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  1. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 I get what the author is saying. And to those of you who don't, I'd suggest reading all of his posts thoroughly before passing judgement on his point. But personally, I think it is ABSURD to call Messi the best player ever. How many talented youngsters will come after him? How many of them will watch him play, and learn from his technique and style of play? A fair few, I think. -I apologise if it was not meant literally, but through analysis of the lexis used, the adverb 'ever' suggests that people think no one will ever surpass his skill, meaning he will be the best player until the ending of the world (whish is impossible to know for sure). So, if it is not meant literally, I beg of anyone who says this to use their words more carefully. Look at what Rooney has done in an underperforming Man United side this season. With a much less creative midfield than Barca, he has achieved similar stats (though still inferior) to Messi. Ronaldo has adjusted well to Spain, playing very well and scoring plenty of goals in a team that is still, in my opinion, in its early days in terms of how the players shall gel together. There is no doubt that Messi has done better statistically then Rooney and Ronaldo this season, but with a midfield like that behind him, it's hard not to. WHY compare him to old legends who achieved much more than him in their entire careers, when he is only at the start of his? WHY overhype him, and jump to the conclusion that he must be the best player in the world based on the past few seasons? It baffles me, to be honest. Please explain how you can possibly say Messi is the best player of all time at the tender age of 22? Note the term 'all time' could also connote the same meaning 'ever' does in the context in which it has been used in this thread and all over the damned media. Ah. For some reason I cannot use the second to last word with the last two letters cut off the end. Honestly, how touchy will this forum get? That word is no less insulting than the words 'stupid' or 'idiot.'
  2. Re: My new Porto team (GW 8634) Thanks guys I shall use your combined knowledge to sort my team out!
  3. Re: RB for 15 million... Gonzalo Castro
  4. Woop, been trying to land a new Porto team for a while! Anyway... I would greatly appreciate assistance in who to sell, and perhaps one or two good buys. Right, I currently have a balance of £20.2 million, which is not 'enough' at the moment in my opinion. To make it easier, here is the team (unchanged): GK: Helton GK: Beto GK: Nuno RB: Fucile RB: Miguel Lopes LB: Alvaro Pereira CB: Bruno Alves CB: Rolando CB: Maicon CB: Nuno Andre LM: Cristian Rodriguez DM: Fernando CM: Meireles CM: Costa CM: Guarin AM: Belluschi AM: Micael Wing: Mariano Gonzalez Wing: Valera Wing: Valeri Fwd: Falcao Fwd: Hulk Fwd: Farias (I haven't included the three members of my youth team because I'm keeping them regardless).
  5. Re: GK help needed, £15m to spend If you don't have enough for Lloris, it would be a good idea to go for Neur -can't go wrong for 11.9!
  6. Re: Scholes/lampard Scholesy! In his prime, better than Lampard. But now the obvious choice would be the latter, however much it pains me to say. You don't get a goal tally similar to a striker if you're no good, do you? If I were Fergie, I would play him every game. A shame that he's getting on a bit now and that would be too hard for him, but he's an ace!
  7. James AU


    Re: 4-3-2-1 Nice team, have to say. Not sure you should have everything ticked, though. Depends if you want to be attacking or defensive. Only tick the boxes applicable.
  8. Re: New gameworlds unclear?
  9. Re: Gareth Barry to 92 I wouldn't say he has 'absolutely no chance,' because why the hell not? If City are succesful and he plays well, then it's certainly possible. But I think he will probably remain at 91. You never know, though!
  10. I shall probably get slated for this in some way, as I do tend to make pointless posts on any forum I use. But I cannot seem to find any new gameworlds! Except for on the 'reserve club' section. And I don't have enough credit to do that with my phone at the moment. I want to quit my Roma team now- I'm one of only 8 managers in the entire setup and my success is no over, what because of super A.I- and replace it with a brand new club, but I cannot do this because there are no new gameworlds appearing (apparently). I thought they may appear when they open, but I was on it the other night and all the new gameworlds seem to be opening at 11:00 for some reason... Help please!
  11. Re: solution to player concerns: A very good idea -In my opinion- to discourage those player hoggers. This means they cannot have all the world class players, and in turn it will make gameworlds more competetive!
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers I have Thiago Silva. Put a bid in for Pique, withdrew the bid for Tasci.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I usually go for youth tbf... I was considering keeping Nesta as he is like the setting stone but then Walter Samuel looks like rising so he could replace him maybe?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I already have Lass Diarra and Gago off him in a deal for Pirlo he doesn't want to sell Marcelo and he wants to give me Arbeloa as a p/e for Ronaldinho (which I don't want). I have Clerc as RB atm.. heard somewhere that he may regain his 90. Well if you think he's better than Albiol I may indeed accept the offer... I have bag loads of money having sold most of my squad so if I need replacements they are only a click away
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... £16 million + Garay for Nesta (I have Nesta) shall I accept?
  16. Re: Chelsea to cap players wages (DISGRACE!) Love the sarcasm in this thread lads but I'm afraid I have to rant and say it is absolutely disgusting the amount of money footballers get. £150,000 would last most people years, but if you get that much every week.. it's just sick! Especially when you think people like my mum are saving lives, yet are not getting a tenth of these wages in an entire year. I love football, but the money side of it really puts me off.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Anyone going to offer an opinion on my transfer?
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I control Milan in world champ 8100. The Real manager has offered £16 million + Ezquiel Garay for the beloved Nesta. Should I accept? What is Garay's future like? I currently have Thiago Silva and Walter Samuel as CB's, with Kaladze likely to leave. I have put a bid in for Tasci also. Anyway, opinions would be appreciated
  19. Re: would you do this deal Balotelli and Banega are good, no question. But so are the Da Silva twins and Gibson! Think about it.. they may be rated lower at the moment, but you are gettig rid of 3 young stars, to buy 2. It's your decision mate just saying I wouldn't do it personally.
  20. Re: would you do this deal Two words: no way.
  21. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Personally I think this thread has got out of hand. It appears to have turned into a bitchy argument rather than an enjoyable debate full of constructive criticism. I think most people would agree that Lucas deserves 89. I was surprised when he didn't rise, but then thought his rise will probably be left until the next rating changes, so I don't see what all the fuss it about there. Having said that, this WAS a great argument, before 'madeinmanchester' started punching holes in it and everyone else ganged up on him. I agree he seems a little agressive in putting his views accross (which surprises me as he claims to be a qualified English teacher- someone who should not be agressive should they actually teach English to a class). But, as he said, he was merely stating HIS opinion, though he was being self contradictory by shooting others' down when complaining it was being done to him. I myself am an English student and will end the mini debate on 'puncutation' by saying that EVERYONE on here is guilty of faults in their text. Everyone is also guilty of being biased, and downright rude at times, so lets just cool it down!
  22. Hey I'm looking for a Winger and Attacking midfielder (or perhaps two wingers) to replace Taddei and Baptista. The replacements have to be one's that will rise to 90+ over the next few rating changes. Thanks in advance BTW I'm going to use the two brazilians as P/E
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