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  1. I havent been online for a while ever since going into intensive studying and i just recently got back into the game.Recently got a Celtic in a Scottish Championship,so i would be doing reports and giving updates on the team. So its turn 2 and i had played 3 games,1 friendly (Annan Athletic),1 league game(St. Mirren) and a SMFA Champions Cup Group game (Liverpool).I woned all 3 matchs (Surprisingly) and i just started building the team.Signed a few risers in the upcoming rating changes and a group of experience players (Players like Van der sar,Alex,Bonucci etc).I woned 10:0 against Annan Athletic with the original players in the celtic squad with a few players,like scholes and A.Johnson. then i woned 5:0 against St. Mirren and 2:0 against Liverpool (Very surprised with the win.)So far,Johnson has been doing great for me with 2 goals and a assits and scholes with a goal and a assits.Recently signed players like Muller,Cacau and Khedira and i am hoping to sign a few more risers and the team is done.The lineup for the team would be something like this.(Below)
  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Walsall is expected not to make any buys unless there is a selling of players in order to generate cash. recent news surgested that Rob HULSE may be on his way out after reports where the england verteren is unhappy with his lack of games.
  3. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread well done liverpool. Barcelona are still 2nd placed after the defeat and 2nd place seems to be in sight with Barce meeting Wolfsburg at the final game.
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread dont know what happend but i got beaten 5:1 by Nottingham Forest
  5. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread Doing quite well with Barcelona with just 2 points behind leaders Liverpool with a big Goal difference of 18 goals (Currently in 3rd spot).Managed a nice 2:0 win over Juventus and next up is Bordeaux before a home game against Liverpool.
  6. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread managed a 5:1 win
  7. Re: Swindon Town Journy to the Top Walsall vs Swindon Town match report Swindon town wins 1st game in Division 3. Swindon Town's players celkebrate with the win. Swindon Town today started life in division 3 the best way they can by winning their 1st game of the season.Goals from Luca TONI and Eden HAZARD with an Own Goal from Rhys WESTON made sure that Chuck Norris and his team extend their unbeaten run to 13 games.If Games from Last season were included. Eden HAZARD scoring the 1st goal. 1st half began and Swindon Town continued with the same style of play last season which Walsall found it very hard to cope.it didn't took ver ylong for Swindon to break the defences when Eden HAZARD was given a clear path on goal after Luca TONI's header was saved by Clayton INCE.Swindon town dominated and tried breaking down the defence but Ince somehow managed to save all the shots to keep Walsall in the game.The Half ended 1:0 Luca TONI celebrates after scoring his 2nd of the day. 2nd Half began with Walsall making a swift break,after Claudio MARCHISIO managed to make a last ditch tackle.Rodríguez PEDRO then wasted a chance after he recieved the ball from the defences but took too long to turn before Dwayne MATTIS made a tackle.Andriy YARMOLENKO went on to the refree to argue that there should be a penalty and was given a yellow for that.But it was all Swindon after that when Luca TONI sends in a screamer in the 57th and then came the Own goal when Rhys WESTON sends the ball into his own net as he tries to intercept a pass to Toni.Luca TONI then made it 4:0 when his powerful shot was saved by the keeper,But the keeper copuld only parries it as the ball rolled into the net.
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Yet another good result today for me. a 3:3 draw against Yeovil Town.Unbeaten for 8 games. Dropped to 9th and chances of securing a play offs spot looks close but still looks quite far.
  9. Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis can any1 tell me more about Roy BEERENS? Is he going to stay,drop or rise???
  10. Re: Swindon Town Journy to the Top Shocking news as Swindon agrees to sell RANOCCHIA. Rannocchia's departure provided alot of shock to the Swindon town Fans. Fans were very very shocked as Swindon town today announces that Italian 22 year old Center back Andrea RANOCCHIA is set to leave for Genoa for 7Mil Pounds.It was Not sure why Rannocchia was sold as it is belived that Rannocchia was 1 of the closest and favorite player For chuck Norris and Being 1 of the best performers last season,His departure wasn't expected and it indeed provided 1 of the most shocking Moves this season. he was 1 of the best Performers for Swindon and his move was a big mystery. The Move sparked Many Rumours surgessting that Chuck Norris may be Moving on to another club soon as It was belived that Chuck Norris has always liked the Italian and their relationship was belived to be around "Father and Son" thus,the italian's move seemed to be a very big mystery.
