: 84>86 MAURICIO, Donizeti (#15) (Loan from Iraty - December 2009): CB SM Rating: 84>86 CÉSAR LUCENA, RicardoSM Position: CB/DM Rating: 84>86 MADSON, Formagini: AM/LM Rating: 84> 86 WILLIANS SANTANA, Santos (Loan from Vitoria - December 2009): W/AM SM Rating: 83>85 AIRTON, Ribeiro Santos: DM Rating: 83>85 FABINHO CAPIXABA, Antonio - RB/RM Rating: 83 => 85 EVERTON SANTOS, Leandro (Loan from Paris SG - August 2009): AM Rating: 83>85 MARQUINHO, Antonio: LM SM Rating: 83> 85 DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim : F SM Rating: 83>85 VANDERLEI, Farias: Gk SM Rating: 83>85 HAMILTON CALHEIROS, Henio: CM Rating: 83>85 ZE ANTONIO, Pereira: CM/RM SM Rating: 81>83 WELINTON, Souza : CB Rating: 75> 77 MAYLSON, Barbosa: RM/AM Rating: 74> 76 BRUNO MENEGHEL, Reboli: F SM Rating: 73>75 RAMIRES, Santos: CM/DM SM Rating: 89>90 ERNANDO, Rodrigues: CB SM Rating: 86 > 87
  13. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Basically i am toolazy to read through all the post secondlly I am a slow reader. I am only interested in current rating and the predicted rating. Thats why when i subscribe to a thread where i am looking for the information i post this thread. You might know sefitin he made two threads one for turkish risers and one for greek risers i like that thread. I like those kind of thread. Also a thread on England, Spain and Italian risers. Thanks Also can u do it for me. think u know a lot a.
  14. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) It would be good if u update the first post with the one that rose. thanks
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