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  1. Abel


    ... Nope this is the same one...
  2. Abel


    Agbonlahor A great performance against Newcastle...
  3. ... You wish hes like a deer on ice... give him half a chance and he'll trip over his own legs...
  4. ... Chelsea born and bread my friend... I'm disgusted at the monet with my club though... You should read our new official club history... Ken Bates , the clubs saviour twenty years ago, was criticised top within one inch of his life...
  5. ... I'm a chelsea fan... Being a smartass comes naturally...
  6. He had a great season and in my opinion deserves a rise. (You know a Liverpool player really needs a rise when a chelsea fan points it out...)
  7. José: New Liverpool a more flexible foe José Mourinho learnt everything there is to know about the way Liverpool play during ten meetings in just two seasons. But he believes summer transfers will allow Sunday’s opponents a more varied approach in the season ahead. Over the close season Liverpool have added Brazilian left-back Fabio Aurelio, Argentine defender Gabriel Paletta and Chilean midfielder Mark Gonzalez, plus from the British Isles, Craig Bellamy and Jermaine Pennant. It’s the signing of Bellamy in particular that will allow them to set new challenges Mourinho believes. “One thing
  8. Blue Is The Colour The 110% Un-official Chelsea FC Fan Club Thread In this thread I will post the latest gossip, transfers, ticket information, results and chants. Please dont post if you're not a Chelsea fan there really is no point.
  9. ... In reference to the threads title. Manchester United dont have fans dont be silly. They have the screaming Asians and 7 year-olds who dont know better...
  10. ... Paulo is a top class right-back. Its because he is foreign, A chelsea player and lets face it a right-back that you hear little about him. He also is having several injury poblems. Rumour has it now we've made a fnal offer of £23M for him... Should be enough...
  11. .... Cole is out of contract at the end of this year isnt he..? I suppose if he doesnt move he'll just play reserve games for the season and we snap him up on a free transfer
  12. ... We've dropped our intrest because you guys keep on messing us about. But Arsene Wenger can't fog this one off with him "not being 100%"
  13. Iranian Hotshot The Next Ballack? Name: Ali Karimi Position: Midfield Club: Bayern Munich Age: 27 Rating: 87 (Will Definately Increase This Season.) Recommended For: WC Divisions 2-4 EC Divisions 1-2 Ali Karimi started his career in Fath Football Club and experienced significant improvement during the time he was playing for Persepolis football club where he got an offer from Atletico Madrid, among other European clubs. However, Karimi did not accept them and chose to play in the UAE, because he wanted to stay close to Iran. He is arguably the best dribbler in Iran and his ball skills a
  14. ... It was 10am and I thought you were having the day of or something Sorry
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