  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Walsall Finally win after Back to back draws Fans are happy with how the team is Progessing as Cun's Effort Finally paid off. Division 4 Minows,Walsall,Finally Woned a game after Back to back draws with Some strong teams.Against Grimsby Town,Manager Cun Jue Peh has stated very well that they Must win or else the chances of them making it into the Play offs spot would be a big dream.Big improvements have been made as Walsall finally managed to challenge for a play off spot this season. Edwin VAN DER SAR was often the Hero for Grimsby Town as The former Manchester United keeper had to produce many great saves to help Grimsby grab points. The Win was very important as Walsall would be facing 2nd placed Yeovil Town next.A good 3:0 win would definatly increase the Morale of the team.Much was expected for Walsall to win the match against Grimsby Town in order to prove that they are good enough to be in the play offs.Altough they are 8th placed currently,The side couldn't find a way past Edwin VAN DER SAR. Danny WELBECK scores as the keeper was left Helpless. Kevin DOYLE celebrates after scoring. It took almost 40 min for Walsall to finally broke the deadlock despite dominating,The goal finally came after Walsall made many attempts to score.Danny WELBECK was credited when the 19 year old showed just how good he is by making a run past the defender to meet up with the pass from Kevin DOYLE before sending it past Van Der Sar.2 mins,it is Kevin DOYLE's time to steal the limelight when the Irish Striker shows class to send the ball into the top corner from 30 yards out.Both shots have Van Der Sar all beaten. Matías DE FEDERICO celebrates as Walsall seal the win in the 80th min. The 2nd half began as shocks came in.The 2 goals seemed to have woken the Grimsby Town players up as they went forward in search of getting a goal.But it didn;t took long when Walsall began dominating again when Daniele DESSENA and Lee CATTERMOLE Both tried But both failed to test Van Der Sar.tough,the points were all selaed when Matías DE FEDERICO scores with a header after darting past his marker to meet up with Lee CATTERMOLE's great cross.3:0 the final scoreline.
  12. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread is it just me or why is Manchester United always so lucky that when ever i play them,they always Have an advantage of either a player being injured or a player being send off Lost 2:1 to them despite dominating with 10 men
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Walsall managed a nice 3:0 win over Grimsby Town to Move 3 points closer towards 7th placed Chesterfield (Currently just 5 points behind them ).I faced 2nd placed Yeovil Town next. If only Kevin DOYLE's Nationality is a England if not i would really Want him to be called up cosidering the fact that he took only 8 games to score 8 goals for me. Managed to sign Hervé KAGE and Dejan KELHAR to Boost up the squad
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I dont know Bournmouth seems to have been stronger than before after buying a few players.
  15. Re: Swindon Town Journy to the Top Chuck reveals latest signing. Thomas VERMAELEN with Manager Chuck Norris in the welcome interview. Just as Fans are partying over the double and the signing of Keita,Chuck Norris today have Brought More good news to The Die Hard swindon Town fasn as they have managed to shock the world By signing Former Arsenal Defender,Thomas VERMAELEN.It is belived that the Belgium arrived for a fee of £9.0M and would be expected to be partnering current captain Emiliano THIAGO SILVA. Thomas VERMAELEN in training with his new teamamtes. The Belguim's transfer to Swindon Town from KVC Westerlo was as shocking as the move earlier the season where he left Arsenal,But after finding Life at KVC Westerlo too easy,The Belgium 24 year old quickly found himself speaking with Chuck Norris and was soon brought up and is set to play for The Division 4 Champions that created shocks to the world with their recent results.With this move,Many wondered if Swindon town is good enough to be in Division 4 as the squad doesn't seem to be Division 4 class,So all eyes would be onto Chuck Norris as the Manager is expected to lead his side to Defend the FA Cup title this season.
  16. Re: Diego Milito OR Karim Benzema Milito for me,Milito has been very good for Inter and His Price is cheap too.However,you must consider the fact that Benzema is very young and has a very big Potential to be 1 of the best strikers in the world,But before that,he have to break into the starting 11.Personally,it would be Milito for now due to his real life form and Price.But in the long term,Benzema would eb a better option. Hoped i helped.
