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  1. Re: My Everton Your team is decent, mate. Although if I were you, I'd sell Milito, Jardel, Isidoro and Benat. There are a few more in there I'd get rid of, but the amount of money you would recieve from them is so small that they're not worth a mention. Here is a small list of players worth buying: Rodrigues Lucas James Rodriguez Paulo Henrique Ganso Holger Badstuber Raphael Varane There are plenty more, of course, but there are too many to post on here. They are just a few examples of players worth busting your budget for!
  2. Okay, I am managing Lille (doing really well at the mo, first in the league etc) but I was unlucky enough to catch them when they sold Rami to Valencia, and they loaned him back (or atleast I think that's what happened... is it?) Anyhoo, he has become concerned about being loaned out, and I can't be dealing with him getting even more concerned, losing morale and in turn playing worse for me. So I'm going to terminate his loan, if I can, seeing as though it is unlikely that the Valencia manager will let me sign him long term anyways. Other centre backs I have on the team are: Chedjou Rozenhal (can't wait to get rid of this guy) Beria (he's a Def, but can play at cb obviously) Aurtenetxe (payed a premium for this guy! £6mill! Just hope it's worth it ) I have noticed that the Brazilian changes are coming up soon, and was wandering if anyone knew of a Brazilian centre back or two rated between 78-83 that may rise to 85/86 and are looking to be good players long term? It's a long shot but I thought surely there is atleast one player of that description in Brazil! Basically I want to replace him asap! I have £14million to spend.
  3. Re: Darren Fletcher Why be so anal about where this thread is? The OP is obviously new. Pretty understandable that they aren't an expert at navigating the forums. To answer you, MeowMeow, keep Fletcher. He's a safe 92 for the next few years atleast. And 93 isn't out of the question if United do well this year.. although that may require winning the champions league. If you want to get M'Vila, either wait a bit longer until you raise funds through ticket sales or sell some fringe players (you'll be surprised how much that adds up!)
  4. Re: Setting Minimum Transfer Fees- POINTLESS Exactly. The manager is obviously trying to put you off bidding for him -which has evidently worked- so just give up and don't bother. I do this, and it's a useful tool. I manage Wrexham, in Division 5. I have a young Brazilian prospect aged 17 and rated 78, and he is currently worth £2.2million to my chairman. The moment I signed him, the Arsenal manager put my player on his/her shortlist. Obviously I got the message that Arsenal were interested and I just whacked a £10million minimum fee on the player to ward off any future bidding. I have currently had no bids for him, despite the fact his transfer ban was lifted months ago. So in a way, slapping a minimum fee on a player you want to keep is just a way of avoiding endless bidding by relentless managers.
  5. Re: Mario GOTZE for David De Gea I've just read the whole thread and honestly, if I was alone in the house, I'd laugh until my abdominals imploded. The overreaction to what you said from other forum members almost lead me to believe that they were joking. I mean, seriously... I can't believe so many people were getting that wound up. Yeah, what you would have/maybe already have done can be classed as cheating (although not as bad as someone creating two accounts, then taking Lille and Barca in the same setup and selling Hazard to him/herself for the smallest amount of money possible+Milito) but mate, don't let these people bully you into feeling bad. Cheating happens. All. The. Time. It just so happens you were silly enough to tell people what you were doing. I can't stop cheating, and sadly, your haters can't stop it either. The only people who can stop it are SM. But if they're only willing to listen to 'tickets' regarding racial abuse etc, then they obvisouly don't view fooling another manager as being in the same category. And their opinion, at the end of the day, is all that matters. I don't agree with that fiendish plan you were hatching, but I also don't agree with the grilling you recieved, either. People: GET OVER IT. Because there are two outcomes from what 'ManchesterUnited' has done. Either he has gone through with it and told you people a lie (which you didn't believe anyway) or he is telling the truth and can't do the deal. Either way, it has nothing to do with any of us.
