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  1. i had barcelona in gold 1, racing santendar offered me his best player as he wasnt renewing his membership, so i bought him -now sm say that is cheating and took barca from me, i dont think they are right and they are saying i was going to cover it up by selling a couple of rubbish players to him, that is totally untrue. i had no intention of selling him anyone - if they see it as a leavers deal ,fine,reverse it and return barca and my rep to me - colin dickson is or was the racing manager, and he can verify i had not offered to sell him anyone -its just totally ridiculous
  2. ive had barca gold i since it started = went on tonight rep dropped to 20 and barca gone - the pm from sm takes me to a real madrid team that doesnt play - is this a steal of team or what - apparently for cheating on sm - last deal was 17m for melo or whatever hes called 91 rep brazilian and went through no problem
  3. interesting offer in one of my gameworlds torres and aguero are in my squad im being offered messi and another player for those 2 i think benzema is the best option from his team the values are approximately the same would you swap torres and aguero for messi and benzema i already have toni and huntellar and aquafresco and ibrahimovic lol
  4. Re: new players all reasonable points against it so idea can be kicked into touch id rather have it anyway that if a bojan or whoever came on the database id want a fair chance of picking him up rather than straight into barca
  5. Was talking to a friend at work, hes ex SM, took too many teams and then hadn't time, advised him to join only a few setups again so that he will have time to manage them, anyway, he still likes to keep in touch with developments and he brought up a thought he had when last playing the game. The "new players" who become available on a regular basis should, if already with a club,stay with that club -eg if milan in reality bring through a few youngsters, why should they go into the new players free for all buying. why dont they just be assigned to the SM team that they are with in reality. Cant get any more real than that.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News tonights champions league final saw Barcelona up against the most formidable opponent they could ask for, teb's mighty Spartak An early 2 goal lead by spartak was turned around and barca finished 4-2 victors. Its only a matter of time before Spartak, a worthy opponent, will get that elusive trophy, and to be fair i think SM should build into the competition the final being played on a neutral ground rather than at one of the finalists grounds as i had home advantage. ( teb has just told me it was at a neutral ground, Wembley, even though it showed me at home -so forget the last bit SM )
  7. Re: unmanaged club tactics This is a strange one as to how it will work -if i put in a 3412 will the AI then play say a 352 - i then change my mind and go 352 will AI change then to 3412, or does the AI throw out a formation at random, my reply from the SM ticket seemed to indicate that the AI formation will be best to counter what you select -again paper scissors as mentioned - i think the human player is therefore always at a disadvantage as AI has the final pick in these games, it will be worth noting all these games -your selection /their selection to see if a pattern emerges
  8. Re: unmanaged club tactics so now the unmanaged clubs arent the soft touch they used to be - ghrr, lol
  9. Re: unmanaged club tactics SM replied and sorted it out immediately -well done to them for the speedy reply Hi Sean, Unmanaged clubs run by the AI can use any formation/tactics within the game just as you can Sean. Therefore you will notice that they will adjust their formation/tactics dependent on their opposition as this is part of the new improvements to the match engine. Regards Paul SM Support Team
  10. Re: unmanaged club tactics thanks for that stef, i think though that if someone comes in, changes the formation for the next game and leaves before the game, that side revert to 442 -or possibly now 433 if there is a new rule on that - the match before i played against a 451 unmanaged side -now i think thats someone coming in -changing to that formation and then leaving after match underway - so its not picked up by SM as a new manager, as you have to be there for more than one game before it records the new manager as being at the club
  11. it used to be unmanaged clubs played 442 - someone i asked about this said it had changed and can be 433 tonight i played an unmanaged club and it was 433 my problem is i played an unmanaged club the week before and it was 451 now according to the unmanaged club i played tonight a manager who stays for 1 game only is not recorded as being there at all so it looks as though someone is going in for the one game changing the tactics then leaving, i currently lead the division so im a little suspicious -any thoughts on the matter -thanks
  12. Re: Gold Championship 1 News bad idea the advert to the paper re barca players for sale, most offers coming in are including an average player and a lot of cash to make it up so ive taken the article from the paper, by the way teb and i spoke last night at length, resolved our differences and we are fine
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News as advertised on newspaper ALL barcelona players are available for transfer if the offers are good -apart from fernando torres- player exchange only -NO cash deals- setup stagnant - needs movement
  14. Re: Gold Championship 1 News ive been barca gold 1 manager since gold 1 started so on here before teb, though he has done a fantastic job on forum ,im afraid he got too involved in gold 1 and lost the impartiality on there - read all posts on paper - dont just think tebs god ----sorry teb/steve but must be said
  15. Re: Gold Championship 1 News just on here now - read the articles before you make a decision on tebs impartiality - i know you all have known him for a long time and will always stick up for him - but if you read the articles you will see he was out of order -and he ALMOST admits it -sorry for breaking up the club
  16. Re: Player Limit vote : World Championship : Sean Carlin barcelona vote in
  17. Re: Squad Size Option the original post by dom was to do with our custom setup, he posted his ideas to the newspaper and they were well received by all managers - everyone then gave their opinions on squad size - number of youth squad etc - the limit was eventually set at 65 to be achieved by the end of next season -this season almost half way in it was left to the individual/ manager to decide the make up of his squad -seniors and youth, whatever suited them - this global figure makes it easier to monitor rather than so many senior, so many youth - most managers have now followed dom's lead and the january sales have started - an excellent idea , cheers dom
  18. Re: infraction? whats this about ive sent a pm to the current moderator on the forum tebthe reb and one to the person who posted it in the first place c b neller - difficult to get an infraction notice dated 8/1/09 since i havent been on here for days ?
  19. Dear itsonlyagame, You have received an infraction at Soccer Manager.com Forum. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=92610 Reason: ------- Temp ban Will be reversed straight away . ------- This infraction is worth 5 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. All the best, Soccer Manager.com Team
  20. Re: Gold Championship 1 News hmmm -tebs message about man u manager needs to be read between the lines- clever message
  21. playoff tonight at 8 team played last night fitness levels about 80 do players need changing for playoffs or are they assumed to be 100% fit
  22. Re: internationals yea -agree with last comment - gonna have to speak to a few managers and get them on board - reality kicks in -in SM
  23. internationals in gold 1 i manage ireland- match next week- robbie keane is 15% match fit for his club and a good few others are NMF I take it this fitness level transfers to international level - if so its a bit of a bummer that so many clubs allow their players to get to that stage - am i right that he stays at club level fitness?
  24. i know that managers help out on SM by way of administrators and moderators and that is excellent otherwise the forum wouldnt function as well as it does. but i would suggest that those that do help out do not have any input to ticket replies in setups in which they are involved, and especially if that managers dealings are part of the subject of the ticket itself, as was the case with my ticket. This has happened recently and I am satisfied that the manager involved meant no harm by getting involved in the reply, but I think it is bad policy to allow it to happen. Hope this is taken on board for the future Thanks
  25. Re: Gold Championship Honours barcelona -gold 1 winners season 1 season 2 season 3 season 4 season 5
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