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  1. I've done a few searches and don't think this guy is on the database; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Rahman Just signed by SpVgg Greuther F├╝rth and made two appearences for the Ghana U20 National Team.
  2. Mehdi Abeid, 18 year old just signed by Newcastle United from Lens. Cant seem to spot him anywhere in the game, may need adding?
  3. Just a point about Ekici's nationality on the database. As it stands the database has his nationality as Turkish. However, Bayern Munich's official site states Ekici was born in Munich, also he has represented Germany at youth level. So I would of thought his nationality should be German until and if he ever makes an announcement to the effect that he has decided to represent Turkey at senior level over Germany (As he has Turkish decent). Not sure if this is the correct section to point this out but it would represent a improvement or change to the database so figured it was.
  4. Re: Deal for Ezequiel Lavezzi Also another point on Balotelli is Mourinho doesnt seem to be too fond on him. I think he (Mourinho) has already been quoated as saying Balotelli has one brain cell. So I doubt Balotelli will get much of a chance at Inter while Mourinho is there. On the other hand Baotelli is popular nationally and with strong remonstrance that he should be included in the world cup squad he could go and make a impact at the world cup and see his rating rise short term. My personal opinion of Balotelli however, is along the lines of Mourinho's so I wouldnt want him.
  5. Re: 17-year-old striking sensation - Nile Ranger He is far more gifted than Shola. His awareness and hold up play is extremly good and far and beyond what Shola could ever hope to be. He has good control, vision and is good in the air. The only thing lacking from his play at this moment in time is a eye for taking a shot on himself. Throughout the match he constantly looked for others to set up rather than taking the odd shot on himself. However, that kind of play will no doubt come in time.
  6. Re: Segundo Castillo Try reading my original post, I did that already thats why I made the thread.
  7. Re: Segundo Castillo Well the database has been incorrect either way becuase he was loaned out to Everton by Red Star who own his contract so therefore on the database he should of been sent back to the Red Star squad after his loan spell expired with Everton and then sent to Wolves when the database is updated. He was never a free agent.
  8. Re: Segundo Castillo Yes I'm aware he was at Everton on loan. I said in my original post I had searched for Castillo got nothing, searched at his previous clubs Red Star and Everton and his new club Wolves and got nothing. Yet he suddenly appears after I make the thread.
  9. Re: Segundo Castillo I suspect he has just been added then as I said in my post I already did that search and he didnt come up before. Also he should of been attached to Red Star and then moved to Wolves if he had been on the database previously.
  10. Segundo Castillo has just been signed by Wolves from Red Star Belgrade (Spent last season on loan at Everton). He could be missing from the database as ive tried searching for his last name, at his previous clubs, new club and come up with nothing. Just thought it should be brought up in case he is missing from the database.
  11. Re: Bassong to 86 what??????????? Another thing about Bassong on the database is his Nationality is down as French but he actually plays for the Cameroon International team so I think this needs changing.
  12. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players
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