  6. Re: Yohan Cabaye Looks like I will have to sell him for my Lille club then. Newcastle are a decent team but I doubt he'll keep his 90 now. Atleast I can raise funds, though. We all know how poor Lille are on SM...
  7. Re: Can Messi get to 100? Would you expect anything after 100? Maybe 101, or 102? I doubt Messi or any other player will reach the triple figures ratings wise. In terms of how the current rating system works, 100 would imply perfection. That's just silly. A nice thought, and I see where you're coming from etc, but Messi reaching 100 just won't happen.
  8. Re: Stupid login problem? Okay I realise I probably posted this in the 'wrong' section... but I hope people aren't too anal to reply because of that. Basically, I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem? It's pretty annoying because I haven't been able to check last night's scores.
  9. Re: Should Lionel Messi be rated 99? Have to say, Messi deserves his 99. Unbelievable player. But LOL. Makes me laugh how angry people get when some ratings don't increase the way they want them to. Get over it!
  10. Right, this happened to me three years ago... When I login to SM, it takes me straight to the demo mode. The ridiculous thing is that, if I 'log out of demo mode' or select login for 'full access,' it takes me to demo mode again. What the hell is all this about? I can't actually access my account!
  11. Re: pls help me, pls............... I think you'll find a few of the right backs in tarikataturkcol's post are under 24 years of age
  12. Re: De Rossi, Essien, or Schweinsteiger? Go for the German.
  13. Re: why didnt bale and nani go up? Naaaniiii!
  14. Re: Douglas Costa That your way of complaining that he's made another thread?
  15. Re: Fitness There is something wrong with this sh*te fitness system. TWO league games are played every week, (Wednesday and Saturday). So fine... my players are able to play the starting game of the season (Sat) and are always fully fit for the second (wed). But by the third (next sat), there are already players at only 89% match fitness ON THE MATCH DAY. If I play someone at 89%, they can drop as low as 60%, or perhaps even lower, and so they are useless to me for the next game if I want to get a performance out of them. Why can't SM just make recovery rates higher because, at the end of the day, some players in real life play week in week out with no problems. If SM want people to consider this game as life like and realistic, then we should be able to play our first team for more than 3 games in a row without them getting too tired for people to want to risk playing them. I admit, sometimes I regard 94% as being unfit. That's a bit picky, I know, but a player with 94% is going to be 70% fit at the MOST after playing a game; meaning he is going to be round about 90% fit for the next game, and if I play him then, he's going down to 60%. And so on. So it is WAY too easy for a player to get unfit on SM, and this needs to change. I don't want to loose League games simply because I had to replace half of my usual 11 due to fitness problems that shouldn't occur.
  16. Re: new features Fitness is really starting to bug me. Some players aren't recovering at all the day after.. they just stay at 75%! Why??
  17. Re: rooney to 94? But will the argument be 100% supported by SM, and your wish fulfilled? That remains to be seen, buddy.
  18. Call me slow but I have just figured out how the 'new fitness system' works. Don't get me wrong, I think by and large it's better, but I have noticed a large flaw. Basically... Ronaldinho plays for my Milan team tonight after I've rested him, and is down to 87% after the match. Pretty good! He'll recover in two days! BUT The more he plays, the more fitness he loses every game, am I correct? This is fine, for the most part, but I've noticed something that I HOPE is just a little bug. For instance, take my rubbish Villarreal team. Vidal has played nearly every league game for me so far (13 games) so you can imagine, according to the new fitness system, he should be a bit tired, so I should rest him a game or two? Maybe, maybe not. The problem is, he was 100% fit for tonights game. And now he is 67%. I don't quite understand why. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that he'll lose more fitness because I've played him a lot, but if that was the case, why should he be 100% fit before the match? I don't get it.
  19. Re: Gojko kacar Gosh I love how blunt some answers are on here. No mate, unfortunately Kacar won't rise. I've heard he's in for a drop; at the most he will keep his 88
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