  17. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread A nice 1:1 draw against Northampton is good enough for me
  18. Re: Swindon Town Journy to the Top Keita Signs as Swindon Town prepares for Division 3 life. Seydou KEITA in Training with the Swindon Town Players. With Division 3 life coming next after a Great season in division 4,Chuck Norris and His Management doesn't seemed to be partying as Swindon Town have Began the Rebuilding Process To prepare for the next season where the challenge gets harder as Swindon Town would be Hoping to gain Back to Back Promotion or at least Staying in the division.With that,Chuck Norris has decided to get his 1st player for next season and he is no other than Mali Central Midfielder Seydou KEITA From Spainish Giants,Barcelona. Chuck Norris was not found during the welcome Interview. The 30 year old is expected to arrive after passing his medical for a hefty fee of £8.7M and would be partnering Thiago MOTTA and Claudio MARCHISIO in the Midfield.During the Interview,Chuck Norris is nowhere to be found and Many Belive that the Manager of the season have went off to Meet up with More players to bring them to the Div 3 club now.With the new season Coming up,Question would be ask if Chuck Norris and Gang are able to Gain back to back Promotion and successfully defending their FA Cup title next season.
  19. Re: Swindon Town Journy to the Top Swindon Town Promoted as More good news arrive. The New season has began as Division 4 Champions, Swindon town would Be starting their new life in Division 3 this season. Swindon so far has provided the shock of the season as the div 4 minows under Manager Chuck Norris has Done very well with the div 4 side. Chuck Norris is so far Hailed as the best manager in the Game world after leading the Division 4 side to a Historically 1st FA Cup victory.He has also was praised after leading the team to a League trophy scoring 161 goals and leaking in 31 in the process with 101 league points at the end of the season without losing a game at Home.Today we review the Team that have shocked the world with their brilliant result this season. Current 1st team players: Luca TONI Hugo LLORIS Claudio MARCHISIO Emiliano THIAGO SILVA (Captain) Eljero ELIA Thiago MOTTA Rodríguez PEDRO Eden HAZARD Emanuel VILLA Leonardo BONUCCI Andrea RANOCCHIA Yevhen KHACHERIDI Georgi SCHENNIKOV Salvatore SIRIGU Former 1st team players: Sebastien CORCHIA Delvin NDINGA Dominguez PABLO HERNANDEZ Szabolcs HUSZTI Darry Herold GOULON Didier OVONO Mehdi CARCELA-GONZALEZ Romelu LUKAKU Yann M'VILA Nolan ROUX Tripy MAKONDA Swindon Town Player of the Season: Nolan ROUX The 22 year old French was Probably the main reason why Swindon town had managed to scored 161 goals in a season as the Young striker Combined very well with Strike Partner,Romelu LUKAKU to score 42 goals together.Though the French striker was sold sensationally back to Stade Brestois halfway in the season before Manager Chuck Norris make a shock bid to get Luca Toni to the team.He also woned the Golden boot award Of Division 4. Swindon Town Young Player of the season:Federico MACHEDA Many did not belive Swindon would be able to cope with the lost Of Roux halfway during the season,With Toni not yet performing during the 1st few games,Manager Chuck norris makes a good move to sign Young Italian Federico MACHEDA on loan from Manchester United.The 18 year old forward immediatly burst into action securing Back to Back 10 star performances in 7 games with 11 goals and 9 assists.Without any doubt,the 18 year old went on to win the star player of division 4 award with his fine performance This season.1 question remains is,Would Mecheda still be in Chuck Norris team Next season?
  20. Well,I managed to guide this Division 4 team to success after wining Division 4 and the cup in my 1st season in charged.So i decided to post a thread where i will update the thread and post about My Swindon Town's news regularly,So Enjoy. Ok heres is my achievements with the team so far Season 1: Division 4 champions and Cup winners (Managed to went into the quater final's in the shield) So currently it's Pre season and the new season would start on New Season Starts Friday 2 Apr 2010.
  21. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread Never tought i can draw,a point is enough tough i was thinking that i would lose.
  22. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Walsall Managed to sign Daniel DRINKWATER and John GOOSSENS to make my team have enough players to cope since i found out i only have 24 players including my Loan singings.I just hope Reo Cooker can perform because i made a very big bet on buying him into the team. (Sold 4 players just to get him )
  23. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread A bit shocking But i got my best result By beating Bordeaux 6:0. Looks like when Xavi plays,i win games
  24. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread need a DM urgently and decided sign Nigel REO-COKER.
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