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  1. Hello all! I have recently come into possession of Preston North End. I'm selling or have sold all the guys over the age of 30, and will slowly replace those in the late twenties with youngsters. I have a small squad, which I hope will change because, as we all know, small squads never last on SM. And rightly so. Anyway... I'm playing Ipswich, and this guy has Olic (92) upfront, whereas my best defender is St Ledger (85). Then he has Bystrov (87) and De La Red (88) in midfield, with Bonera (89) at the back. This is my likely starting 11: GK: A.Lonergan (84) RB: B.Jones (83) CB: St Ledger (85) CB: R.Wallace (84) (brazilian guy) LB: M.Montero (81) RM: B.Nicholson (82) CM: P.Coutts (80) CM: R.Chaplow (82) LM: R.Jaime (82) Fwd: F.Montero (86) CF: N.Mellor (82) Subs: LM: R.Wallace (84) Fwd: S.Elliot (80) AM: A.Thiago (80) Def: E.Nolan (81) RB: M.Hart (80) I will probably just play 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. I would like to play a possession game but my CM's just won't be able to match up to De La Red (you would think). I'd also like to know how best to deal with Olic, and what tactics you guys suggest. Before tonight, if possible! Thanks!
  2. Re: 4-5-1 defensive vs unmanaged 4-4-2 4-5-1 defensive never seems to work against unmanaged clubs try a 4-2-3-1 or something
  3. Re: What Movies have made you Cry!? The Notebook. I have produced a tear or two for others (such as Gladiator, LOTR3 and Blood Diamond) but I wet my face watching The Notebook. Call me a whimp; I don't really care. The story is beautiful and very tragic. Also I compared some of the events to a situation of my own. Stupid, obviously; but so easy to do!
  4. Re: ratings are uselless in game Personally I have found it a lot harder to manage a team of higher rated players. Unless you get the tactics spot on for said teams, lower rated ones actually seem to have an edge. I have beaten Barcelona 3-0 and 4-0 away with the likes of Marseille, Zenit and CSKA. But when in control of Barca, have lost 1-0 at home to Zenit despite my players playing a lot better and getting a monstrous 70% possession. It's quite frustrating, as only the best managers seem to get the best out of higher rated players, and seeing as I don't fall into that category, I favour weaker teams by far.
  5. Re: Conspiracy Theories Yep, most likely weapons and such. I wouldn't be surprised if Area 51 was the centre of their new 'mechanised marine' technology.
  6. Re: Messi Ahaa, touche. Well, it's resolved then!
  7. Re: Messi No offence, but Nathan wasn't given a chance to back up his argument. My curiosity about that is the reason for this thread. McWhat's-his-face was wrong to call my thread pointless, though. I have created it to ask for an explanation, and I have got one. So, unless I get a reply that condradicts this one or if I recieve any criticism, I make this my last post. Just to clarify, though: the cancelation of Nathan's thread was merely for his use of an abusive word and his inability to back up his statement, but had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that people can't accept that he might not like Messi?
  8. Re: Messi 'Utterly pointless?' Nice phrasing by the way... simple but effective. Nah, seriously, you are entitled to your opinion, but I created this thread to ask a question; and seeing as it has a purpose, it can't be pointless. And I don't want to be famous on a forum, because I'd rather make my way in the real world. I was merely curious as to why a negative thread about the 'best player in the world' was closed. Well, I do understand; I just think it's funny. As soon as someone openly says they don't like Messi their thread gets closed. I'm not criticising anyone; just pointing out that people have the right to voice their own opinions and that their thread shouldn't get closed because a majority of people disagree.
  9. Messi Concerning the thread where Nathan said Messi is ****... no offence or anything, but don't you think it's a bit unfair to close a thread merely because he has voiced his own opinion? Albeit he did it a little rude; but it just seems like it was closed because people can't take it that someone doesn't like Messi. Am I right?
