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  1. Re: left back help

    ASSOU-EKOTTO' date=' Benoît

    ENRIQUE, José

    EMERSON, Conceiçeo

    DIDAC, Vila

    should i keep any of these players ?

    which as the best chance of going 90+

    cheers dave[/quote']

    Don't know a lot about Emerson and Didac, but Enrique and Assou-Ekotto are both class acts. I reckon they'll both reach 90 by the end of the season. Get rid of the other two to get some cash I suppose!

  2. Re: Alexis Sanchez + Sami Khedira

    Anything can happen in football and are you sure Sahin will be a capable and regular starter ? Perhaps Mourinho will rotate and rotate 3 of them again ? :P .

    I reckon Sahin could break into the Real starting 11 and cement a permanent place. He'll have to work hard, mind you.. but his free kicks are great, his passing and skill is good and he's got a superb shot on him.

    I believe he was injured but has now returned and Mourinho is giving him just a few minutes? (correct me if I'm wrong!). But if so, it's only a matter of time (imo) that he will become a regular.

  3. Re: ROMEU, Oriol or tom cleverley

    Barca have applied that clause to quite a lot of there recent deals when offloading youngsters. Not sure on the specific details but there is some clause added to the deal surrounding buy back options...

    Don't see why teams would even bother buying players off them if that's how they roll. I suppose it's Barca's 'right' in a way, but it's still unfair to Chelsea. What if Romeu inspired them to a Premier League and Champions League double? Then I assume all Barca would have to do is turn around and say 'we want him back now' and Chelsea would have to oblige, forcing them to fork out for a replacement who may not have the same impact.

    I know it's unlikely that Romeu would have that sort of impact yet, but still...

  4. Re: ROMEU, Oriol or tom cleverley

    I'd try to get them both. If not, it's a difficult choice. I'll say Cleverly, just because I'm a United fan. But both of them have great futures.

    I read that Romeu has some dodgy deal on his contract that means Barca can buy him back for a small price at the end of the season if they want to (and they will want to if he keeps on playing well), but they can also buy him at the end of next season for a slightly higher price, should they be so inclined as to let Chelsea keep him for a little while longer.

    I did, however, find this in the Daily Mail... 'nuff said. (Although it wouldn't surprise me). If it is true, though, it's kinda annoying, given how Barca WOULD NOT need him anyway. It might also mean that, if Romeu moves back to the Catalans, he might find it hard to get a place. Obviously this means his rating will either fall or stay put for a long time.

    Fingers crossed this isn't true, because I think this guy could go places with Chelsea!

  5. Re: IS swapping Sakho and Canasles for Busquets a good deal ?

    French league cap seems to be 92 though (Toulalan was 93 for a while however). Even if PSG do really well in Europe' date=' can their players break pastthat 92 boundary?[/quote']

    I reckon SM would make an exception if PSG managed to do that. Imagine if they beat Barca and Real etc, their players would likely deserve higher ratings. You never know, the French league as a whole may get better again!

  6. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12

    Good ratings here! Agree with most, if not all of them.

    Don't see why people were getting so touchy about Cabaye, though. At the end of the day, ratings ARE a matter of opinion, otherwise people wouldn't be disagreeing with eachother. Everyone would agree if they weren't at least initially opinion-based.

    The logic Special-1 used for Cabaye's possible drop is more than acceptable given that players have dropped in such situations before (no, I won't make an example. I don't need to).

    Anyhow, good ratings, good thread.

  7. Re: Club hopping

    Is there any way to stop a club hopper as there is currently a player going round the Gold worlds called Paolo Binetti taking over up to 5 clubs a week and quitting immediately.You have probably all seen him yourselves in your overview news feeds resigning yet again from a club.I have pm'd him requesting him to stop it but got a rather rude response in broken english. Anything that we can do co I cant find a way to report it' date=' and it clearly says in the code of conduct that it is rule breaking.[/quote']

    Do you still have his reply in your inbox? If so, contact SM, with proof of what he said. Clearly this guy is out to annoy other people. Other players won't enjoy the game so much if he keeps up his club hopping ways and insults those who confront him.

