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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Swapping my Fernando Torres for Toni Kroos. ( Note i have David Villa in CF and play a 4231 formation AND might be signing Sergio Aguero in a streight swap for Steven Gerrard. )
  2. Search bar has broken guys. Need some 10k risers for my Gateshead team. Just started out Thanks guys any help apreciated
  3. Re: Looking For Managers ... kick off 4th july Hey Dude. Applied for Napoli
  4. Re: Looking For Managers ... kick off 4th july Heyy Mate, Bordeaux My SM name is 1 J@KE IN DA CLUB so just offer it me Cheers Man
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should i sell Lahm For Lisandro Lopez and Pandev ... I was thinging of switching to 3 at the back. And my only CF is drogba ... SOo....
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should i buy Messi for 0 mill fabregas and Drogba ? I could do with a AM but My Only CF is drogba. I play 1 Upfront ...
  7. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 OMG i am getting so bored of this game. WU walk round a corner and there is somone with a Model camping. I would only play this game if there was No commando, Nube Tube, Painkiller and the only kill streaks were Like 3-4-5-6-7-15
  8. Re: Custom GW Id Take a team in tis Game world if you are Looking for mananagers
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... fabregas for roooney. i play 1 upfront and have cover for fab,, my cf is drogba soo...
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right. A Manager said hed sell me ribery for sagna robinho n 10 mill. I said i dnt have 10 mill and he said hell do tht deal for me if i sell him fabregas for ibrahimovich and 3 million. Now my team is.. Buffon Sagna-Toure-Mertasaker Lahm------------------Clichy Muntari Fabregas--Robinho Sneider Drogba So really Should i sell Fabregas, Sagna, Robinho For Ibrahimovich and Ribery. I have many covers, i have the likes of Busquets, and many 90 rated players. I have 5 mill
  11. Re: The Making Of Notts Forest 2010 Ahh. Never knew that. How about Patricio ?
  12. Re: The Making Of Notts Forest 2010 Well to start id Sell frey, (yes he may be 93) to raise enough money for Asenjo... Well if you are going to be in this league for a decent period of time then buy players like asenjo. if ur going to be in it for mayb, 1 or 2 seasons then just go for higher rated peoplee
  13. Thers a Brazzilian champ its 2189. Thers 2 people in it, Me and some other lad. Many teams avalible. Many players at external and thers teams like cruzero.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey Lads. My Eto'o for 10 mill and Sneider ? I could do with the midfield support as my main midfielders are Fabregas,Gourcuff,Muntari,Busquets,Ramieres and Veloso. Then Should i buy aguero for westerman and sagna. Seeing as my defence is Lahm Toure Mertasaker Chlichy, and sagna and westerman are both unhappy i thought this through and it would help my team as my Cf are drogba and eto'o. I have others but there like 89. So My team is Buffon Lahm Toure Mertsasaker Clichy Muntari Fabregas Busquets Gourcuff Eto'o Drogba Should i do these deals ?
  15. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Heyy. Second seasson 2. First season came 2nd in div got promoted. This season half way through Third and won the cup and semis in shield. Patrico/88 Azapilcueto/88 - Rannocchia/86 - Marcano/88 - Cissokho/89 Sissoko/89 Javi Martines/89 --- Dorrans/85 Alexis Sanchez/88 -----------------------------Marin/89 Mandzukic/89 Yeah dunno what to do now Any Tips ?.. Have 3.4 Million EDIT. They come of TB from the 5 jul to the 13th jul
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers dude. So if i was selling him for money how much would i ask for.... ? and considering his age, whats his potential at the end of next season ?
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... HeyUpp. Selling Kolo Toure for 0mill and SQUILLACI, S├ębastien... Am i making the right decision. My defence atm is Buffon Sagna-Toure-Mertasaker-Chlichy or-------------------------Or Lahm----------------------Lahm Just wondering if toure was in for a drop and the other in for a rise ? Fair deal ?
  18. Re: Premiership Risers Lois Saha. How certain about a raise are you ?
  19. Re: 2829 Nahh Exams Stopped me
  20. Re: Win your own game world Joined as Rubin. Need RWB and LWB if anyone has anyone going. Also have Ansaldi, who is 23 and 90 Lb/Rb ? ANy Offers
  21. Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread New Man At The Helm Nottingham Forest have appointed Swfcladie as the new manager. When being interviewed he was asked what he needs from the club in order to be able to achive promotion with this club, He replied " AT the moment i have 7 million to play with. A right back is needed and i will add depth. I will Include some P.E in here. Any team needing any 89/90 players put some bids in"
  22. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Joined as Petebrough. First of all anyone interested in my 85-89 PLayers ?
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