  10. Re: Injuries are ridiculous Once for my Stuttgart team... Pavel Pardo was out for 6 weeks with a broken nose.
  11. Re: Is The League Cap Justified? Well, according to FourFourTwo, it's not possible for England to meet Uruguay until the Semis, so they can't knock them out in the quarters
  12. Re: Is The League Cap Justified? Look guys, this argument has no right or wrong side to it, because both of you are producing points that contradict eachothers.' However, I must agree with REDDEVIL. In some cases the 'quality of defending' is irrelevant. It is blindingly obvious that Suarez is a very skillfull player. I agree that he could find it difficult if he played in the Premiership because it is a very physical game over here, but he has bagged 35 goals in 33 appearances. That is some achievement regardless of the 'quality' of his league.
  13. Re: Inconsistant player positions
  14. Re: Spain's Provisional 30 man Squad Keita is a lot better. Busquets is good, but not as good yet. Honestly though, if I was Guardiola, I'd drop him. Personally if I was a manager I would not let any divers into my first team. Diving is a disgrace.
  15. Re: Who will win the World Cup in 2010? Hoping England will win! I think Capello can lead them to victory... I have every faith in him to do so! Think he is way better than Errikson (spelling?) Don't think Argentina or Spain will win it to be honest. Italy, France, Brazil and England are, in my opinion, those most likely to win.
  16. Re: Premiership Risers
  17. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90
  18. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90 Is Niko Kalinic any good? I've only seen him on match of the day a couple of times. Is he worth keeping?
  19. Re: Lampard deserves a rise I think Lampard is a great player, but I'm not sure I'd put him on par with Iniesta. A guy who I think is shockingly overlooked when considering who the best players in the world are.
  20. Re: Manchester United Risers/Droppers Thread Goalkeepers Edwin Van Der Sar 94 -> 93 Ben Foster 88 -> stay Tomasz Kuszczak 88 -> stay Defenders Patrice Evra 94 -> stay Pereira da Silva Fabio 80 -> 82/83 Wes Brown 89 -> 88 Gary Neville 88 -> 87 Pereira da Silva Rafael 86 >87 Nemanja Vidic 96 -> stay Rio Ferdinand 95 -> stay/94 Jonny Evans 89 -> stay John O'Shea 89 -> stay Midfielders Ryan Giggs 93 -> 92 Paul Scholes 92 -> 92/91 Michael Carrick 92 -> 91 Darren Fletcher 91 -> 92 Luis Anderson 91 -> 90 Darren Gibson 85 -> 86 Owen Hargreaves 90 stay (unfair if he doesn't) Park Ji-Sung 90 stay... doesn't get enough playing time, or I'd say 91 Antonio Valencia 90 -> 91 Luis Nani 89 -> stay Gabriel Obertan 86 -> 85/stay Zoran Tosic 86 -> 85/stay Strikers Wayne Rooney 96 -> stay Mame Diouf 85 -> stay Danny Welbeck 85 -> 84/stay Dimitar Berbatov 93 -> 89 (load of rubbish imo) but realistically 92 for now. Michael Owen 90 -> 89 Federico Macheda 80 -> stay Players like Tosic, Obertan and Welbeck... don't know much about them, but I don't believe they have played much this season. I'm basing this purely on what I've seen of such a mediocre season. I know a lot of people won't agree with me when I say mediocre, but where would we be without Rooney's goals? And-to some extent- Owen's? Berbatov is w**k, absolute balls. Yeah, he has a good first touch, and an accurate shot- some of the time. But the guy has no work rate. He doesn't do anything! Carrick has been generally poor this season, but I'm willing to forgive him if he makes up for that next time. Giggs has lost his touch still good, but not good enough; same goes for Neville and Scholes I'm afraid. Evans needs to up his game. So does Anderson and Nani, although I love Nani I think he is great... just needs to be more consistent. Van Der Sar is getting old, but is still good. I think Ferdinand is losing his touch rapidly aswell (I hope that's just down to injury, though), which upsets me because he and Vidic had a great partnership the past few seasons. Rafael and Fabio are worth holding onto... bags of potential! Evra is brilliant; our best player besides Rooney and Valencia. Argh. Just my opinion, but United really need to get a grip. Top 2? Some performances have shown them up big time. Our win against Sunderland was nowhere near convincing. Anyhow, if Fergie doesn't completely change the midfield, I will not be a happy bunny!
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