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  1. Re: Tactical help I don't want to pretend to be an expert as I only played this game for 4 months. I did managed to win 6 titles. If you think this is a reasonable record you can give a try on some of my stuff. 352: Bosingwa, Lucio, Chivu Rodriguez, Xavi, Alonso, Fabregas, Silva Torres, Messi attacking mentality, Torres be the target man, Xavi be the playmaker. through the middle. Sometime when you face a team with lousy flanks but strong middies, you can try mix or even down both flanks. You can sub Rodriguez and Silva with Albiol and Cole and change to 532 formation defensive minded when winning at 75 minutes to secure your win. Can try when against 442, as most of the managers are using 442. 4132: Bosingwa, Lucio, Chivu, Cole Alonso Fabregas, Xavi, Sniejder Torres, Messi Better rating than the previous one by switching one 93 wingers to a 94 AM. This formation is more versatile, you can be either attacking, defensive or even mix. My AC Milan plays really well attacking minded (12 straight wins), but my Real Madrid won the title by playing defensive, and my Chelsea can't win unless it's mixed. Don't know why is that but you have to try and see which one fits your team the best. And I found a secret with this formation, which is the best part of it: 4132 beats 4312 100%!!!! (don't tell anyone ) Maybe 451 is good for you by using Messi as the AM, but I never had any luck with 451--no win!
  2. Re: Tactical help Before you change formation I'd suggest you try to use Messi as target man for a few games (friendlies maybe) and see how that goes.
  3. Re: Any 89 or rated player going up?? What about Pastore? Seems he's getting really hot this coming season, and was even called the new Kaka and Ibrahimovic in Series A 09/10! And most importantly for this game, he's really cheap now...
  4. Re: WC Friendly Let me know what tactics shall I play tomorrow. Since it's your home, shall I do all default and you do mbb?
  5. Re: Joshpez1997's soccermanager guide for football/Soccer The OP is a complete plagiarizer!! Yeah you did change a few words, but do you think we are all 3 year old? Don't ever show up in this forum again!
  6. Re: Ridicolous!!! I'm only 56 rep points so I can't say I'm experienced. But I did get two league titles and one 3rd place for the only three Euro Champ GW seasons that I've completed. My Real Madrid team is temporarily #1 in its World Champ GW, season 1. I found a defensive approach is the best fit for my Real Madrid. I would like to give you two suggestions to try out. 1 is ultimate defensive approach, 532. Defense line: add Marcelo left to Heinze to be the left WB. Midfield: Gago be DM, and SNEIJDER on right, VAN DER VAART on left, Forward: Any of those 4. I'd recommend Raul and VNR for now. Tactics: Tackling Style: Soft Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Short or Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Slow Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: Yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: No Use Target Man: No Player Assignments Captain: F. CANNAVARO Penalty Taker: R. VAN NISTELROOY Corner Taker: R. VAN DER VAART Free Kicks: R. VAN DER VAART If play against really strong team with super strikers, you can even try 532 sweeper. This formation really helped my Lyon to gain the title in a Euro champ GW, as you all know they are the weakest in Div1. I think this will at least stop your losing string sooner or later. The 2nd suggestion is what my RM is playing right now, which really helped the team gained steady improvement from the 2nd tier to be the potential division winner. You can give a try with the following and see how that goes: Formation: 4132 Keep your defense line as is DM: Gago SNEIJDER, VAN DER VAART, ROBBEN Raul and VNR Tactics: Tackling Style: Normal or Hard Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Short Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Slow Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack: No Men Behind Ball: Yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: Yes Player Assignments Captain: F. CANNAVARO Penalty Taker: R. VAN NISTELROOY Corner Taker: R. VAN DER VAART Free Kicks: R. VAN DER VAART Play Maker: R. VAN DER VAART Target Man: R. VAN NISTELROOY You can try other formations with similar tactics and see how the result turn out to be. Do schedule friendlies often as they are good no cost testing fields for your new tactics. I would strongly recommend you to exchange some forwards with midfielders, especially LMs and RMs. FWD/Wings don't play well in LM and RM positions. E.g. you can try trading Rubben with David Silva.
  7. Re: WC Friendly Sorry I didn't get a chance to change the tactics to MBB only, so it went with short, slow and mbb again. But it turned out not to be a bad thing though, as we accidentally did 3 matches in a row test for short+slow+mbb vs all default. The result this time is kind of interesting. The 1st game seems stand out sharply against the results from the following two games, which are almost identical! All my (Udinese) settings are short+slow+mbb 1st game against Celtic: http://www.soccermanager.com/matchreport.php?fixtureid=42237231&as=2 In this game Celtic gained more possession, not much, equal shots and close enough shots on target. And the result is 2-2. 2nd game against Real Betis: http://www.soccermanager.com/matchreport.php?fixtureid=32767197 In this game I gained more possession, 53vs47, more shots, and equal shots on target. The result is 2-0 3rd game against Celtic again: http://www.soccermanager.com/matchreport.php?fixtureid=42237345&as=2 In this game I gained exactly same possession as against Celtic, 53vs47, Celtic has a lot more shots and on targets though. As a summary, based on the latter two games, it seems that short+slow+mbb combo will yield slightly more possession than all default, and that slight more possession determined the match result to be in said team's favor. I've already changed my tactics to mbb checked only. Blabla please let me know if you'd like to do another series of tests with me only checking mbb, and you default, or vice versa. Or if you'd like to move on to next test item.
  8. Re: WC Friendly no, 442 default is: 442, Normal / Normal Mixed / Mixed Normal / Own Half check No box.
  9. Re: WC Friendly Sorry I just realized our last game (with Celtic) I mistakenly checked short, slow and mbb (man behind ball) instead of mbb only. I'm wondering do you want me change back to mbb only or keep it this way? I tend to stay this way for the next 1 or two games to see if it's always like that. But if you disagree I can surely change back to mbb only. And slimey2k7. Can you please play 422 default in our Saturday's game?
  10. Re: WC Friendly Well, to summarize today's test, again the theory seems broken. I play home, 442, and only checked man behind ball, Celtic ended up more possession when I was "man-behind-balling". All others pretty much equal.
  11. Re: WC Friendly Hi slimey2k7, We are going to play each other next league game. Can you please set your tactics to 442 all default? I will check man behind ball only, as me and blabla are testing this, and this game can be part of the testing. Thanks!
  12. Re: WC Friendly That was close, I thought we can't play it today. The good thing about friendly is, you can change tactics after 8:00pm game time and they still take it.
  13. Re: WC Friendly What's the next test? 442+man behind ball?
  14. Re: WC Friendly I would suggest do one more game, I host, I chose slow and short, you do default, see what ends up to be. After that, we go back to 442, and tick only man behind ball, and then play 2-3 games with this tactics. Then after this we do short, slow and man behind ball for another 2-3 games.
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