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  1. Re: Berbatov! Stupid idiot who cost 30M Ohhh, soo most United fans are glory hunters eh? The exact same could be said about supporters of almost any other team in the world (yes, almost definately including Liverpool) Didn't think this forum was a place for Liverpool fans to jump on United fans every time they post something, and criticise what they say. To get to the point.. finally another United fan who is displeased with Berba! To be honest I have never rated him. I admit i was please when Fergie signed him; but I guess that was because we finally had another striker. Now I rate Welbeck and Macheda many classes above Berba. He is the laziest player I have EVER seen, yet Fergie insists on playing him more regularly then a hard worker like Tevez. That is beyond me.. the only thing I l don't like about the brilliant manager is that even he makes silly mistakes. Yeah maybe Tevez isn't the most skilled player on the planet, but he certainly is miles better than bloody Berbatov! He never gives up The reason why us United fans start about players who start playing bad for us is because they don't play well in the first place. Berbatov has'nt had one good game. 12 tap ins? WOW yeah my rant is over sorry.
  2. Re: Park Ji Sung: 89/90/91/92? Yeah, well the jokes on you, he's from SOUTH Korea, which, unless i'm very much mistaken, is just below mexico. ^ ermm... hmmm nah I think the joke is on you to be honest... no offence, but who in their right mind could think that South Korea is below mexico??? Anyway.. Park.. 91 for me, but you know what SM are like.. stingy.. he won't get it. He will deffo get 90, 'cause it's an insult if he does'nt.
  3. Re: Fed Up With Glory Supporters! I'm a United fan me But I have a lot of resepect for other teams and hold no grudges... maybe I do against Liverpool and their come backs.... just how do they do it? I respect Moyes and O'Neill... two of the top ten managers in the world in my opinion.. currently anyway But yeah... United
  4. Re: Liverpool vs Chelsea - Clash of the Titans I think.... Chelsea will score 3... Liverpool get 3 back no more scores after extra time.. goes to penalties.. and Terry makes the same mistake again So Liverpool win.. then they play United in the final and United win :D:D
  5. Re: English Premier League ratings Hey, I know this isn't exactly the same subject but I don't know how to start my own thingy (new to the forum) but I've noticed tonight that player fitness ratings have gone lower than they ever have for me... my Porto team... played 3 games so far, and fitness is as low as 66% ! what the hell? I thought it went down to 70% at the lowest unless you played a player for like 5 games in a row including cups etc I'm confused... and annoyed the fitness rating system is un realistic on this game and needs fixing!
  6. James AU

    Nikola Zigic

    Re: Nikola Zigic Hmmm I have mixed opinions on him.. certainly dont think 88 is good enough though, he should still be 89. Seeing as he was one of the best strikers in his league a few years ago... or so it said in the football book i looked at. I'd say 89... 90 one day if he keeps it up
  7. Re: Ronaldo. Whats Happened to Him? here here! couldnt have put it better myself
  8. Re: help!!! centre backs Udoh could rise... he is rated 77 or 78 (havent checked) but I think hes a good youngster
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Stay, for now He will go up if he goes to Real because he's a good defender and will get games there... a good replacement for Cannavaro
  10. Re: Players' Ratings Help!! Dunno bout Zhirkov dont Chelsea and City want him? (just what I heard) anyways I think if he goes to the Prem he can reach 93
  11. Re: Rating help Drenthe 88>88/89 Lennon 88>89 Gago 91>91/92 Arteta 91>92 Pepe 93>93 Neuer 90>90/91 Jo 90>89/90 Corluka 91>90/91 Lucio 94.. german ratings already gone Marcelo 90>90/91 Lavezzi 90>90/91 didnt know if you meant schweinsteiger with the other one.. if so, he has gone down hasnt he?
  12. Re: Match ratings problem
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings Hmmm I hope Iniesta rises and Xavi Shame about Milito, but yet again he's not all that good
  14. Re: English Premier League ratings
  15. Re: English Premier League ratings
  16. Re: English Premier League ratings
  17. Re: English Premier League ratings You're bein a bit lenient towards Torres I think Am I right in saying that he has had one or two injuries this season? So why would that warrant him going up by 1 or 2?? 1 is a possibility 2 is ridiculous If he goes up by 1 then I think Rooney should too ( no I'm not trying to start an argument) Give Torres another season (in which he will obviously do well) and he will hit 97 for sure but I would be suprised if he does this time around as for Kuyt, I think it's about time he went up to 92... I am a United fan (in peace) and think he is a good player. Every time I've seen him play (not too much ) he has been good... scoring goals, creating them... it's an insult if he stays at 91. Berbatov to go down! He is an insult to football... why SAF insists on playing him I have'nt a clue... what does he actually do?? He is the laziest player I have ever seen. Yeah I admit his accuracy is good, so he gets goals, but he looks half-arsed most of the time, which bugs me because he is chosen over hard worker Tevez. Anyhoo...
  18. Re: Match ratings problem It's just a fault that SM SHOULD get round to fixing I don't want to sound like I'm moaning but it is unrealistic! I don't think Kaka would get a rating of 4 ever, never mind consistently. I think players rated 88+ or something should have a greated chance of getting a rating of 7+ in a match, because let's be fair, they are the best players in the world, not underachievers. And the sub thing is a problem; yeah, it's definately possible for a sub coming on at 75 mins to get MoM... but the thing is, they get it wayy too much. I've noticed it all the time, and it's silly really because players who score hat-tricks and win the match don't get MoM when they get ratings of 10!
  19. Re: Lord of the Rings Conquest for PS3 or Xbox 360 Neither trust me, it's not worth the money last gen graphics, repetetive gameplay... if you really want it i still advise you to wait for the price to go down, so, if you don't like it, you don't feel that you've wasted too much money
  20. Re: 14m for CM! Raul Merieles nah I think Lass Diarra also
  21. Re: Need a good winger Ben Arfa is good isnt he? or Mata cant think of any others... bet there are a few tho
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