    I've never had to do this myself, but would a support ticket suffice? If not, let's hope SM spot this thread.

    In my opinion his account should be terminated completely. Of course he could always create a new one under another email but then I doubt he would be smart enough to cover that up.

  8. Re: Getting a new club.

    and actually just to add i've just looked at the list in question(as i just responded without checking it)' date=' to see again what you are refering too, as tbh i don't really check that list very often,

    but it actually does contain leagues in the first season just about to start(ie next turn is 1st game of the season , not a friendly)

    examples are w'c leagues 11188 and w'c 11187,

    so i just reckon you've been checking at times when there not on their for whatever reason, but again this is why there are search engines on the same page to deal with these issues

    because you can't expect every single league to be listed on one page just sitting there for whatever reason it would take up too much space[/quote']

    I only said I don't care if someone accuses me of posting this thread in the 'wrong section.' The reason I brought that up is that I realised this thread may have been more suited to the 'Help Section,' because I pretty much was asking for help on the matter.

    But nowhere did I say that I don't care for people's remarks in general. That would be stupid, because if that was the case, I wouldn't post a thing myself. Oh and I'm not saying 'your all anal anyway's,' I'm saying that some people are, and it really grinds my gears (always wanted to use that saying). I'm not trying to be rude; just honest about what I think. That sometimes means I'll be really blunt, too. I probably overreacted to Ruggermad's rocket science remark, but at the time it seemed a bit rude.

    Anyway... I don't expect every single league to be listed on one page. I'm not stupid enough to think that's practical in any way. BUT I do think it would be a little easier if brand new gameworlds were, perhaps just for half an hour, put in the new season section straight away. That's not going to hurt older setups in any way because let's be honest, some are a lost cause.

    I'm all for trying to fill up two year old gameworlds etc but there are just too many club hoppers out there, and there will be plenty of people unwilling to take up some challenges that older leagues pose. I have entered old setups lots of times, and have had some success. In some way they can be more fun to play than new ones. But nothing beats getting a brand new club and building them up from scratch.

    Yes, annoyingly enough I too noticed some new setups in the new season section after my first two posts. That just had to happen after my rant, I suppose.

    At the end of the day, I just prefer certain things to be straight forward, and if the easiest way to get into a new setup is by using the search tool at the bottom of a rather large page, it's not as straight forward as it could be.

  9. Re: Free Agent Search

    I see why this could be implemented, but I agree that the search tool should be left the way it is. The search perameters are broad enough, meaning that you're almost guaranteed atleast a couple of free agents if your search brings about 10 or more pages. Maybe even less.

    I draw the line, however, at suggesting that being able to search specifically for free agents makes you lazy. It's just more convenient. Nothing wrong with that. But given the flexibility of the current search tool it probably isn't needed.

  10. Re: Getting a new club.

    well I just would've thought that it would be blindingly obvious that brand new game worlds would be starting a brand new season? But I dunno....

    I'm not sure you can comprehend what I'm saying.

    The point I was making is that brand new gameworlds starting brand new seasons don't seem to appear in the 'New Season Game Worlds' section very often, and I think they should be transferred there the moment they open. I have tried refreshing the page when they are due to open and I exit the page and re-enter it but they never seem to show.

    I know that 'brand new game worlds would be starting brand new season.' What I'm saying is that you can't find them without manually searching for them. They count as starting new seasons, so why don't they appear in the new seasons section? Do you know what I'm getting at now? Maybe I'm just unlucky, but this problem I have seems to happen way too often to be mere coincidence.

    I understand what you're saying and where you're coming from, but I genuinely did not notice the small search tool right at the bottom of the new club page. I didn't post this question without looking first. I posted this question, I admit, without being observant enough.

    I know how anal people can be on this forum, so I don't ask questions without thinking about it. I'm surprised I haven't recieved more of a grilling because I probably 'posted this in the wrong section,' as some people would put it. But to be honest I don't care.

    I thought the whole point of a forum was for people to discuss things that interest them, and to help others if they have queries etc. not to complain about the questions they ask.

  11. Re: Getting a new club.

    easy way around it.

    Go to upcoming worlds. For Example' date=' EC 7888 is the next English Champ in the queue, simply search for English Championship 7887, and it will be a brand new season.

    Not exactly rocket science[/quote']

    I probably could have been more observant, but why is the search box so small, and at the bottom of the page? It could do with swapping places with the ID search, which somehow strikes me as a search tool that wouldn't be used as much.

    Not much need for the rocket science comment, really. Easy mistake to make.

  12. Am I the only person on here who thinks it's too difficult to get a new club? Let me explain...

    On the 'Add new club' screen you have, on the left handside, a column of gameworlds starting a new season. I very rarely catch sight of a BRAND NEW gameworld in this section. There should be new gameworlds here all the time, surely. I mean, they're starting new seasons right? They fall under the category, yet they are barely ever there, IF ever.

    In the middle section of the page is up coming gameworlds, where we can reserve clubs etc. Fair enough, it's good because it shows you those that are coming soon for days at a time, so there is plenty of room to reserve (if you can get past the pain-in-the-butt order screen).

    BUT. The one flaw with this section is that, when you refresh the page, the latest opening gameworld DISAPPEARS completely when it is time for it to open. It doesn't get transfered to the 'new season gameworld' section, oh no. That's much too simple.

    In the end the only way I can possibly find it is choosing the correct search perameters in the 'Search Club' section and MANUALLY trawling through endless pages of gameworlds, that are in random order, to have any hope of finding the gameworld I so desire. And I can only do that if I memorise the number of the gameworld and somehow find it.

    Am I the only person who has this problem? Because seriously, it is such a pain. Even if there is an easy way to get a new club-one that might make me look stupid-it isn't very clear.

  13. Right, I manage Athletico Madrid in Spanish Championship 4130. Last season I won Div 1 (second season) and was runner up in the first season. Considering my opposition, I'm pretty proud. It's not the best team in the world. I want to make it 2 consecutive seasons, so I need to cash in on some players before I improve my squad. Luckily I have a lot of players (38) so I can afford to do this without making my squad too small.

    The only bad thing is this: £11.1 million in the bank :( . Anyways, here it goes:

    [b]First team.[/b]


    De Gea, David

    Asenjo, Sergio


    Ivanovic, Branislav

    Lucio, Ferreira

    Vermaelen, Thomas

    Godin, Diego

    Rakytskiy, Yaroslav

    Dominguez, Alvaro

    Oritz, Cesar


    Garcia, Javi

    Perez, Ruben

    Toure, Yaya

    Martinez, Javi

    Suarez, Mario

    Nasri, Samir

    Gotze, Mario

    Huvos, Vitor

    Reyes, Jose

    Blanco, Sebastian

    Salvio, Eduardo


    Aguero, Sergio

    Forlan, Diego

    Costa, Diego

    Youth Team


    Joel, Robles


    Cabrera, Leandro

    Pulido, Jorge


    Matip, Joel

    Camacho, Ignacio

    Koke, Jorge

    Coutinho, Philippe

    Merida, Fran

    Marcos, Sergio

    Keko, Gallardo

    Niguez, Saul


    Pacheco, German

    Vinicius, Silva

    Borja, Gonzalez

    Ibrahima, Balde

    So... who should I sell, guys?

  14. Re: Can Messi get to 100?

    That's fine - but if that's 100' date=' Messi isn't 99.

    Again. I'm not saying Messi should be 100.

    I'm not saying Messi should ever be 100 necessarily.

    I'm saying that if he continues to develop then there will likely be an effect on the ratings. That affect may just be that current 96 players become 95 - but I would see an affect taking place.[/quote']

    Ah I understand what you're saying now.. apologies for missing your point! The thing is, even though what you're saying makes sense, I think it would be harsh of SM to drop other players just because Messi will improve (which he undoubtedly will). If too many players drop in rating SM might have to do a complete overhaul of the ratings system in order to accomodate for ONE player. Just not worth it in my opinion.

    For example, a 95 rated player dropping to 94. 95 is a big step above 94. Now if a 95 rated player dropped to 94 merely because of how good Messi is (even if that player deserves his current rating), the rating of 94 would have to have the same definition that 95 has in the current rating system.. if you get me. I could be wrong, just throwing it out there!

  15. Re: Brazil Risers

    Does anyone know anything about GUALBERTO, Junior of Palmeiras? 75 rated CB, aged 21.

    Bought him for my Wrexham team as I hoped he would be a riser so I could challenge division 4 and 3 when I reach them!

  16. Re: subs

    I have a question! Your idea sounds good, but when you say substituting with a predetermined player, do you mean like... for each player in your starting 11, you allocate a player who will replace them if they get injured?

  17. Re: Darren Fletcher

    oh how do you know if u got one and how to check?

    Well if you manage a big team you'd usually have a stadium of 40,000 plus, which is pretty decent. It says under your team name on the Overview section when you select your squad.

  18. Re: Who to replace Rami?

    although it pains me to help a mannyu fan' date=' i have heard through the grapevine that dede and welinton are two prospects, with weliton being the more likely[/quote']

    Thankyou very much! I shall also check out the links :D

  19. Re: Darren Fletcher

    i agree with you about the person being new and everything' date=' btw what do u mean by raise funds through ticket sales? is there a way to do that?[/quote']

    Well if you have a big stadium, like I do with my Milan team, you will be making a couple of million every home game. This builds up rather quickly! But I guess it was a bit of an obscure thing for me to say... not everyone can do that!

  20. Re: My Everton

    I got Rodrigues Lucas probably you didnt saw him

    Ganso is out on loan thats why you didnt saw him

    and i just sold varane for 11 million (i bought him when he was 75)and got sakho instead

    Milito and Emmanuelson are not mine....i just got them on loan

    And jardel and the others are just risers and im waiting the date to sell them:D

    Argh, darn my inability to observe properly! It's just your team was so big :P Ah well, you don't have Rodriguez or Badstuber, so I guess I gave a little bit of advice!

  21. Re: Setting Minimum Transfer Fees- POINTLESS

    clearly misunderstanding my point' date=' let u off though as ur a noob and ur the kinda of SM manager im talking about.

    CV stops you bidding over a certain amount. mine was 32-38M for Wilshere. so putting 100M is pointless as no one can even make a bid as the chairman will block it. if he used the unavailable feature, id have to message him first.

    it doesnt send a message apart from the manager not knowing how SM works! if he dont wanna sell, set to unavailable.[/quote']

    Let me off? Yeahhh, right...

    ... anyway, don't call me a noob, as there's just no point. I'm merely debating that the minimum fee is not a pointless tool by putting forward my own opinion. Calling me a noob is both childish and ruining what could be a good debate.

    My argument is that setting a minimum fee is just another way for a manager to say that the player is unavailable. You said yourself that if a player was just listed as such you could just message the manager about it. But if a manager set a ridiculous minimum fee on their prize player, wouldn't it have a possibility of not only putting you off bidding for him, but also making you think twice before messaging said manager? Some managers don't want to be harried about their players, so setting a minimum fee can sometimes prevent that.

    It also has another use. Let's say I had Nani, who is worth about £20million to my chairman. But I want to sell him, so I put him on the market for £30million. I could then set a minimum fee of £25million, so I ensure that I'd make atleast an extra £5million more than he is worth. Managers WILL bid that much, although without the minimum fee set, you can bet your bottom dollar that other managers would try to sign him for as little as possible.The minimum fee is in place so that doesn't happen.

    I have been playing SM for years so I know that some people will pay a premium to sign players like Nani, which is why setting that fee is hardly unreasonable.

    Can you explain how setting a minimum fee means a manager doesn't know how SM works?

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